BBN season 7 audition (all that you need to know)

BBN season 7 audition 2022

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Meet All the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Level Up Housemate real names, biography, picture, career path, age and lots more.
Meet All up raising celebrity stars of Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates 2022 AKA Level Up!

Here are the Names and photos of the BBNaija Season 7 Level up housemates that will appear in the Big Brother Naija reality live show in 2022 with the theme >> Level Up << have been assembled together.

This seventh season of Big Brother Naija got off to a great start with the CEO and ultimate presenter Ebuka bringing in again on stage his normal seasonal game of reality and price winning TV reality show.

The addition of a live audience is one attractive feature of tonight’s performance in BBnaija reality show. “Level Up” serves as the season’s slogan for the year.

The normal inaugural show tonight got underway with a musical performance by a top-notch celebrity who knows and loves what is good and cool in the person space.

Big brother naija
bbn season 7 audition (image)

The eagerly anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates aka level up have been made open to the general bbnaija lovers who want to contest.

The show’s of Big brother naija current season’s roommates are carefully listed below;

List of big brother naija season seven (7) “level up”

Amaka bbnaija biography
Amaka bbnaija biography
  • Amaka bbnaija

Amaka m Crystal Mbah bbnaija happens to be the in thing and newest housemate in the 2022 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show, that have kept the whole world in deep perplexity of who wins.
The 23-years old health care personality Amaka Crystal Mbah hails from Anambra State, a community named Aguatu to be precise.

Amaka Mbah crystal bbnaija was born to the family of Mr and Mrs; Mbah Ikechukwu and has two other siblings that she doesn’t play or joke with.
Amaka Crystal Mbah net worth is estimated to be about $12,000 equivalent to N7,200,000,000 as of 2022 currently be it as it may.

Regardless, she is not married to anyone yet, but is currently in a relationship and has no children at all.

Chiamaka being her full name, loves generous men and lives by the motto; ‘ always Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead for your own good’, which has helped her navigate the highs and lows life throws her way of doing things in a profitable manner.

Beauty bbnaija biography
Beauty bbnaija biography
  • Beauty Bbnaija!!

Beauty Bbbnaija happens to be one of the 12 trending and active female housemates on the 2022 Big Brother Naija reality live show with the theme ‘Level Up’.
Interesting right??, Or what do you think

Beauty Bbbnaija happens to be 24 years old, who happens to be a lawyer that hails from Taraba State in North Eastern Nigeria (first time a girl of such caliber f lady putting up from Taraba state, Nigeria).

As the last born of four siblings from her lovely parents, Beauty Bbbnaija enjoys the love, constant guidance and support it comes with.

Beauty Bbbnaija has done an awesome job of living up to her name as she also holds the (‘Most Beautiful Girl, Taraba’ title from 2015 to 2017).

Beauty Bbbnaija also won Miss Nigeria 2019, becoming the 43rd beauty to win the pageant by her very self. bbn season 7 audition is an eye opener!!!

Bryann bbnaija biography
Bryann bbnaija biography
  • Bryann bbnaija

The upcoming celebrity star Brian Chukuwuebuka Chiji as fondly called by friends and loved ones.

Bryann bbnaija is a renowned singer and songwriter of all types.

According to Brian Chukwuemeka Chiji, his best musical influences are artist Wande Coal, Vybz Cartel, as well as Angelique Kidjo.

Brian is currently 24 years old and hails from IMO State, Nigeria and he started releasing songs in the year 2019, however, it was until 2021 that he finally put out a full length song project.

In his view as an easy-going guy, he is very down to earth and sometimes reserved to himself without making mistakes to offend anyone, but he also really enjoys meeting new people, partying, and watching movies out there with friends.

Brian Chukwuemeka Chiji, hopes that Big Brother Naija will give him the platform…

Just to interact with people especially of his kind and dream personality in view!

Especially to raise his social currency and also create awareness about his music career.

Christy of bbnaija


“I can do basically anything. I can sing, but not on Wande Coal’s level, shaa!!!

As well as dance small on my own way. Not only that, but I sabi act small as well.

Furthermore, I haven’t pursue any of this seriously because man need to survive first,” he says with his full chest.

Khalid of Bbn


Allysyn bbnaija was amongst the 2nd group of housemates to show up.

They are those who arrived lately last week at point this research was made!!!

This year’s Big Brother Naija has taken a twist as the housemates shared two separate houses…

Assuring her people and loved ones that Victory at the end is sure and non-negotiable with anyone at all.

Allysyn bbnaija full name is Osy Allysyn Audu and is a twenty-five (25) years old lady;

A business -woman, who loves and have a strong passion for business in Nigeria and the whole world at large.


Why is it so?

Of course, this season is starting on a unique high note…

With the twenty-four (24) housemates giving premium content to unravel on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at a few sailing relationships in the house already.

Bryan bbnaija and Daniella bbnaija relationships

Bryan bbnaija and Daniella bbnaija are already bound to a real connection as lovers.

However, this begins on the first day as they exchanged their earrings.

After which Bryann bbnaija gifted Daniella his necklace as well, things took a sweet and lovely turn.

And they slept together on the same bed space on Sunday night DOING THE NEEDFUL.

To be precise, how love it seems on their eyes and their fans.

We keep our fingers crossed on that regards to see how far things will go with this their love at first sight.

Is it going to real love that will moon or is it just an infatuation that’s hovering around?

Beauty bbnaija and Khalid bbnaija relationships

To make the matter more interesting and outstanding;

Beauty bbnaija and Khalid bbnaija aren’t left out in this segment of love train.

As well as can’t imagine carrying last on love affairs.

The duo has been seen in time without numbers cuddling during house gist and all that.

Hopefully, as the TV reality show progresses, love triangles will be formed among them respectively.

Friendship cliques as we normally see on every day of our life and endeavors in Nigeria.

Sheggz bbnaija and Bella bbnaija relationships

Sheggz bbnaija and Bella bbnaija, on the other side of the mirror, are very interesting souls.

They have been the talk of the internet for a couple of days now.

Largely due to Sheggz’s bbnaija cuteness and vibe overload that’s have made him to be the ladies choice.

However, a few precious moments were caught on camera as Sheggz bbnaija was seen on the show screen.

Where he is feeding Bella bbnaija a snack for her mouth, and it was all about love.

A rare picture that Sheggz and Bella fans have begun comparing to Kiddwaya bbnaija and Erica bbnaija saga.

Especially from bbnaija season six (6) reality TV show till date.

Biggie bbnaija announcement that the head of house

Biggie bbnaija made a public announcement that the head of house for the season
After the Monday evening engagement and competition.

Biggie bbnaija announced the first Head of House for the season of BBNaija season seven (7).

A seasonal TV reality show; >> EloSwag bbnaija <<.

The Level Up housemates have gotten their first head of house games on Monday evening.

And it was a close race between EloSwag Cyph bbnaija, man like Bryann, Dotun bbnaija, and superstar Khalid.

Who eventually made it into the second stage as the reality show progresses.

After the round in the house, Eloswag Cyph bbnaija won the stage..

Making him the first head of the house (HOH) for bbnaija season seven (7) TV reality show.

EloSwag Cyph bbnaija has been a dominant force to reckon with in the house.

Especially with his personal unique strategies of working with everyone has paid off in due time.

Especially when he expected and needed it the most.

However, Eloswag bbnaija has managed to get most of the housemates to side with him.

He will now have to prove that he can be a strong leader in this BBnaija season seven (7) TV reality show.

This interesting season of BBNaija will be exciting to watch till the end.

And we can not wait to see what EloSwag Cyph does next through his ends as the season seven (7) head of house.

Eloswag’s win has saved all level one (1) housemates from eviction this week…

Which would have come to play like a joke just like that!!!

 BBN Tail of House

On the other hand, Biggie announces the Tail of house…

The BBNaija season seven (7) has introduced a new title called >> Tail of House <<.

This is the first time such a title will be given to anyone in the entire history of bbnaija reality TV show series.

Biggie bbnaija announced the title during the Head of House games on Monday evening at the arena where the competition took place.

According to Biggie bbnaija, the worst performing housemate during the games would be crowned Tail of House (TOH) as well in other to balance the equation in the house.

Biggie bbnaija let Bella the lady, Daina, phyna, Christy O, Groovy and Giddyfia to know that they were out of the game and that Bella bbnaija was the first tail of the House to be recorded in history.

The crowned bbnaija head of tail will wear all her clothes inside out this week as they proposed!

Things in the BBNaija season seven (7) TV reality show houses are about to get murky as fans can watch the show on Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Family channel 198 on DSTv and 29 on GOTv respectively as well.

To make it more interesting and fascinating is that fans all over the world can have a feel of it.

Especially fans from the United Kingdom and across African region can also enjoy life stream the BBNaija season seven (7).


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