How much is fuoye hostel fees for 2023/2024 -Wikipedia

How much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 – how to apply Wikipedia!!!

Fuoye hostel accommodation fee for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 remain (#30,000 to #50,000) respectively.

Just like Ebsu hostel accommodation fee

Hello, welcome to today’s article on how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 – how to apply within 30 minutes.

Have you been asking how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students, what is Fuoye hostel balloting and prices?

Search no more because in this article we will review to you all that have to do with Fuoye hostel accommodation price in a nutshell.

Firstly, the FUOYE hostel accommodation fee for both fresh and returning student (100 level and others) is now available.

Fuoye hostel is set, especially for fresh and final year students, that is 100 level students and final year students.

The management of Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State gives preference to both fresh students and final year students.

Before other students in 200 level, 300 level or 400 level, as the case may be, will be considered for Fuoye’s hostel accommodation.

This is due to the fact that it helps 100 level students to settle in easily and plan for a new phase of life in the campus.

Also, for easy access to other new students, study materials, tutorials and lecture halls and this is giving on first come, first served basis.

This is also the same with final year students that does not want to live outside the campus for maximum academic efficiency.

how much is FUOYE hostel fees

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State hostel accommodation for fresh and returning students – updated

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State hostel accommodation for all her students is conducive for both genders.

Although FUOYE hostel accommodation fee is different from one hostel to the other hostel.

We will list the hostel fees below for you to carefully decide if you are going to be interested in making use of the FUOYE hostel price.

Or renting a lodge outside the FUOYE campus will be your only option to make…

Be aware that hostel accommodation in FUOYE is not compulsory for every student, but only to interested student.

However, it is heavily advised that fresh students (100 level) stay in the school giving hostel for their own academic advantages.

They are to stay 1 year in the hostel, especially to stay within the school campus at least for that academic year.

FUOYE Hostel Accommodation Fee, see below, FUOYE hostel accommodation fee for new and returning students 2023/2024 academic session.

But recall that FUOYE, Acceptance fee, school fees, and hostel accommodation fee are mandatory fee to be paid.

Also, fresh student are to pay upon obtaining a provisional admission into Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Although fuoye hostel accommodation fee is not a mandatory fee but an important one for freshers aside due to the fact it cost benefits implications.

The benefits of staying in Fuoye as listed above should be taken into serious consideration before applying.

Which is the best male hostel in FUOYE RIGHT NOW

Who are the first to get hostel accommodation in FUOYE Campus – [all you need to know]

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State accommodation charges with respect to their fresh and returning student is very much available for most students.

Young and hardworking scholars who desired to have a unique taste of what an exactly good and quality hostel is like.

Especially the fresh students and final year category of university students.

Who usually needs better concentration on their project with less stress with regard to water, electricity.

Also, ultimate search material and it’s likes.

The university management of FUOYE makes it an automatic ticket for both 100 level and final year students first.

Then before students in other level like 200 level students, 300 level students, 400 level students.

Or 500 level students and so on, will be giving preference.

This is to the note that it helps freshers to settle down fast and calm as soon as possible and put their heads together.

It also helps them to design their growth for a new phase of life embracing them.

As such, providing opportunity for them to met new people and learn from them.

It also gives them easy access to fellow new colleagues, study materials, all kinds of class tutorials.

And readiness to lecture halls, and this is based on note that who first paid and apply for the hostel accommodation.

Will also be the first to be considered in FUOYE hostel reservation.

This singular acts are also applicable to the final year students who saw the need to be FUOYE main hostel.

The best way on how to use FUOYE ballot for accommodation in 30 minutes

Is living in the hostel compulsory for FUOYE’S students?

Living in the FUOYE hostel is not a compulsory act for all and sundry.

Except those sensitive courses, are highly advised to stay in the school giving hostel for easy navigation.

But be it as it may, some still go a long way to pay for both school hostel and go on with a rented apartment outside the school for their own convenient.

That is to tell you that you have the ultimate choice to decide where you want to stay for your own comfort.

As far as it gives you the best in your academic pursuit in university.

However, too much priority is giving to FUOYE freshers [100 levels] and final year students to stay in the school hostel.

This is in other to produce maximum results that is commendable.

How conducive is FUOYE hostel accommodation – (right now)

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State hostel facility for students is conducive for students who are willing to succeed academically.

And also understand why they came to school because it gives you steady light and water coupled with a befitting environment.

Even though the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, accommodation facility fees are not the same but varies from one hostel to hostel.

This is due to the nature of things it accommodates, but very conducive in general perspective.

Price also changes from your campus location to another…

The hostel is designed in that way for you to decide if you are going to be interested in making good use of the school giving hostel.

Or you can choose to go to rent a room outside the school campus.

Please, it is important to note that hostel accommodation in FUOYE is not by force or a do-or-die affair.

You are always at liberty to choose a conducive hostel for yourself according to your pocket-size.

How much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024 - how to apply Wikipedia!!!
FUOYE Hostel are very conducive for learning

How much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024?

Below is the hostel accommodation fee for the entire hostels lovers in FUOYE this academic session.

The hostel accommodation is for both returning students and fresh student for 2023/2024 academic session.

The hostel accommodation fee is between 30,000 to 50,000 Naira for each FUOYE student that is interested.

Below the table is the hostel application process for interested students looking for a bed space in Fuoye hostel.

This price of hostel or lodge in Fuoye varies from one hostel to another because of the following;

  • Location.
  • Comfort.
  • Access road to lecture halls
  • Light and Water
  • Study materials and so on.

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On how you can apply for FUOYE hostel accommodation fee, newly admitted students are to follow the step’s by step guide below:

Applying for Fuoye’s hostel bed space had to do with three major steps that are very crucial….

Step one:

Apply for FUOYE hostel accommodation bed space, by visit the school portal via:

Enter your particulars and login with your matric number and password.

Step two:

Pay pathways will be shown to you in other to make purchases of a bed space.

Carefully follow the steps required to make payment in other not to make mistake at all.

Step Three:

Once you have successfully made your payment, take the proof [online slip] to the student affairs division.

Show him your payment teller’s for documentation and hostel bed space allocation.

Students that desire space in any of the reserved halls should submit their payment slip proof to student affairs and indicate interest.

Fuoye hostel bed space allocation will be on “First come, first served” as hostel accommodation is very limited.

The above is all you need to know about how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024.

On this current FUOYE hostel accommodation fee for fresh student and returning students, do you have any question at all?

This is as regards to the above subject, or you desire to be cleared on something about FUOYE hostel’s.

All questions should be directed to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

Also, you may love to subscribe to our blog by imputing your email address in the space and tap the SUBSCRIBE button.

In a nutshell, that’s all about how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students.

how to ballot for FUOYE hostel and get free accommodation instantly

What is hostel balloting in FUOYE – (all you need to know)

Hostel balloting in FUOYE is the unique random method where by the university management chooses student that are qualified for hostel accommodation.

Balloting in FUOYE is done without personal preference but random selection of first come first serve module.

FUOYE managements as a whole can not provide enough accommodation for all her students from fresheners to final years.

Hence the need for a random system of hostel accommodating and giving hostel bed space allocation to those interested in school hostel.

Therefore the unique system used by the management of FUOYE in giving out of hostel bed space is called as hostel BALLOTING.

All the student of FUOYE knows and understands the term, ‘Balloting in FUOYE’ very well, and the essence why is not far fetched as well.

Every student of the post-graduate categories are advised to go to their portal to ballot for hostel accommodation.

Note that very small spaces are made available to every FUOYE department.

And It is first comes first serve…

You need to know this before asking how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students.

How do I use FUOYE ballot for accommodation?

How to Ballot for FUOYE Hostel accommodation in 10 minutes:

If you are interested in staying in FUOYE hostel for your academic pursuit.

Which is pretty difficult in getting a bed space in the hostel.

Here are step-by-step guide on how to ballot for hostel accommodation and get it approved in ten (10) minutes.

Firstly, go to the school official website and head to FUOYE student portal.

Secondly, put in your username and password and log in to your student profile at once.

Thirdly, scroll down a little and tap on the hostel accommodation icon.

Fourthly, choose your desired or hostel and keep scrolling down to read about the hostels briefly.

Then kindly click on hostel reservation button.

Finally, confirm your reservation and download your hostel slip.

You may choose to head straight to the hostel or to student affairs to get your hostel giving to you under 10 minutes.

That’s all on how to ballot for FUOYE hostel and get it under 10 minutes.

What is balloting process generally outside the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti hostel allocation?

Balloting is important and are a draw or cast, with numbers issued to each form submitted to a body or organization for random selection.

A group of person’s may submit multiple forms to influence their chances of receiving a slot for sure.

Nevertheless, in order for the forms to be counted in balloting process for proper allocation.

Every form must be followed with a fee for the corresponding slot size reserved.

How does a ticket ballot work in FUOYE hostel accommodation?

A given ticket ballot is intended to be the safest method of giving everyone a chance to apply for tickets or slot in FUOYE.

The FUOYE hostel ballot is not always conducted on a first come, first served module, as people normally think.

That you can run and apply at any time during the ballot window is not a law that you have gotten a hostel bed allocation.

That is, entering a hostel ballot in FUOYE is not a guarantee that you will receive tickets or bed space.

What is balloting payment in FUOYE hostel accommodation?

The payment that you make for something or a commodity to be reserve for you is called ballot payment.

An allotment or a balloting system applies in property sales where demand passes supply.

FUOYE see’s this in many universities across the world…

Essentially, where there is a shortage of housing [hostel accommodation], people tend to make payments for reservations.

And the process is particularly evident when it comes to new hostel or lodge properties.

FUOYE hostel price and FUOYE hostel picture currently

How many people stays in a room in FUOYE hostel at a time?

The number of FUOYE hostel occupant in a room are basically four (4) at a time.

The rooms are pretty small when compare with Ebsu hostel, FUOYE hostel and others.

And the storage lockers are always outside the room, adding more beauty.

It’s essentially close to the university access road in proximity for easy navigation.

So, in case you are a fresher or returning student, this might aid you to meet up for your daily lectures why staying in the hotel.

What are the prons and cons of staying in FUOYE hostel?

There are lots of advantages of staying in a university hostel than staying on a rented hostel outside the school campus.

And this can not be overemphasized, be it as it may.

Let’s just be sincere and forget about personal freedom we crave for as undergraduate…

The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, (FUOYE) hostel advantages for fresh and returning students.

 1. FUOYE hostel has Security and safety:

Staying in the school hostel give you peace of mind and maximum security at all times.

This is because school security and hostel porters are always on guide to make sure you live peacefully without no challenges.

They ensure the hostel is appropriately lucked, check who comes in and goes out in a particular day.

As well as what they carry along with them and their purpose of caring such…

In addition, you can be hardly be arrested on a university hostel except on a fatal case of which the school community will be away of.

2. Steady light and water is always available in FUOYE hostel:

Most school hostel now adopts the usage of solar energy in provision of water and electricity, of which FUOYE is not being left out on.

Thereby, making it twenty-four (24) hours for students to enjoy without contributing any fuel money.

Which many off campus lodges normally collects from tenants for generating electricity for them on daily basis.

3. Access to study materials on FUOYE hostel:

A lot of hostels have well furnished study room (library) at every hostel level.

This reading rooms are with reading aids all over them that makes them to be a nice and perfect place to assimilate fast.

Going in there alone and seeing people reading is a lot of motivation to do better if you are not trying academically.

4. Free access to tutorial classes when staying in FUOYE hostel:

Staying in a school hostel gives you an edge to make it to tutorial classes that will be going on within the school environment, especially during the weekend.

But those who stays off campus find it difficult to be in school after the school days.

5. Networks and friendship in FUOYE hostel is very simple and convenient:

There are lots of people in school hostel facilities from far and near, wealthy and poor, different ethnicity and religion.

Tall, short, fair, dark, business oriented and academic scholars etc.

That you are at liberty to connect with and learn from each other from time to time.

School hostel is a place where knowledge is unlearned, learn and relearn both good and bad ones.

6. Unlimited TDB in FUOYE hostel accommodation:

The word TDB Means reading till day break!

Living in school hostel makes you to enjoy TDB reading because you will see lots of people going for it, including your roommate.

So you have to be up and doing.

7. Free Data as a FUOYE hostel occupant from time to time:

From time to time, people who live in school hostel normally enjoy free data that is on for people to log in to a central Wi-Fi.

Which will allow them to browse as well as download document for free, especially during the weekend.

This is to enable them navigate through the walls of the internet and solve their assignment giving during the week days.

8. Access to free food around the FUOYE hostel facilities:

You can not stay in the hostel and hunger will kill you because you don’t have what to eat!

If Mr A did not give you food to eat, Mr B will give you!!!

Or you take your plate to the general kitchen and eat to your satisfaction from fellow hostel colleagues cooking.

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Even when you have what to cook but doesn’t have ingredients at all as a student.

The hostel kitchen makes it possible for you to cook because students are willing to share their ingredients with you.

This is the merit of school hostel, especially people inquiring for how much is fuoye hostel fees for her student.

Disadvantages of living in the university of FUOYE State hostel.

As you can see, living in a school hostel has its negative sides too, but not to be compared with its positive side.

 1. No privacy:

This is a place where this sparkles quote come through, “that hostel is a public place of no secrecy”.

There is nothing hidden under the sun, be it as it may, everything is laid bare before one another.

Anything you are into or doing, either by the day times or during the night, people most know about it, especially roommates.

 2. No freedom to an extent:

Several people, if not all, are restricted from some certain things just like, leaving the hostel and coming inside the hostel at odd hours.

Smoking and drugs abuse in the hostel is highly prohibited in the university hostel.

Some kind of immoral act such as bringing in an opposites sex to the room and many others are not allowed.

3. Cooking in the room is not allowed:

The hostel is the place where discipline is practice at its height, treating everybody equally.

So many people find it difficult to live in the hostel because of these restrictions.

4. Infection:

One can easily get infected at the school hostel because of one toilet each room is sharing…

This is seen mostly in female hostels where they share one toilets per room and people go there and mess it up.

Without any conscience and once one person in that room carries infection.

It’s likely that it will be sprayed to the remaining roommates one after the other.

Note; before you ask how much is FUOYE hostel fee both for fresh and returning student;

This is to bring to your awareness that individuals, who asked for a bed space in any of the reserved hostels.

You should kindly submit your payment slip as soon as possible to the student affairs unit for proper assessment.

Furthermore, the FUOYE hostel bed space allocation is limited and will be conducted on the note “first come, first served module”.

The above giving information is the current FUOYE hostel accommodation charges for fresh and returning students.

You are expected to know this before asking how much is fuoye hostel fees, interest first.

FUOYE hostel fees for fresh and returning students are from 30,000 to 50,000 Naira maximum

What are the rules and regulations of living in FUOYE hostel?

Where there are no rules and regulations, people are bound to be right at all times.

Here are 15 major rules for hostel living in FUOYE hostel:

1. Respect sleeping hours and make sure you don’t violet it by causing uproars.

2. Keep your things to yourself, and always mind your personal and academic business at all times.

3. Be careful at where you hang your towel and inner wears to avoid had I know.

4. Say hi to everyone you see and display social belongings without playing tribalism.

5. Don’t think of having sexual practices of all kinds in hostel.

6. Do not sit on other people’s beds space or bully them not to rest on their bed space.

7. Smelly clothes and shoes go outside for good atmosphere.

8. If you’re sick, avoid the hostel just to keep others safe, especially infectious ones.

9. No cross visiting and sleeping over of opposite sex in the hostel.

10. Avoid social vices and practices of all kinds, be it as it may.

11. Stay aware from cooking in the hostel.

12. Staying aware lately is wrong and attracts great punishment.

13. No fighting at all.

14. You are not allowed to take your bathe outside the bathroom.

15. Heavily equipment like television, gas cooker, Air-conditioner, boiler, sounds and its like are not allowed in the hostel.

The above are the major rules of the FUOYE hostel facilities.

How to do FUOYE Hostel Clearance in 10 minutes

This is a normal tradition as part of signing in requirements into the allocated halls of residence in FUOYE hostel.
Every student must provide the following materials in other to be allowed;

Material to be provided for FUOYE hostel clearance include;

  • Two (2) sets of bed sheets (any color is allowed but more preference to white bed sheets just to keep eye on your hygiene).
  • Two Pillow covers it’s adviced.
  • One (1) good mackintosh of great quality.
  • A full pack or roll of tissue paper.
  • One bottle of disinfectant and detergent all for your personal use…
  • Finally, information regarding hostel matters is accessible from the Students’ Affairs Department at every point in time.

That’s all.. interesting isn’t it?

Of course it is!!!
This is how to do your FUOYE hostel accommodation clearance in 10 minutes.
We welcome all our fresh and cross over students to the den of excellence.
Your overall welfare remains our priority and concern, best regards always.

Where to Pray in UNN for christians – Best place to pray and seek God in FUOYE!

  • Basketball court ground is the prayer mountain for students in UNN because of its serenity.

It is a den of spiritual Lions and prayer warriors.
However, alot of people choose their fellowship building for meditation and quiet time.

Here are list of campus Fellowships in UNN
Catholic church UNN as the leading fellowship all over the campus.
The National Fellowship of Christian Medical Laboratory Science Students fellowship (NAFECMLSS).
Chapel of Redemption, also seen in Enugu Campus taking territory
The Redeemed christian campus fellowship (RCF).
Deeper Life Campus Fellowship >> holiness brethren << (DLCF)
The Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) >> non denominational.
Almighty Scripture Union Campus Fellowship of all times (SUCF) >> non denominational.
The Lord’s Chosen Campus Fellowship >> the chosen vessel << (LCCF).
Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) without them it’s hard towin SUG elections.
The Student Christian Movement fellowship (SCM).
Mountain of Fire and Miracles Campus Fellowship (MFMCF) prayer gaints.
The New Covenant Family fellowship (NCF).
Living faitth; Winners’ Campus Fellowship (WCF).
The Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF).
Assemblies of God fellowship or Christ Ambassadors Student Outreach (CASOR)
The Student Christian Union (SCU).
The Christian Association of Business Students fellowship (CABS).
Joint christian campus fellowship (JCCF)
Charismatic renewal student fellowship (CSF)
Kingdom hall of Jehovah’s witnesses.

This are the major fellowship in FUOYE campus meant especially for FUOYE hostel occupants.

Conclusion on how much is FUOYE hostel fees for fresh and returning students:

After going through this post, we are certain that you should know how much is FUOYE hostel fees for fresh and returning students.

How to apply and how to get a nice bed space in FUOYE, the disadvantages and advantages of FUOYE hostel.

However, FUOYE hostel price remains

Do well to ask question anywhere you weren’t clarified as regards to the above information using the comment section.

This is in other for us to know how to serve you better, we will respond to your question accordingly.

FUOYE hostel accommodation fees remains between #30,000 to #50,000 Naira annually, that is every academic session.

And how to apply for FUOYE hostel accommodation starts by paying your school fees and registering your first semester courses.


The above is all you need to know about how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students 2023/2024.

On this current FUOYE hostel accommodation fee for fresh student and returning students, do you have any question at all?

This is as regards to the above subject, or you desire to be cleared on something about FUOYE hostel’s.

All questions should be directed to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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In a nutshell, that’s all about how much is fuoye hostel fees for fresh and returning students.


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