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angel bbnaija biography, networth, cars, house, boyfriend and awards

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Angel bbnaija introduction;

Meet the stunning BBNaija class lady >>Angel Agnes Smith<< one of the outstanding female housemates for the 2021 Big Brother reality show seasonally.

The up rising BBNaija celebrity known as Angel describes herself as a feminist who is single and searching, fun to be with and ready to mingle to any serious and matured mind.


Can you shoot your shot on her and give love a chance…. Ponder on it as we progress!

Angel bbnaija overview;

Bbnaija star Angel Agnes Smith is a female housemate in Big Brother Season 6 >> open your eye let’s dig deep<<.

BBNaija Angel is the first female to enter the Big Brother house immediately the female housemate’s access was unveiled being July 25th, 2021.

She is a twenty-one (21) year old housemate who from time to time describes herself as fun and somewhat of a drama queen in virtually all that she do.

According to BBNaija Angel herself…

She attends to people based on how they treat her in return as well.

This simply means that he returns good energy for good energy and as well returns energy to bad energies, no time to waste…

She gives you what you deserve anytime, anywhere!

BBNaija fun to be uprising star Angel also claims she dislikes confrontation, although sometimes she may be the real source of conflict itself, can you imagine!

The BBNaija Angel is seen as unapologetic feminist that is not at peace with herself whenever people take advantage of her in one way or the other, she hates it with passion.

Angel bbnaija biography, husband, career, children and endorsement

Angel bbnaija Biography

The young lady full name is Angel Agnes Smith’s born in the year 2000, Known for Big Brother Naija 2021 Aka shine your eye.

High school attended was Mary wood Girls’ College, Lagos.

University attended was the University of Lagos State, even though she did not graduate due to her personal reasons and issues.

Nationality is Nigerian and her State of origin is Akwa-Ibom state

The Early life and education of Angel bbnaija star

Angel bbnaija star was born in the year 2000 to a London metropolis based parents. Angel Agnes originally is from Akwa Ibom state (South south).

The pretty Angel of bbnaija lived in Nigeria while her biological parents lived in London but visit Nigeria at will.

Angel bbnaija studied at Mary wood Girl’s College in Lagos during her secondary school journey, then went to the University of Lagos State aka Unilag, where she was a student for just two weeks in the university.

Nevertheless, she attended no lectures during that stay in the university.

Angel bbnaija studied in a secluded high school and underwent severe pressure from her biological parents and school at large.

According to Angel, to get an “A” in Mary wood Girls’ College, Lagos then, you need a score of 90 and above.

Angel bbnaija dropped out of University of Lagos State without the consent of her parents, which was a shock to them when they came to know at last.

However, while talking about her life several times on the Big Brother naija (Bbnaija) seasonal show, according to her in person, she dropped out of tertiary institution solely because of pressure on her from every angle.

Angel bbnaija later went and enrolled in a British foundation college to study mass communication, but also dropped out as well.

What is really this young ladies’ problem with education if we may ask, for crying out loud, despite all the luxury facilities and affluence at will and control.

Could this be a spiritual problem?

Moreover, Angel bbnaija struggle with depression and suicide for a couple of times.

Life has not been fair and rosy the way people actually think it’s for Angel Agnes bbnaija.

The young star of bbnaija show attributed her struggles with schooling to her mother’s intense pressure and high standards to see her metamorphose into a burst of human resources through education, but it wasn’t that rosy on her but a big challenge to embark on.

BBNaija Angel commenced nurturing herself at the age of 14 and has been in and out of depression as a young lady who is desperate and eager to succeed at all cost, living life on her own terms and conditions to its fullest.

Angel’s bbnaija relationship status (right now)

This twenty-one (21) years old young lady was in a serious relationship as seen before going into the bbnaija house to fight for firm and national ND international recognition.

Angel bbnaija shared the sad story of how she lost her first boyfriend in 2019 which was a heartbreak to her even when she least expected it.

Angel bbnaija is currently single and searching for a good matured guy who will love her for who she is and not what they want in women of nowadays, Angel bbnaija said she is ever ready to mingle if seen such a person in her own words, concerning her relationship status.

BBNaija Angel made it crystal clear that she is not ready to get into any serious relationship until she recovers from the death of her boyfriend, which is still a shock to her and a wound that is gradually healing day after day…

angel bbnaija caught on camera and videos , angel bbnaija instagram
angel bbnaija image

Angel Agnes bbnaija hobbies and dislikes (what you need to know)

The bbnaija young star in the making started writing at 14 years of age.

BBNaija Angel loves and enjoys a lot of writing such as poetry write, articles writing, watching movies of all kinds and sleeping to her taste.

Angel also has a great passion for storytelling and meeting new people where ever she goes as a lifestyle.

The reality bbnaija upcoming star wishes to bring her writing skills to fruition by writing and producing word class movies and this is the fundamental reason she auditioned for the BBNaija seasonal show, just to fulfil her lifetime hobbies.

Angel bbnaija dislike people with pretentious and hidden characters, she loves it when you try to be yourself than trying to be what you are not.

The reality star also have so much love for tattoos and body piercings; she has about eleven (11) different tattoos on her body with two (2) obvious piercings on her body.

Angel bbnaija has a peculiar and unique fashion style she enjoys, which she claims is responsible for people misjudging her every time for who is not in reality.

Is Angel Agnes bbnaija on Instagram?

Bbnaija reality star is active and fun to chat will on all social media that she’s n such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and all the rest of them, if you feel like connecting with her give it a trial and share your experience with us.


angel bbnaija viral video and social media handle, angel bbnaija husband and net worth

Angel Agnes BbNaija net worth

As a matter of fact, Angel bbnaija writing skills and lifestyle has earned her several deals and honorariums up to concerts that have boosted her net worth.

However, is yet to verify the reality bbnaija star “Angel’s” real source of wealth and her current net worth.

We will keep updating this article from time to time, stay tuned and connected for more updates and information about Angel Agnes bbnaija.

Conclusion on angel bbnaija biography

Thanks for reading this post on Agnes bbnaija seasonal reality show, hope on promise made on reviewing details about Angel Agnes Smith’s Bbnaija life, angel bbnaija age, angel bbnaija biography, angel bbnaija viral video, angel bbnaija caught on camera, angel bbnaija Instagram, angel bbnaija parents, angel bbnaija boyfriend, how old is angel bbnaija, angel bbnaija housemate and so on was made known to you.

However, Angel bbnaija is a young lady who is really living her life and pursuing her dream despite having a biological parents who are well-to-do and based in London city as a matter of fact.

Angel Agnes bbnaija upcoming star choose to stay in his father land to work herself out to a standard of living she can always boast of, despite dropping out of school she till press further of becoming an international celebrity which has been her lifetime goals.

Angel bbnaija biography, husband, career, children and endorsement

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