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CTrader PRESS RELEASE. White Label B2Broker, a world leader in liquidity and a technical ecosystem for the foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrency industries, has officially unveiled cTrader, a new product that the company has developed. Brokers will now have access, as a result of the newly implemented solution, to one of the most well-known and feature-rich multi-asset trading platforms that the market has to offer at the present time. cTrader is a well-known and remarkable trading platform that is known for its advanced capabilities and powerful trading instruments. These aspects of the platform contribute to its status as a preferred choice for experienced traders and investors from a variety of various industries. With the help of the B2Broker White Label package, the trading environment on cTrader can be readily customized and adapted to meet the needs of individual brokers, enabling them to provide their customers with the most positive trading experience possible.

Regarding the White Label cTrader Platform

The White Label cTrader solution offered by B2Broker is the quickest and most convenient option to start your own foreign exchange (FX) or cryptocurrency (Crypto) brokerage, exchange, or multi-asset organization. This solution is also ideal for taking your current brokerage to new heights, increasing its customer base, and boosting its revenues. With the help of the sophisticated user interface of the platform, which can be branded in any particular design style, retail and institutional businesses are able to provide their consumers with individualized services.

“cTrader is a well-known platform that has a shown history of success, and it is utilized by every leading broker in the market. A speedy search for “cTrader” in the Appstore will turn up results for all of the main companies that make use of this platform.

We are of the opinion that in today’s extremely competitive markets, each and every broker ought to provide their customers with access to a diverse range of trading platforms. If this were not the case, the broker would lose customers that prefer to conduct their business via the cTrader platform. A new group of traders and investors will almost probably be drawn to the cTrader platform due to the fact that it offers traditional trading features in addition to those offered by the MT platform.

cTrader is one of the leading solutions available on the market today, both in terms of its capacity to manage crypto brokerages and its algorithmic trading skills. Since 2021, we have witnessed an increase in the number of cryptocurrency brokers expressing an interest in cTrader. “We chose to create a whole new universe for brokers that want to develop more sophisticated and cater to traders’ demands, rather than requiring them to utilize a single platform,” B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov said. This decision was made because many cTrader brokers use our liquidity service.

White Label cTrader offers a wide range of benefits, including the fact that it is dependable and simple to operate. White Label cTrader provides brokerages with all of the tools they require to be successful without the requirement for the brokerages to purchase cTrader server licenses, set up backup systems, or construct a global network of access servers. In addition to this, there is no longer a requirement to employ employees to configure and administer server infrastructure.


  • The White Label cTrader ecosystem includes a wide variety of other important instruments in addition to liquidity, trading platforms, trader’s lounges, payment systems, and IB programs. The combination of B2Broker’s pooled liquidity pool and the sophisticated trading tools of cTrader creates an appealing proposition for brokerage firms that also includes full environment integration.
  • Your brokerage team will receive an in-depth overview of the user interfaces and functionalities offered by WL cTrader and cBroker. The training session will begin with a brief overview of the cTrader platform, followed by an in-depth discussion of the many features and functionalities that are made available to traders.
  • You will have access to the liquidity that is made available by Tier 1 banks in addition to other significant financial institutions. As a direct consequence of this, you will be able to give your customers with narrow spreads, minimal latency, and quick execution.
  • Because B2Broker provides customer service around the clock, you will never be in a position where you are without assistance. You can rely on B2Broker to offer you support that is prompt, dependable, and available in multiple languages around the clock. This ensures that regardless of what occurs, you will get the assistance you require as quickly as possible!
  • Indicators and trading robots built specifically for C#-based algorithmic trading. With B2Broker’s White Label cTrader, your customers can now take use of an algorithmic trading solution that is both simple to operate and highly flexible.
  • We will ensure that your company is issued all of the essential licenses and permits so that it can function without a hitch. In addition, our legal staff will handle all of the necessary legal requirements during the setup process. This will allow you to focus on expanding your brokerage firm.
  • You will have access to a multitude of other features, in addition to a demo environment, third-party integrations, simplified transaction processing (STP), transparent pricing, and a contemporary user interface. A dependable connection with very little to no lag time is guaranteed by the fact that the proxy servers that make up our network are spread out in various locations across the globe.
  • cTrader is an all-inclusive trading platform that provides all of the tools that are necessary for the success of brokers. If you provide your customers with access to our White Label cTrader, you will be able to give them a trading experience that is second to none. This trading experience will come complete with all of the functions and tools that are essential to successful trading.[rb_related title=”More Read” style=”light” total=”4″]

Conclusions and musings

White Label cTrader from B2Broker is the best choice for brokerage firms that want to give their customers a first-rate trading experience and are looking for a solution to do so. Your customers will have access to all of the required features and tools, making it possible for them to engage in profitable and hassle-free trading. The round-the-clock availability of customer assistance at B2Broker ensures that any problem or query you might have will be answered promptly by the most qualified specialists. Therefore, the B2Broker’s White Label cTrader is the perfect choice for you if you are searching for a trading out-of-the-box solution that is both professional and comprehensive for your brokerage company.

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