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How much is gotv subscription in Kenya, Nigeria and Others – wiki

How much is gotv subscription in Nigeria and in Kenya

Hello guys! Welcome to today’s article on how much is gotv subscription plans in Nigeria, Kenya and others.

Have you been asking for the cheapest and most expensive subscription in Nigeria, Kenya and others county?

Are you looking for Gotv packages and prices?

The latest Gotv jinja channels list subscription.

How to speak with Gotv customer care directly on phone and others methods.

How to chat on Whatsapp with Gotv customer care service representative!

Search no more because this article on gotv subscription, Packages and prices are for you.

We have gone out of our way to compile list of Gotv subscription, packages and prices for you.

Take your time and read through till the end.

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Introduction to Gotv subscription | comprehensive guide

GOtv Subscription: Exploring Packages, Prices, and Value

GOtv is currently the twisted tea in digital terrestrial television service that offers a wide range of entertainment content to viewers across Africa.

When considering subscribing to GOtv, understanding the various subscription packages, their associated prices, and the value they provide is essential.

In this post, we will delve into the details of GOtv subscriptions, exploring the packages available, their costs.

As well as what you can expect from each option in GOtv subscription.

In general, GOtv offers various subscription packages, typically categorized as GOtv Lite, GOtv Value, GOtv Plus, GOtv Max and so on

The prices for these packages can vary depending on the country and local currency.

However, here’s a general range of subscription prices from lowest to highest, as of my knowledge cutoff:

How much is Gotv subscription in Nigeria.

Here are the list of how much is Gotv subscription in Nigeria, Kenya and others.


Gotv packages

Price in Nigeria

Price in Kenya
























3300 to N5500

KSh990.71 to KSh1,016.97



Super or supa

5500 to 6400

KSh1,016.97 to KSh1,191.55.

GOtv subscription packages and channels:

Guys! GOtv provides different subscription packages to cater to the diverse preferences and budget constraints of its subscribers.

However, the specific packages and channels may vary depending on your country of residence.

But generally, GOtv offers tiers such as GOtv Lite, GOtv Value, GOtv Plus, GOtv Max and so on.

Each package provides access to a selection of TV channels, including local and international content across various genres.

The most frequent Gotv gentes include the following, news, sports, movies, series, lifestyle, and more.

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Understanding GOtv subscription plan and cost costs:

The cost of GOtv subscription varies based on the package you choose which is between 900 to 600 at most.

Gotv subscription prices are designed to be affordable, to how her customers including those that ask how much is gotv subscription in Nigeria.

Making digital television accessible to a wide range of viewers.

The pricing structure takes into consideration factors like the number of channels offered, the quality of content, and additional features.

GOtv subscription fees are typically billed on a monthly basis, ensuring flexibility for subscribers to manage their viewing preferences.

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Current GOtv Lite subscription and prices:

GOtv Lite is the most affordable package offered by GOtv, especially in Nigeria and Kenya.

The Gotv Lite provides a basic selection of local channels at a pocket-friendly price.

This package is suitable for viewers who are primarily interested in accessing local content, trends and are on a tight budget.

This is the most affordable package and usually offers a limited selection of channels.

The subscription price for GOtv Lite is generally lower compared to other packages.

However, he cost of GOtv depends on the package you choose.

Therefore, GOtv Lite is the most affordable package, priced at ZMW 35 per month, (N1189.99 to N1500).

While GOtv Max is the most expensive package, priced at ZMW 160 per month (N6.759.94 to N7000).

GOtv Value and GOtv Plus and prices:

GOtv Value and GOtv Plus are mid-range packages that offer an expanded channel lineup compared to GOtv Lite.

Subscribers can enjoy a broader range of local and international channels.

This channels includes popular entertainment, news, and sports networks.

These packages cater to viewers seeking a more extensive content selection at a reasonable price point.

The GOtv Value package offers more channels and features than GOtv Lite, but the price is usually higher.

Additionally,the GOtv Plus package provides a broader range of channels and additional features compared to the Value package.

It typically has a higher subscription price.

Again, please note that these prices are subject to change….

It’s best to refer to the official GOtv website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information in your specific location.

GOtv Max channel and prices:

GOtv Max is the premium package by GOtv, providing subscribers with access to the widest range of channels and content.

It includes premium entertainment networks, international sports channels, and additional features.

Some interesting features like access to on-demand content and GOtv’s Catch Up service.

The GOtv Max package is ideal for viewers who want a comprehensive television experience with a diverse selection of channels.

This is the highest-tier package available on GOtv, providing the most extensive selection of channels and features.

The subscription price for GOtv Max is generally the highest among the available packages.

Gotv max channel price if between 5500 to 6400 Nigerian naira,

Value for money based on how much is gotv subscription

Guys! When considering the cost of GOtv subscription, it’s important to assess the value it offers.

GOtv provides affordable packages that deliver a variety of quality entertainment, news, and sports content.

Subscribers can enjoy a range of local and international channels, ensuring there is something for everyone’s viewing preferences.

Additionally, GOtv often introduces special promotions, discounts, and bundle offers to enhance the value for subscribers.

Best methods on how to get use how to use Gotv jinja channels list for entertainment.Learn how much is gotv subscription in Kenya and other African country
Govt Kenya

Finding the Best Subscription Deals on Gotv Channel list:

To get the most out of your GOtv subscription, it’s worthwhile to keep an eye out for special deals and offers.

GOtv occasionally runs promotions that provide discounted subscription fees, free upgrades, or additional benefits.

These deals can help you save money while enjoying an enhanced viewing experience.

Managing GOtv Subscription in Nigeria:

GOtv offers multiple convenient methods to manage your subscription from month to month.

Your amazing subscription, including online platforms, mobile apps, authorized retailers, and customer care channels.

Subscribers can easily renew their subscriptions, upgrade or downgrade their packages, seamlessly.

As well as make payments through these various channels, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

How much is gotv subscription in Kenya;

Gotv latest Packages in Kenya | Affordable digital TV Entertainment

Hello guys! Welcome to GOtv Kenya, a subsidiary of Multichoice Kenya and part of the renowned Multichoice Group.

As a leading entertainment company in Africa, of which Kenya, Nigeria and south Africa is in.

GOtv Kenya brings you a digital terrestrial television (DTT) all over Africa and the world at large.

They offers a wide range of local and international TV channels at pocket-friendly prices.

Gotv Kenya Subscription Diverse Subscription Packages to Suit Your Needs

GOtv Kenya understands that every viewer has different preferences and budgets.

That’s why we offer various subscription packages to cater to your specific needs. Let’s explore the different packages available:

1. Kenya GOtv Lite Package:

This is our most affordable package, providing over 20 channels, including 1 sports channel and 21 other genres.

You can choose to pay monthly (Ksh 199), quarterly (Ksh 500), or annually (Ksh 1,200).

2. Kenya GOtv Value Package:

For a broader selection, the GOtv Value Package offers over 35 local and international channels, including 2 sports, 2 music, 2 movies, and 31 other genres.

The monthly subscription fee for this package is Ksh 590.

3. Kenya GOtv Plus Package:

One of our most popular packages, GOtv Plus offers over 45 local and international channels, including premium sports, entertainment, and lifestyle selections.

The monthly subscription fee for this package is Ksh 930.

4. Kenya GOtv Max Package:

With over 60 channels, GOtv Max offers maximum entertainment for everyone.

This package includes 3 music channels, 5 movie channels, 6 international sports channels, and over 50 other genres.

The monthly subscription fee for GOtv Max is Ksh 1,249.

5. GOtv Supa Package Kenya:

Although it’s the most expensive package, GOtv Supa delivers an extensive collection of over 70 channels with more local and international selections. You can enjoy music, movies, sports, novellas, and many more supa-sized experiences. The monthly subscription fee for GOtv Supa is Ksh 1,599.

How much is gotv subscription in Kenya | Convenient Payment Options

Guys! Gotv provide our customers with various payment channels for their subscriptions, ensuring a seamless experience.

You can make your payments through M-PESA PayBill Number, Airtel Money, Equity Bank, or Co-operative Bank.

How to Pay for GOtv Using M-PESA PayBill Number

If you are a Safaricom mobile network subscriber, you can easily pay for your GOtv subscription using M-PESA.

Follow these simple steps by step guides:

1. Ensure that your decoder is powered on.

2. Go to the MPESA menu on your mobile phone.

3. Choose the Pay Bill option.

4. Enter 423655 as the business number.

5. Trace and enter your decoder’s IUC number.

6. Enter the required subscription amount.

7. Enter your Safaricom PIN to complete the transaction.

8. Wait for a confirmation SMS from Multichoice Kenya.

Gotv Kenya Exceptional Customer Care | The One that works

At GOtv Kenya, we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated customer care service is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Reach out to us through our customer care phone number: +254 711 066 000 or visit our customer care centers.

Stay Connected with GOtv Kenya Subscription | comprehensive guide

To stay updated on the latest news, promotions, and offers, you can connect with us through our social media platforms.

Follow us on Twitter (@GOtvKenya) and Facebook (GOtvKenya).

You can also visit our official website at gotvafrica.com for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on how much is gotv subscription in kenya

Here are the most frequently asked questions on Gotv channels list subscription in Nigeria and in Kenya

Q: What is GOtv Kenya Subscription | A Comprehensive Guide?

A: GOtv Kenya is a digital terrestrial television platform in Kenya and Africa at large.

Gotv Kenya offers a variety of local and international channels to subscribers at affordable prices.

Q: How do I subscribe to GOtv Kenya with your phone?

A: To subscribe, purchase a GOtv decoder and antenna from any authorized dealer or retail store.

Activate your subscription by paying for a selected bouquet.

You can also make payments through mobile money services such as M-PESA, Airtel Money, and Equitel.

Q: What are the available packages on GOtv Kenya | Right now?

A: GOtv Kenya offers five main packages:

GOtv Lite, GOtv Value, GOtv Plus, GOtv Max, and GOtv Supa.

Each package provides a different selection of channels at varying prices to cater to different customer preferences.

Q: How much does GOtv cost in Kenya | all you need to know?

A: The cost of GOtv depends on the selected package.

The monthly subscription fees are as follows:

GOtv Lite – Ksh 199, GOtv Value – Ksh 590, GOtv Plus – Ksh 930, GOtv Max – Ksh 1,249, and GOtv Supa – Ksh 1,599.

Q: What channels are available on GOtv Kenya?

A: GOtv offers a diverse range of local and international channels across its packages, to their loyal subscribers.

Which includes news, sports, entertainment, kids’ shows, music, movies, and documentaries.

Q: How do I contact GOtv Kenya customer care | the one that works?

A: You can contact our customer care through our online chat, mobile app, social media accounts.

Alternatively, you can contact Gotv Kenya customer care by dialing our USSD code *423# on your mobile phone.

However, we also have Gotv customer care Kenya toll-free line and WhatsApp line here, 0800 423423 or +254 711066000.

Alternatively, you can email us or visit our customer care centers for assistance on any Gotv customer care Kenya issues.

Above all, GOtv Kenya is the go-to platform for affordable digital TV entertainment in Kenya.

With a wide range of packages to choose from, excellent customer care support, and convenient payment options.

GOtv has become the preferred choice for many Kenyans seeking quality entertainment at reasonable prices.

Visit gotvafrica.com today and start your GOtv experience!

Videos on how much is gotv subscription in Kenya, Nigeria and others.

Check how much is gotv subscription cost in Kenya and in Nigeria here

Conclusion | How much is gotv subscription:

First, thanks for taking your time to read to this very point.

We hope you are able to learn all about how much is gotv subscription from this post?

When considering Gotv packages and how much is gotv subscription, understanding the available packages is key.

However, their associated costs, and the value they offer is crucial as well.

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly GOtv Lite, the mid-range GOtv Value or GOtv Plus, or the comprehensive GOtv Max…

GOtv normally provides options to suit different preferences and budgets.

By assessing your viewing needs and exploring promotional offers by Gotv super subscription.

You can always make an ideal decision and enjoy a wide array of entertainment, news, and sports content through your GOtv subscription.

How much is gotv subscription as people normally ask have been justified.

If you love what you have read about “how much is gotv subscription in Lagos Nigeria, kindly comment and share.

However, we will be very grateful if you can tell us our excess and omissions on how much is gotv subscription.







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