How to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC (in 5 seconds)

How to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC in 5 seconds!!!

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Because we have gone out of our way to dig deep on how to check sim on cnic jazz telecommunication network.

And how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC for all and sundry Pakistan.

Carefully take your time and read through that will be discussed here and apply them where it’s necessary.

That’s simply what’s expected on how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC Jazz and nothing much.

But before we dive into today’s main topic on how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC Jazz,

Let us find out the following;

  • What is CNIC full meaning?
  • The best way to check my details on CNIC!
  • How did Jazz telecommunication services originate.

Now let’s take a look at them one after the other…

how to check sim on cnic with numbers(all you need)

What is the full meaning of CNIC

CNIC simply stands for Computerized National Identity card.

Which is an identity card giving out by the Pakistan’s National Database and Registration to its citizens.

The CNIC ID card is always ready to any Pakistan citizen that is up to eighteen (18) years of age and above.

CNIC card is a unique-computerized version of the National Identity Card with several purposes.

That’s most National government issues to its citizens for recognition and some other sensitive engagements.


Features of Pakistan CNIC ID card

  • Issued by: The identity card is usually issued by (NADRA) >> National Database and the Registration Authority.
  •  The first card issued: The cnic card was first issued in the year 1973 as a paper-based I’d card.

But in the year 2000, computerized based card was initiated and issued to the citizen of Pakistan.

And in the year 2012 smart card based CNIC ID card came on board and has been functional till date.

  • Card Expiration is up to ten (10) years:

However, there is no expiration after the card bearer has passed sixty (60) years of age and above.

  •  Eligibility of the card: Strictly for Pakistani citizenship only.
  •  Validity of the card: The card is only valid in Pakistan as a country and remains invalid outside Pakistan.

Except on official and diplomatic issues.


How can I check my details on CNIC – how to track your NADRA CNIC record, all in 10 minutes.

Firstly, kindly open the windows of your text message right before you.

Now put in your desired CNIC number in other to check, a special (13-digit number) that’s a little bit long.

Once you are done typing in the number, send it to 8300 as an SMS.

Immediately, you will get an instant SMS feedback response on your device screen…

Then the details that you will receive will be the Computerized National Identity Card owner’s address and as well as the zonal information of their registered CNIC as the case may be.

Brief history of jazz telecommunication network service.

As far back as the year 2000, several cellular gadgets started to become a norm for the Pakistan citizens, especially in mobile phone aspect.

Suddenly, the decrease in phone prices and easy availability for the entire public who wished to have one.

Gave a hasty push to the number of cellular gadget subscribers in the years that followed suit sequentially.

With this new development, came the wrongful use of purposeful cellular technology, which was meant to solve a problem ended up creating many.

A lot of illegal activities and inhumane attacks were soon found to be traced to unregistered cellular SIMs available at every giving point.

In a bid to subdue these excruciating problems.

The Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) introduced an advanced SIM Information System (SIS) in the year been recorded as 2009.

The SIS was designed to keep a digital account record of the all SIM subscribers.

So that the users can check the number of active SIMs issued against their Computerized National Identity card.


If you are ignorant of the number of active mobile SIM cards registered against your computerized national identity card or would like to block one of them or verify all that’s on your CNIC.

By all means, take your time and keep reading.

how to check sim on cnic by sms in 10 seconds

Jazz network company rebranding

The noble telecommunications network, known as jazz, is among the top largest telecommunication network companies witnessed in Pakistan as a whole.

Earlier, the Jazz telecommunication company was kicked off under the brand name Mobilink telecommunications network company.

But later on, as things unfold with the tele-network service company!

T]he Mobilink company purchased Warid Telecommunication Company and rebranded its entire name to be Jazz.

After the whole changing of brand name to Jazz telecommunication network.

Jazz telecommunication network is currently having close to 73 million subscribers.

This statistical estimate is at the point of conducting this research on how to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC Pakistan national ID card.

The Jazz telecommunication provides services are carefully tailored to the needs of its esteemed customers.

For the safety and convenience of its general customers.

So this time Jazz has given it the facility to examine the mobile SIM number on the ID card and the mobile SIM registration and how to check SIM card registered is on the ID card as well.

That is to say that, if you have been here longing for a way to find out Jazz SIM number, this is the easiest and perfect one for you.

Because here we are reviewing o you, all the methods that we know that you will be able to find the Jazz SIM number at ease.

Ways on how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC – all you need to know:

In Pakistan metropolis, it is of great necessity to always know how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC.

And to always check the Jazz Sim number against computerized national identity card from time to time in other to be on a safe side.

This act is due to the high number of mobile cellular crimes all over the country and the world at large.

Your eagle eyes should always be on the SIM registered in your CNIC.

And you can always know the registered Jazz number on your computerized national identity card by following the instructions stated below.

Step-by-step guide on how to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC.

This is usually achievable in three distinct ways or methods, namely;

  •  First method: Through SMS >> (Send “MNP” to 667 as a text message).
  •  Second method: Through phone calls >> (Call 111 on your mobile devices to get it done).
  • Third method: Through offline manual office; visit any Jazz network Franchise or Customers Service Center closer to you to get it done.
  •  The fourth method: Without card >> How to Check Jazz Number Without CNIC I’d card and Balance option on your SIM.
  •  Fifth method: On website >> how to Check Jazz Number through online website.

Now let’s briefly treat this methods one after the other.

PTA (the one that works)

How to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC through SMS – (Jazz SIM Number Check By CNIC using text message)

Checking your jazz sim number on CNIC is very simply, and to achieve this, quickly head to the message icon on your device.

Open it and type in the message option and write “MNP”.

Immediately you are done writing, send it to 667 number.

This usually take (Rs. 2.45) as charges.

After sending (MNP to 667) you will receive feedback just as seen below;

– SMS Jazz SIM number,

– Owner name,

– CNIC, Activation date, and

– Connection type.

This is how to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through SMS. Isn’t this interesting.

Yes it is. Go ahead a check you and know the registered numbers against your will on CNIC.

How to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through phone call in 10 minutes.

Jazz service providers have a unique customer care help line.

For you to be able to check yours through phone call.

Simply put a call across the Jazz Helpline 111 on your sim and talk to a representative to let them understand that you want to know the entire Jazz SIM numbers on your CNIC.

The Jazz help line representative will as you to provide your CNIC, Name, and so on from you.

Then, all the information gotten from you will help them to provide the Jazz SIM numbers of all the ID card on your computerized national identity I’d card.

This is actually the easiest way for me due to the fact that I can speak directly to the representative expressly, I don’t know about you!!!

This is how to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through phone call, without any harmful effects.

How to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through offline (jazz on CNIC via physical office)

Stand up and carefully search around to see anyone that’s close to you.

Make your way to any customer’s care service center or any Jazz Franchise with an ID card.

Once you are there, ask their customer care service to assist you and check all the Jazz numbers registered on your name in CNIC as a Pakistan citizen.

That’s all that’s expected.

This is how to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through offline.

You can decide on any particular means that’s okay by you to use…

How to check Jazz SIM number on CNIC through online – Website:

Checking jazz SIM number on CNIC through Website is the easiest and most really way of knowing numbers issued against your wish.

To be aware of the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC through online website.

Here is a short way to get it done for you:

In other to verify the number of SIM cards issued and active against your giving name, go to the Parkistan telecommunication authority SIM information online Website.

By allowing the website link to be open, people will able to open a webpage that will ask them to enter their information.

Now type in their CNIC number in the given field.

Verify that they are not a robot by ticking the box with good sign and then tap on ‘Submit button’.


All the list of the registered sim on that singular comperterized national identity card in a tabular form will be displayed then allowing you to know registered numbers against your will.

Then the list will be classified based on operator-wise, and total number of SIMs you have registered on CNIC against will or wish..

How to Check SIM Number On CNIC in 20 seconds

Best way to Check Jazz Number Without CNIC and Balance option on your SIM

Kindly open your mobile dialer app and simply dial *99# USSD code.

Immediately, you will see your current Jazz SIM number as it’s being reviewed to you.

I think you should check your Jazz SIM numbers via computerized national identity card following our stated procedure.

In case there is difficulty challenge stopping you from checking it out.

You must let us know through our comments section in other to give you a helping hand.


We have noticed in a lot of published articles and videos that sending your computerized national identity card (CNIC) to 6001 bring out all the Jazz SIM numbers.

However, allow me to tell you that, it was a discontinued service offer as of today.

You will currently get a wrong request message if you indulge in it.

So presently, that can only be use for breaking news in Urdu and live cricket updates.

Conclusion on how to check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC

Firstly, congratulations on reading to this point.

I hope by now you should be able to know how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC.

In case, the three discussed method above is like a mirage to you. Don’t panic at all.

Simply open your message option app on your mobile devices and type in your CNIC unique numbers without space or dash.

Quickly send to 668 (Rs. 2 +tax is network service charges) for it to be corrected.

At once, you will see your current Jazz SIM number issue to your will or against your will on your CNIC.

We will review and troubleshoot it for you as simple as that’s.

Interesting, isnt it?

I think you should go and check your Jazz SIM numbers through CNIC carefully following our laid down step-by-step procedures in this article.

Try and let us know through our comments section and resolve it immediately, we will be expecting to hear from you.

Thanks for making your research on jazz telecommunication services and CNIC through milkchi.com.

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Three (3) best ways on how to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC in 10 seconds has been justified…

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