WinnerBlock Declares the V2 Upgrade

WinnerBlock, a decentralized and open-source platform that sits at the crossroads of the online gaming industry and blockchain technology, with the ambitious goal of bringing about a revolution in the world of online gaming. Despite the fact that they provide the most enjoyable gaming experience that can be had, this effort also takes into consideration the requirements of the local community. In order to accomplish this goal, WinnerBlock released the V2 version of their software, which featured improvements to both the technology it already possessed and the user experience it provided.

Investigating the Capabilities of the WinnerBlock V2 Platform

WinnerBlock has announced that they have completed and validated the V2 version of the WBlock smart contract. In the following step, they will work to improve a select number of functionalities in advance of the mainnet release and the audit by CertIK. The following steps will involve the migration contract (to which all tokens will be given), as well as the standard testing with other systems, such as the web app.

In addition, the V2 token smart contract is an enhancement over the previous token smart contract; it functions on the same blockchain network (BSC), and V1 tokens will become outdated as a result of this. The V1 coin will no longer be used in the project, and all of its liquidity will instead be moved to the V2 liquidity pool.

The primary reason is the necessity of establishing a system that can automatically restore lost liquidity and add new liquidity to the pool based on a scalable percentage of Pancakeswap sales in a continual manner.

Moving the Already Existing Liquidity Around

After that, WinerBlock will transfer the existing liquidity to V2, and after September 1, token swaps for V1 will no longer be an option. To ensure that they have a sufficient number of tokens accessible during the migration, users who are already enrolled in the platform should refrain from removing tokens from their wallets between now and the launch of version V2.

How exactly does one go about getting their hands on V2 tokens?

Nothing special is necessary, as all wallets that are keeping V1 tokens will receive the identical quantity of V2 tokens. This means that there is no need to worry about this (on a 1:1 ratio). After September 1st, the option to trade in V1 WBlocks on will no longer be available. On September 15, V2 will be made accessible for moving over to it. In order to ensure that you obtain the exact quantity of V1 tokens, you should hold off on moving them from one wallet to another until the second launch is complete.

Upcoming Advancements in Technology

In addition to the essential changes that needed to be made for V2, they have completed and finalized the list of planned additions, of which some have already been successfully implemented and others will be finished very soon. These will be functional changes that, in addition to adding information, will modify UIX. An exhaustive list is going to be made public just before the game is made available to the public. The logic of the game will be changed, and there will be a greater chance that players will emerge victorious. As a consequence of this, the additional material will be made public without delay in their subsequent whitepaper, which will be made available in the following days.

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