EBSU SUPPLEMENTARY (all you need to know)


Have you been looking for how to gain ebsu supplementary admissions into the federal University, state university especially Ebonyi State University (EBSU), poly technical institution, college of education, school of health or school of nursing etc.?

Have you been having trying times on how to pass institutional supplementary?

In today’s guide we will review to you all the basic information and knowledge you need to know on how to apply for EBSU supplementary examination and how to pass every school supplementary examination?

To pass at ease without much stress, courses that are available for Ebonyi State University supplementary admission as well as courses that are not available for Ebonyi State University supplementary admissions?

Let’s jump in into today’s business!!! Carefully take your time and go through these 10 minutes well research and summarized content about all you need to know about Ebonyi State University supplementary admission’s examination.

EBSU SUPPLEMENTARY (all you need to know)
EBSU SUPPLEMENTARY (all you need to know)

Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Supplementary news

The Ebonyi State University ICT have the directive of the university community administration to declare to all candidates that chose to be part and parcel of Ebonyi State University Abakaliki as their university of utmost Choice (first choice) come the 2021/2022 UTME as their first choice and to every group of persons that scores a hundred and twenty (120) and above and wish to opt for tertiary education as well as individual that have their o’level cleared and dreams to up scale.

Having met the necessary requirements.

The application form for supplementary admission is now very much available for the interest parties to make a good choice of it as their first choice, should go ahead and utilize the opportunity.

Interested individuals should simply follow the Ebonyi State University (EBSU) supplementary payment procedure carefully states below to apply and make payments of the sum of (N10,050 only) for the Supplementary charges by generating EBSU remita.

The Ebonyi State University supplementary portal for application and registration into our noble institution is now open to interested candidate.


Here are the procedures to follow to register for Ebonyi State University, the fee cost N10,050.00 only.
To register for Ebonyi State supplementary examination, there are three main basic steps to follow.

Generation of invoices on EBSU portal.
Bank payment and precess (strictly advise using remote payment processes).
Application form filling and registration online.

To register for the EBSU supplementary, follow the easy step by steps listed below:

A. Generation of invoices on EBSU portal.

1. Visit the Ebonyi State University official website (https://iportal.ebsu.edu.ng/)
2. Kindly Click on the EBSU Post UTME link on the website there.
3. Click on the Start Application button.
4. Click on the “STEP 1”
5. Click on the “Generate the payment invoice” now take the invoice you have generated to Bank payment process.
Bank payment and precess
1. Having successfully generated the supplementary invoice, choose any bank of your choice to make your one time payment with your Remita RRR number or choose to pay with your Credit card, verve or Master Card the sum of N10,050.00 only for the EBSU supplementary fees.
2. Fill the Ebsu supplementary payment invoice form that you have generated.
Things to consider why filling the Ebonyi State University supplementary form:
Carefully take note of the following to make a successful supplementary application.
1. Please do ensure that you choose the correct application form category, either, the JAMB SUPPLEMENTARY OWN or THE DIRECT ENTRY SUPPLEMENTARY OWN.
2. Ensure that your JAMB Registration Number is correct with the special characters on it.
3. Then generate your “RRR Number”. Ebsu supplementary payment is strictly on remita and will not acknowledge any payment made outside the remita payment process except otherwise.
4. After Successful Generation, Remita Retrieval Reference Number.

B. Application form filling and registration online.

1. After successful bank transactions, still go back to the application page online on the Ebonyi State University website and start the final registration by entering your “RRR number”.
2. Provision will be made for you to continue with the completion of the supplementary form
3. When you are done filling the form, please go through it over and over again to make sure you filled in the correct information.
4. Submit the application after proofreading and editing.
5. Finally, you are done applying for Ebonyi State University supplementary, now kindly print out your acknowledgement slip and keep it safe with you once the time for the supplementary have reach you will be contacted. You are also advised to always check the Ebonyi State University website from time to time for update or reach out to us through the comment section to help you out.


Below are the courses you can choose to study, and they will be processed for you and offer you a provision admission if you scale through.

1. EBSU available courses on the faculty of management sciences (FMS) supplementary.

The following courses are available for candidate to apply for:

Business Management,

Public Administration,



Banking and Finance.

These are the available courses for supplementary in EBSU supplementary form.

2. EBSU available courses on the faculty of agriculture and natural resources management (FARM) supplementary.

The following courses are available for candidate to apply for:

Management and Extension,

Agricultural Economics,

Animal Science,

Fisheries and Aquaculture,

Soil and Environmental Management,

Crop Science…

Landscape Management,

Food Science and Technology.

However, there are two (2) courses that are optional which are;

Animal Science,

Fishery and


These are the available courses for supplementary in EBSU supplementary from the faculty of Agriculture and natural resources management.

3. EBSU available courses on the faculty of education (FEDU) supplementary.

The courses are available for candidate to apply to include:

Igbo Education,

Arts and Social Science Education, Economics Education,

English Education,

Social Studies Education,

Science Education,

Religion Education,

Chemistry Education,

Biology Education,

Computer Science Education,

Mathematics Education,

Physics Education,

Integrated Science Education,

Home Economics Education,

Electrical Electronics Technology Education,

Technology and Vocational Education,

Mechanical Technology Education,

Woodwork Education,

Building Technology Education,

Agricultural Education,

Business Education,

Accountancy Education,

Secretarial Studies Education,

Educational Foundations,

Guidance and Counselling,

Admin and Planning,

Human Kinetics Education,

Health Education and finally,

The Human Kinetic Education.

These are the available courses for supplementary in EBSU supplementary from the faculty of education.

4. EBSU available courses on the faculty of social science and humanities (FSSH) supplementary.

The following courses are available for candidate to apply:

Mass Communication,

Political Science,





English Language,

Literature Languages and



History and

International Relations,


Philosophy and Religion.

These are the available courses for supplementary in EBSU supplementary from the faculty of social science and humanities.

5. EBSU available courses on the faculty of sciences (FS).

The following courses are available for candidate to apply:

Applied Microbiology,

Applied Biology,



Computer Science,

Industrial Physics,

Industrial Mathematics and

Applied Statistics,

Industrial Chemistry,

Geology and

Exploration Geophysics.

These are the available courses for supplementary in EBSU supplementary from the faculty of science.


The following under listed courses are not available for supplementary application and thereby will not be processed if you fail to adhere to instructions.

And there are no refunds of any form of money after payment
Note: Applications for supplementary admission into courses will be rejected instantly.
– Law, Medicine and Surgery,
– Anatomy
– Physiology
– Medical Laboratory Sciences and
– Nursing Sciences.

Note: Any attempt to apply for the above listed course on supplementary will not be honored and processed.

Frequently asked questions on Ebonyi State University supplementary applications.

1. Is the EBSU supplementary form still on sale up to this time?

Yes, at the time of this post the portal is still open for registration.

The Ebonyi State University is now selling their application forms for supplementary admission for the (2021/2022) academic session into their noble institution.

2. How much is EBSU supplementary application form?

The amount for Ebonyi State University supplementary applications form is N10,050 only.

And interested candidate to visit the Ebonyi State portal to apply.

3. What is supplementary admission?

University supplementary admission forms are the types of admissions which are normally sold out to interested students who seek to apply for admission in a particular school of their choice but did not get the chance to be admitted because of one singular reason or the other.

In other to compensate passion student who are bent in going to that singular school supplementary forms are giving out to them for a second chance of trial, to actualize their dream school.
Because of this singular reason, candidates are expected to go ahead and buy his or her adorable Universities supplementary form when ever it’s on sale, in order to get another privilege of entering their chosen institution.

4. How can I get admission into Ebonyi State University (EBSU)?

You can get admission into any instructions of your choice through jamb, direct entry or through supplementary form of admission, especially in Ebonyi State University (EBSU). All the individuals who seek to enter through direct entry are required to buy the EBSU Direct entry form from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) or through EBSU Portal.

Requirement for EBSU direct entry are as follows;

1. A Merit Pass in the National Certificate of Education (NCE) minimum,
2. A National Diploma (ND)
3. Any advanced Level Certificates is allowed too as well.

5. Is Ebonyi State University (EBSU) second admission list out?
Not yet, the Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Second Batch Admission List for the 2022/2023 Academic session is not yet seen on the official jamb site, either not out on JAMB CAPS as it supposed to be. This means that EBSU 2nd admission is not yet out as at the point of making research for this post. However, candidate who applied are advised to frequent the Ebsu website.

6. Is Ebonyi state university (EBSU) portal closed by now?

Ebsu Online Screening Closing Date And Deadline:
The Ebonyi State University portal is still open for interested candidate for them to exercise their franchises This simply means that the Ebonyi state university online screening application Portal is still free running and rumor have it that the portal will be temporary shut down on the 5th of October 2022 until further notice.

7. How much is Ebonyi State University post UTME form 2022?

The Ebonyi State University seasonal Post UTME form cost two Thousand Naira only (N2,000) and should always be purchased through the EBSU ADMISSION PORTAL. It’s important to be aware that the Ebonyi State University post UTME fee is not refundable after payment.
Therefore, you are carefully required to pay correctly into the appropriate bank and the exact post UTME charges.

8. Can I still change my present School to Ebonyi State University (EBSU)?

Yes it’s doable, and you can, you can carry it out by opting for a change of your present university to the Ebonyi State University if you did not choose them as your first choice of institution during JAMB 2022 registration in as much as the Ebonyi State university Post-UTME registration application portal is still open and not closed.

9. Please, Is the Ebonyi State University (EBSU) supplementary admission list out for 2022?

Yes, the Ebonyi State University supplementary admissions list for 2022 academic section have been published and candidates who chose to gain admission into the university can go ahead to check if they have been given admission by the Ebonyi State University.

10. Is Ebonyi State University Post UTME form out by this time?

Yes the form is out, and this is to inform the entire public that the Ebsu post-utme Form for the interest candidate to seek to be admitted into the 2022/2023 academic session is out especially for candidate who wish to put Ebonyi State University as their first choice institution.
How to register for Ebonyi State University post utme:
Here are an easy way to register for EBSU Post Utme for interested candidate who are eligible.
To register for Ebonyi State University post utme, simply follow the steps listed below:
Visit the Ebonyi State University official website and click on the “Start Application button”.
Click the second step which is to “Generate Payment post utme Invoice” then go to the appropriate bank to make your payment.
On the portal, kindly fill the Generate Payment Invoice for post utme form.
Note: Be aware to select the right application form category, either the DIRECT ENTRY or POST UTME.
After successful Bank payment, come back to the Ebonyi State University portal to fill and complete your post utme form.
Submit and print your slip and safe guide it.

11. What is the current cut-off mark for Ebonyi State University, EBSU 2022/2023?

In with the general jamb university cut off mark, the Ebonyi State University Jamb’s cut-off mark for this 2022/2023 academic session is 120 as low as it can be.
Thus, for an applicant who love to gain a provision admission into the university should register for the Ebsu post-utme as far as he or she scored “120” and above on the concluded JAMB examination.
However, it is important to know that the jamb general cut off mark is not applicable to all the department and programs in Ebsu. Example, you can’t score 120, and you are hoping to gain a provision admission into Ebsu to study Law, Medical Laboratory science, Medicine and surgery, Nursing etc.

Conclusion on ebsu-supplementary:

We are convinced that all the promises on this guide were justified, and you can boldly log in to the Ebonyi State University portal and apply for their supplementary admissions starting from generation of invoice to the filling of the form, submitting and printing of the slip.
This is also to remind you that the EBSU supplementary 2022/2023 academic session form is out, and the amount is N10,050 only, courses that obtainable and the ones that are not obtainable as well, and the institution do not sell at proxy, and the form can only be gotten from Ebsu official portal or in the school. Be aware of scammers.
This is to still remind you that applications for Ebonyi state supplementary admission into Nursing Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Law, Anatomy, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Physiology, will not be accepted at all and therefore will not be processed for candidate who fails to listen. So kindly check for courses that are available for EBSU supplementary admissions above.

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