9mobile NIN registration (all you need to know)

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This content is for you, we have gone out of our way to make research and summarized it for you on ways to link your NIN to your 9mobile line easily and how use 9mobile nin link code.

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Why do I need to register my 9mobile SIM card with NIN or link my 9mobile sim with my NIN

It’s no more rumors that Nigerian federal government have made linking of NIN to operational telecommunication agencies mandatory.

If it pleases you to purchase your own active SIM card in the country it’s a compulsory exercise for you to register for NIN and link it to your new or old SIM cards.

However, because of the herculean processes required by one to get a NIN registration done.

Major Telecommunication networking institutions in Nigeria such as 9mobile formerly known as Etisalat company, GLO, AIRTEL and MTN had to provide a solution about making the NIN registration process faster and more convenient.

That’s why NIN registration is also carried out in virtually all the Banks in Nigeria and as well reputation government bodies efficiently.

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Nevertheless, in this seasonal article on milkchi.com, we have put together all the necessary ways to link your NIN to your 9mobile line easily and how 9mobile NIN registration is carried out efficiently.

What is the full meaning of NIN

For some of us who are confused about NIN meaning or have forgotten due to one thing or the other.

NIN simple stands for “National Identification Number”.

And this is usually an eleven (11) digit number uniquely giving to every Nigerian that is registered on the National identity management commission system (NIMC) of the federal republic of Nigeria.

As long as you are a Nigerian citizen it’s expected of you to have your own NIN.

This is because you won’t benefit or be allowed to participate in some if not all Federal government related process.

The 9mobile network is seen to be part of the top 4 telecommunication institution in Nigeria and has uniquely made NIN-SIM registration and linkage very as simple as ABCD alphabet.

Thus, we have already covered how to link NIN on Airtel network, link NIN on MTN and how to link NIN on GLO SIM on one of our post. If you are a subscriber of those networks other than 9mobile, do well to reach them.

Having said that, here is all you need to know on how to register and link NIN to your 9mobile SIM or Etisalat SIM in Nigeria.

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How to carry out 9mobile NIN registration NIN in Nigeria

As a Nigerian, you can register your NIN in many ways, such as.
1. Visit NIN enrollment centers
2. Through NIMC online portal
3. Banks

(NIN Enrollment center registration)
Method one:
Firstly, Your NIN registration can be carried out by you visiting any NIMC Enrollment Centers near your area it can be any telecommunication store.

Alternatively, any government agencies that have been authorized to enrol people for NIN to register your National Identification Number which the number will be ready from 0ne week to a month and in some critical cases below 24 hours on any good NIN Enrollment Center.



How to register NIN through NIMC online portal

Here is a step-by-step quick guide to registering for NIN on NIMC online portal in Nigeria:

Kindly open your chrome or any browser by filing the NIMC Pre Enrollment online form by visiting Pre Enrollment Portal www.nimc.gov.ng.

Download after filling and print your Pre Enrollment Slip.

Then carefully submit your application you have created on the portal at the nearest NIMC Registration Center for your NIN issuance.

NIN issuance and How to retrieve your NIN code on 9mobile SIM card:

Here is a quick guide on how to retrieve your lost or forgotten NIN Number;

If you have registered NIN initially or had a NIN previously but can’t remember the number due to lost of phone or carelessness.

Kindly dial this NIN retrieval code *346# directly on your 9mobile SIM that is inserted on your phone and your NIN eleven (11) unique number will be sent to you as an SMS instantly.

How to check NIN on 9mobile number

To check and validate your NIN dial *346#. Then you will have several options displayed to your phone screen.

Choose NIN retrieval by typing on 1. This service costs only N20 on your mobile phone network, it’s not free as at the time of this post.


9mobile NIN registration
9mobile NIN registration


How to link NIN to your 9mobile line in Nigeria

Linking your NIN to your 9mobile SIM can be carried out in three ways.

Firstly, you can link your NIN by using the 9mobile NIN Code method, Secondly, you can link 9mobile to NIN via the 9mobile NIN Portal and thirdly, you can as well link your NIN to 9mobile through the NIMC Mobile App.
Here are the detailed explanations on how to link your NIN to your 9mobile SIM.


This is the first method of linking the NIN through 9mobile NIN Ussd Code method is the fast and easiest way.

To get this done simply dial the 9mobile NIN Code for linking which is *200*8# and it only works for 9mobile or Etisalat lines only, it should be an automatic NIN linking once you just dial *200*8# on your 9mobile line, it wo be linked immediately.


This is the second method of linking NIN through the 9mobile NIN Portal.

To get this done simply visit the 9mobile NIN linky portal for registration or NIN linking, (www.9mobile.com.ng/nin).

Then carefully fill in the empty box spaces with the required and correct information In case of welcome back when you lose the sim card.

When you are done filling, click on the submit button and wait for the SMS that will be sent to your 9mobile line telling you that it was successful, or it wasn’t successful.

This 9mobile portal for NIN linking might take your some time due to network issue and most times mistakes ate bound to occur.

Conclusion on 9mobile NIN registration

After reading through this four (4) minutes article we want to believe that by now you should be conversant with 9mobile nin, 9mobile nin registration.

9mobile nin registration code, 9mobile registration site and process, 9mobile NIN retrieval code.

As well as, 9mobile NIN portal, 9mobile nin link code and everything about 9mobile nin link code and how to register your SIM card as well via 9mobile and NIN.

Note, it is not just all about linking your 9mobile SIM to NIN alone, it is also very important you link each of your sim card to NIN to avoid being disconnected, or unable to make call.

NIN registration and NIN linking is compulsory for any Nigeria network user.

9mobile NIN registration is as simple as you can imagine.








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