Maria Bbnaija (a comprehensive guide that works)

Maria BBnaija/ a comprehensive guide about here entire life!

While introducing herself in the house as she made a name and create fans for herself…And who is this pretty damsel.?

Maria bbnaija

Maria bbnaija

Hello!!! Welcome to today’s bbnaija reality show, vibes on a female house mate called maria bbnaija!

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Maria BBNaija Biography, Net Worth, Cars, maria bbnaija boyfriend in 2022
Maria BBnaija Biography, Net Worth, Instagram, Cars in 2021

Maria BBnaija introduction and overview

Maria BBnaija is a 29 years old former air hostess from IMO State, named Maria is one of the most beautiful female faces amongst the housemates in >> Shine Your Eye << season six (6) 2021if the renowned edition of Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Naija 2021 >> BBNaija 2021 <<.
Maria BBNaija came into the limelight on July 2021 precisely, when she was announced as one of the top hottest contestants in this year’s BBNaija reality TV show.

Maria BBnaija is always being a goal getter…

She is bent on spicing up things in the Big Brother “Housemates”

As she makes all the guys to always go insane and abnormal after setting their eyes on her.

While Maria BBnaija is at this same case of making guys go crazy for her.

She is also ensuring she doesn’t get evicted in any way from the bbnaija house.

Until she wins the grand prize worth of 90 million Naira and above, which is her drive.

Maria Bbnaija

What to expect on this guide!

Before we jump into today content on Nigeria celebrity.

Below are what to expect in this article as a whole!

We will be taking our precious time to work you through the following sub topics;

  • Maria Bbnaija Profile;
  • Maria Bbnaija Early Life And Biography,
  • Maria Bbnaija Education,
  • Maria Bbnaija Career,
  • Maria Bbnaija Personal Life,
  • Maria Bbnaija Fans > Marian’s,
  • 10 Things You Must Know About Maria Bbnaija,
  • Maria Bbnaija Net Worth,
  • Maria Bbnaija House,
  • Maria Bbnaija Cars and assets,
  • Maria Bbnaija Social media and all about this young bbnaija seasonal reality show on upcoming celebrity star.

Overall overview on Maria BBnaija

This 29-year-old former air hostess from IMO State, Called Maria is one of the coordinates but also vocal female ladies amongst the housemates in Shine Ya Eye season 6 2021 edition of Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Naija 2021 you cherish this year own with the mindset of winning and nothing less, she always calculates her daily moves as victory.

She put in appearance on this day being July 2021 when she was shockingly announced as one of the contestants in this year’s BBNaija season 6.

Regardless, she is desperate for what she wants, she is bent on spicing up things in the Big Brother House as she makes all male her focus point, trying to turn them into her prey in other to present them for eviction while she will find her way to escape.

In fact, while she is at this at all times, she is also ensuring she doesn’t get evicted from the house until she wins the grand prize and endorsement set aside for that Lucy individual that the heavenly luck will shine upon this season.


Maria nigeria Bbbnaija biography

Maria BBnaija Biography (Maria Bbnaija Profile)The full name of the upcoming bbnaija celebrity star is seen below;

Full name = Maria Chike Agueze

Name = Maria Chike Agueze

Known as = Maria BBnaija

Fans known as = Marian’s

Age = 29 Years (2021)

Nationality = Nigerian

State of origin = Owerri, IMO State

Sex = (Female)

Marital status = Single

Occupation = Realtor, air hostess, social media influencer and an ardent entrepreneur.

Big Brother Status = Evicted

Education = Graduate

Height= 5 to 6 feet in feet, and 1.67 m approximately in meter and 167 cm in centimeters

Weight = weighs 60 kg in kilograms and 132Ibs in pounds

Skin color = fair in complexion

Eye color = black

Hair color = black

Nationality = Nigerian

Religion = is Christianity

Ethnicity = mixed >>> Igbo trade

Heel type = flat heels


Maria bbnaija biography and lifestyle

Maria Bbnaija Biography and Early Life

The young lady Maria Chile Agueze, popularly nicknamed Maria best Nigeria BBNaija, haails been from IMO state, Nigeria.

Where her biological parents came from.

Although her birth month and date are not clear to the public or yet revealed, base of the option best known to her.

Maria celebrity BBNaija was born in the year 1992.

Making her to be 29 years old as of last being 2021.

In one of her daily conversations in the BBNaija African best reality show.

Maria-BBNaija opened up that her mother is white.

However, Maria has always identified herself as a Nigerian tick skin lady.

Although not obsessed but in what women are normally used for.

When growing up, Maria-BBNaija had a passion to become a celebrity woman and travelling around the globe.

According to Maria siblings, her dream of touring through the world found expression.

While she worked as an air hostess in IMO state, where she earns her living from.

Now, she is almost becoming a woman of an icon as she competes in the Big Brother Naija season 6 reality show.


Maria Bbnaija educational adventures

Maria Bbnaija Educational adventures

Even as an indigene of IMO State, Nigeria, Maria best BBNaija didn’t have her full education in country.

Rather she attended the Trinity High School, MANCAT college, that’s in United kingdom.

Where she read HNC Performing Arts at the City College, in Manchester.

For her degree level, Maria highest paid bbnaija studied Communication at the University of Salford.

In other to add beauty to her certificate and raise a standard for herself, through reading what she wants.


BBN super star

Maria BBnaija, siblings and parents

Maria of BBnaija is seen to have a lot of siblings spanning from nuclear family to extended family.

As well, but she’s fond of keeping her relative secret and off record reason best known to her.

However, Mr and Mrs Agueze Benjamin is said to be the biological father of this upcoming celebrity.

House to fellow house mate on reality show…

Maria revealed that her mother is a White woman from Britain.

While her dad is black from Nigeria, IMO State precisely.

Maria the Bbnaija career journey

Maria Bbnaija Career journey

Maria in BBNaija is normally addressed as a former air hostess turned real estate realtor.

Especially to in field of work from colleagues and associates.

Maria career started long ago in the United Kingdom when she worked as the front of House representative at Grosvenor Casinos from the year 2006 to 2011 respectively.

Maria in bbnaija also worked as an administrative assistant at Goderough college, United Kingdom.

In the year 2012, Maria of BBNaija joined the KBC financial products as human resources assistant as big win to her life and career.

Regardless, She has also worked as the personal assistant to the CEO of Deloitte, United Kingdom.

However, moving onwards with her life and switching to different career paths.

Maria BBNaija joined the Emirates, one of the foremost airlines with an outstanding quality, working with them as an air hostess.

Thus, her career job has carried her across all continents in the world except Antarctica, and she really finds it exciting with her profession.

As a matter of fact, right now, Maria BBNaija has made the most out of her air hostess job and now ditched it for real estate.

She is currently a real estate agent that have her based in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates.

Maria Bbnaija Personal Life history
Maria bbnaija has managed to live her life on a low-key profile despite all the affluence and luxury made available for her, right from her parent’s paradise to her own personal earned prestige.

Regardless, her game has spread all across Nigeria and abroad since she became one of the housemates in BBNaija season 6.

She is not yet married as of now officially and there is no public record that is known of her having a boyfriend currently, however will always update you with regards towards the above.


Maria Bbnaija boyfriend, husband and relationship and love life


Maria BBnaija husband, boyfriend, relationship status and love life.

Maria Bbnaija is not a married woman yet and seems not to be interested in marriage for now although a preacher of love, who knows tomorrow?

This popular and famous young lady have seen severally with great personality like her as well putting up a storming photograph on the internet and her fans, friends and associates are keenly interested and want to know the lucky guy that’s making Maria happy and the other things.

However, the celebrity lady in questions here have decided to keep her relationship status secret and not public, even seen taking lovely picture with male friends that looks suspicious, yet no one can pinpoint that this is Maria’s man.

Maria BBnaija is a committed lady who is working hard on herself to make sure that she makes a good living for herself and better her life…

She is all a preacher of love and tell people around her to always give love a chance at all times.

As for our research, she is single to stupor and does not have a boyfriend at, she is currently focusing and working on herself for the better her, and she left a post for her fans on face book saying “love did not hurt you, but it’s someone who did not know how to love that hurt you, and you mistake the two, love is a beautiful thing I seek not but sure findeth my soul”.

Maria Bbnaija fans


Maria Bbnaija Fans and associates >> Marian’s

Maria BBNaija fans are known and always addressed as Marian’s, strictly belonging to maria bbnaija.

Maria BBNaija, despite how tight her schedule is, always make it her priority to reaches out to her fans on all her social media platforms, commending and appreciating them for supporting her always.

According to Maria bbnaija, Marian’s oozes positivity vibes in all that to do, resilience, confidence, Cruse and everything she stands for is made visible through her fans.


Maria Bbnaija


Top Ten (10) Things You Must Know About Maria Bbnaija

  • Maria bbnaija loves charity and uphold it as her lifestyle.



  • When maria bbnaija is tired, she prefers staying cool with head off every duty, chilling with a glass of red wine.



  • Maria BBNaija doesn’t like it at all and will not tolerate it when people take her for granted no matter what, her caring and loving nature, gentle attitude can become very stern and get to the extreme as well, which might not be good for her at all.


  • Maria bbnaija enjoys seeing her cooking in her kitchen or else where, exercising her body and keeping fit, hiking activity, acting jokes and all kinds of movies, and dancing is her thing.


  • Maria BBNaija loves adventures a lot and can’t say no to any of them.


  • She has a go getter attitude and on the 2nd of August her Instagram account rose to over 200k for the first time.


  • She sees and addresses herself as a symbol of love to all in human form.


  • Furthermore, she likes meeting new friends and people and her popularity start after entering the big brother naija reality show season six (6).


  • She is a loving and kindhearted personality.
    Maria bbnaija being honest with people and love returning energy the way you need it.


Maria Bbnaija net worth


Maria Bbnaija Net Worth currently

Maria BBNaija’s net worth has not been publicly estimated as at the point this post research was made, regardless, every bit about her net worth will be published in a separate article soon or will be used to update this same article.

However, judging from her life exposures and chosen career path, her net worth estimated to be between $40,000 – $90,000 ad for now.

Another source reviews that her net worth is 1.5 m USD, approx.



Maria Bbnaija house and assets


Maria Bbnaija House

Maria has travelled a lot of places in Nigeria, abroad, far and wide in her early 29 years of being alive, and she most likely still travels more.

The number of her houses has not been estimated yet.

Even though she is in Nigeria at the moment, being one of the housemates in BBNaija, she stays in Dubai for now.



Maria Bbnaija cars


Maria Bbnaija Cars in possession

Maria BBNaija is a talented and gifted lady who loves to go on vacation and just spend time alone as well as with her friends.

As for her number of cars assets, no public record of her personal cars is known, as she is seen with several cars on a daily basis.



Maria Bbnaija Instagram and social media


Maria Bbnaija, Instagram and Social media

Maria BBNaija is quite active on Instagram social media with more than 648k and above followers.

If you are a lover of Instagram that feels like following her, you can follow her on Instagram @mariachikebenjamin she is also active on Facebook, Twitter and all others.




First, I want to appreciate you and your time for making it this far, I’m ever grateful for your loving care you put in this search.

However, Maria BBNaija basically does possess all that it takes for her to win this season 6 of Big Brother Naija African big reality show, be it as it may be
Meet Maria >>> BBNaija >>> Big Brother aka Shine Ya Eye >>> Africa Magic reality show.


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