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In this guide we will review to your basic and fundamental history of the Ebonyi State University starting from its original foundation, it’s geography location, Ebsu campuses, department and programs, Vice Chancellor, founder, year founded, school types, it’s google locational map, Ebsu academic Forbes ranking, Ebsu hostel and more pertinent information concerning Ebonyi State University at large.

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Things you need to know about Ebonyi State University (EBSU)

The entity called EBSU, is a lovely university that’s have been soaring like the eagles in terms of academic pursuit without relenting, the Ebonyi state university is not a technology school (technical college) but highly technically inclined in modes of operation and execution of their fictions making them to be the best state University in studying Nursing and Medicine professional courses.


Overview of Ebonyi State University;

At the genesis of Nigeria educational promotion they people of Ebonyi had the will, that their unbendable will and aspiration to be reckoned with in academics, was the will that propels the well-meaning native people of Ebonyi State to have a University that can be called their own to foster the advancement of skilled research and learning both in character, academics, technically, religiously and otherwise.

And this is their unbendable will has redefined the history of educational backwardness of the indigenous people of Ebonyi State positively.

Bringing millions of Ebonyians out of poverty and inculcating in them the entrepreneurial skill to be highly successful.


The Background Of Ebonyi State University (EBSU)

The native Ebonyi State University normally describes as (EBSU) located in Abakaliki province came into existence in the year nineteen nighty nine (1999) in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

The Ebonyi State University is basically owned by the indigenous people of Ebonyi state in other to foster Educational civilization and awesomeness within the length and breath of Ebonyi but with the ideology of not bringing civilization to Ebonyi State alone but the entire Nigeria and the world at large.


The History of Ebonyi State University (EBSU)

Are you aware that what is today known as Ebonyi State University today simply started with a strong will, determination of the then Military Administration of Anambra State that was later sustained under the leadership of Chief Jim Nwobodo an impactful civilian administration with noble gesture.


Ebonyi State University, first faculty and departments ever in history

During 30th July 1980, Anambra State Government founded the then (ASUTECH) largely called the Anambra State University school of Science & Technology) incorporation with law no 7 of 1980 constitution, thereby founding the very first University school of Science and school of Technology in Nation at large.

The Anambra State University school of Science & Technology (ASUTECH) Edict no. 20 of 1985 constitution, recommended in place a basic four campus organigrams having her agricultural sciences faculty as well as veterinary medicine faculty situated in main Abakaliki municipal.


The First Ever Lectures Held in Ebonyi State University (EBSU);

The first lectures to be recorded in history of Ebonyi State University commence at the Agriculture science faculty campus in Abakaliki in year November 1987 recording 55 students in attendance and with fifteen (15) academic staff.

However, students from Department of Horticulture and students of Plant Protection were moved from the then Awka campus of Anambra State University school of Science and Technology to Abakaliki Campus.

The Faculty (Agricultural sciences faculty as well as Veterinary medicine faculty) graduated their first (pioneer) batch of students in the year 1991/1992 academic session, thereby lighting the touch of excellence in Ebonyi State.

Ebonyi State University Pre-Science Origin
Pre-Science school was founded in the year 1987 at the Abakaliki campus of ASUTECH extension.

The Enugu State Campus was established on 27th August in 1991, out of the old Anambra State, so that Anambra State University of science and technology (ASUTECH) campuses in Abakaliki and Enugu will be dominantly inherited by the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) through the Enugu State Government law, Edict no. 33 of 1991 constitution and amended in the year 1995 in the same line with the Abakaliki campus standing as the current ESUT Agricultural Sciences faculty as at 1995.

In the year 1992, the college of medicine and surgery and other paramedics were introduced to the school.
And in the year 1996 when all the creation of Ebonyi State took place, the then Abakaliki portions of the university campus of the then Enugu State University (ESUT), was promoted to Ebonyi state university college due to the need of educational sustainability with immediate effect by constitutional provisions on law of Edict no. 5 of the Ebonyi State government 1998 constitution affiliated to ESUT with Professor, Fidelis Ogah, as the previous Enugu State University of technology Deputy VC occupying the position as the school first Rector in history.

The noble Faculty of Natural Sciences and Applied science having eight (8) departments already was introduced in the year 1997, to the rising noble University and as at 1998 during the time ESUT school of Pre-Science Program were moved to Nsukka province of Enugu State for geographical balance in education.

The major recognizable natural navigation that sets the institution to her current profile came in the year 1999, when the people of Ebonyi State had their first Executive Governor in the person of His Excellency, Dr. Samuel Ominyi Egwu.

The Ebonyi State Governor made an announcement of the upgrading of the noble University College to a complete multidisciplinary Institution. The founding law of the (EBSU law No7,1999) welcomed the executive consent of the Governor in the year 14/1/2000, having Professor. Fidelis Ogah as the Vice-Chancellor of the institution.

However, as a result of coming up from the autonomous status of his excellency Chief Dr, Sam Egwu three (3) new additional faculties were established which as follows;
1. The Faculties of Arts operational with six departments
2. Education faculty with six departments
3. The faculty of Management and Social Sciences, consisting of nine departments. (Some may deduce it to be four new facility that were created via faculty of art, faculty of Education, faculty of Management and faculty of social science as well).

Furthermore, as time evolves, the School of Postgraduate Studies, work and study program (WASP) and a weekend program introduced for workers who want to enroll for university education while keeping their jobs as well were created, together with the Faculty of Law, all were established In 2000.
In other to keep the institution excelling a new Faculty was created, being the faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, established In the year 2002 concurrently. Notwithstanding, It took off with the Nursing Sciences department and the Medical Laboratory Sciences during the 2002/2003 academic year with full momentum to achieve a lot.


The Ebonyi State University’s Governing council

The third university Governing Council of the institution was inaugurated having His Excellency, Dr, Oko E. I then as chairman by the Ebonyi State second Executive Governor in the person of His Excellency Chief Martin Elechi N, in the month of December 2008.

The first and second vice chancellor of Ebonyi State University (EBSU) in history;
Professor Francis Igboji handed over to Prof, Chigozie. O. Who took over the mantle of Educational leadership as the new vice chancellor (VC) of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, highly documented in the year 2017.

There by making Prof, Chigozie O. the second Vice Chancellor and Prof Fidelis Ogah as the pioneer vice chancellor of the university. And ever since the year 2017, the university have experience tremendous changes in infrastructure and human development, soaring from one level of transformation to the other up to now.

The Ebonyi State University (Ebsu) medical faculty:

The university’s got its abbreviation EBSU front the extension Ebonyi State University, then in 1991, the Ebsu medical faculty been founded as ESUT’s was then the faculty of Health and Sciences during the school establishment.

Ebsu medical facilities were developed in response to the outbreak of “Guinea worm pandemic” back then.

However, The Abakaliki Specialist Hospital, established for this vision, automatically was renovated to be Ebonyi State University’s primary teaching hospital facility of what we see today.

Purpose Of Establishing Ebonyi State University medical school

As time evolves, they were granted accreditation by the MDCN body (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) for the fundamental purpose of training and equipping the medical students and resident doctors found within her bosom.

Ebonyi State medical school founding and resources:

Just as the entire school receives funds and grant which is similar and applicable in any institution and organizations.

Since the medical school became part of Ebonyi State University, and it’s property, therefore the Ebsu medical school since it has always been established receives a considerable funding from the Ebonyi government first and foremost, Tet funds, and most times from NGO’s.


External information about Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki (EBSU)

Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki is also known as EBSU
Ebsu year of establishment: Ebsu was Established or founded in the year 1999
Chairman: Frank Nchita Ogbuewu is EBSU chairman of Governing council
Vice Chancellor: Chigozie Ogbu is the vice chancellor of EBSU
Location: Abakaliki province, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Campus: They are four  (CAS, Ishieke, presco and Perm Site).


Ebonyi state university hostel (Ebsu hostel):

the Ebonyi State University hostel is located inside the school in almost all the Campus for students who wish to stay and enjoy the school social amenities and facility.

Ebonyi state university hostel fees (Ebsu hostel fees):

The Ebonyi State University hostel accommodation charges vary depending on the campus you are in and type of hostel you have chosen, but very affordable unlike other schools hostel accommodation charges, to check out for Ebonyi state university hostel fee and how to apply kindly look for my previous post on EBSU hostel accommodation or check their official website below to get all needed information about hostel application and charges.

Ebsu Website: www.ebsu.edu.ng
Ebsu Faculties: Agriculture & Natural Resource Management, Basic Medical Sciences, Arts, Sciences, Education, Management Sciences, Law, Social Science, Clinical Medicine, Health Science and Technology, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Science and finally School of Post Graduate studies.

EBSU campus structure with faculty allocation

CAS CAMPUS: Law faculty and Agricultural faculty with every agric depart are in housed in CAS campus.
PRESCO CAMPUS: Medicine faculty and basic medical sciences are located in presco campus.
ISHIEKE CAMPUS: Education faculties and department are in ishieke campus.
PERMANENT SITE CAMPUS: Every other faculties that is not mentioned above is now located at permanent site campus such as Arts, physics science, Engineering and Environmental science, school of Post graduate studies, social science etc. Are housed in permanent site campus.

Ebonyi State University national ranking and world ranking:

Ebonyi State University (EBSU) in today’s academic pursuit and excellence is seen among the best top 100 universities in Nigeria in terms of university national ranking, the university world ranking as well. And that alone speaks volumes of people asking the best universities to study Nursing, Medicine and surgery and so on.

The Ebonyi State University has proven over time to be the among the best universities in Nigeria to study pharmacy and medical laboratory, medicine and surgery, engineering, law and so-and-so forth.
The Ebonyi State University came the number twenty-eight (no 28) in line with the national best ranking universities in Nigeria and as well came number four thousand one hundred and four (no 4104) in line with the world best ranking universities all over the world.


Having taking your precious time to go through this guide we are certain that all these expectations such as basic and fundamental history of the Ebonyi State University starting from its original foundation, it’s geography location, Ebsu campuses, department and programs, Vice Chancellor, founder, year founded, school types, it’s google locational map, Ebsu academic Forbes ranking, Ebsu hostel and more pertinent information concerning Ebonyi State University at large where justified and reviewed to you just as promised from the beginning.


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Ebsu sister university; Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi State (AE-FUNAI)
Do you also know that AE-FUNAI CAME 50th as national rank and 3rd as the best school in science and technology from 2018?

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