Sponsored Bitcoin News – Merger and Acquisition Activity Drives Innovation for DeFi and Web3; Crypto Market Crashes in Phoenix

The value of the worldwide cryptocurrency market in 2021 was estimated to be 1,782 billion dollars US. Individuals have been given the ability to earn large profits on their investments and produce one-of-a-kind collectables thanks to the introduction of decentralized and permissionless ownership of assets via web3. Sectors such as DeFi and NFTs have made this possible.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) marketplace for web 3, blockchain, and NFT enterprises or intellectual properties is being developed by Fi. This will be the first marketplace of its kind. Crowdfunding and NFTization, a method of fractionalizing ownership, are both features that are included on the platform.

The project is committed to providing all investors with the opportunity to take part in opportunities to develop their wealth through M&A transactions utilizing bitcoin.

A System That Allows Users to Access Private M&A Deal Flows

Only trusted parties, such as the crypto industry’s founders, promoters, consultants, or influencers, are allowed to initiate Web3 merger and acquisition deals. The M&A alpha process is extremely delicate, convoluted, and private.

There is not already a platform that allows investors, in general, to view or shop the complete range of Web3 innovation. However, the majority of investors do not have the necessary resources, including time, money, and experience in finance, technology, and the law, to deal with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and web3 valuations and acquire. A backstage pass to unpublished agreements and confidential M&A alpha, Fi is exactly what it sounds like. The $ACQ staking program provides investors with tiers of access to the Acquire.fi platform as well as exclusive investment opportunities.

In addition to this, the team offers matching services to investors who are looking to acquire certain firms or intellectual property.

A Cutting-Edge Instrument for the Accumulation of Wealth

A large number of investors do not have access to the same investment options as institutional or accredited investors, which prevents them from participating in opportunities to develop wealth through acquisitions.

Acquire.fi Through investment pools, crowdfunding, and fractionalized ownership, Fi creates an environment in which people from all walks of life can participate in opportunities to develop wealth.

The platform gives investors the ability to list and sell their non-traditional assets (NFTs) on a secondary market, thereby turning the investments they have acquired into liquid assets.

To participate in the acquisition of traditional investments using cryptocurrency, DeFi investors do not need to leave the blockchain sphere to do so, nor are they need to leave the blockchain sphere in order to invest in real-world investments.


Acquire has a listing database that contains approximately 40 different businesses, each of which has the potential to generate $82 million in revenue, and the transaction flows for complete purchases range from $120000 to $12,000,000.

Fi will be the first marketplace anywhere in the globe that allows investors to make purchases of crypto assets and intellectual property that is up for grabs.

In fewer than two months, the firm raised enough money to meet the financing goal for the MVP version of the product. This achievement ensures the launch of the $ACQ token, as well as liquidity farming, staking, investment tiers, governance, and access to unique investment options.
All investors are provided with access to Fi and the option to own a piece of the future through this wealth-building ecosystem, which is ushering in a new era of web3 mergers and acquisitions.

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