How to mark institutions education register 2022/2023

How to mark institutions education register is a skill that’s many don’t have!!!

Step by step easy guide on how to mark institutions education register both for nursery schools and for secondary’s

The institutional registers are record keeping book kept by the classroom teachers or class form teachers for the sole aim of checking the presence, absence, movement of students with morning and afternoon time consciousness.

It also contains the school time table and school calendar and modes of operation for that academic session/term.

Nevertheless, a good register must contain necessary information about every learner and his/her parents or guardians details such as address and contact numbers.

Most teaching practice students on their first experience finds it pretty difficult to handle the academic register as well as some older and well exposed classroom teachers.

But with the aid of this resourceful material academic register is simple and easy to comprehend.

The Nigeria educational register law on how to mark institutions education register

This is a unique law guiding the students regular register of every sustainable primary and secondary schools all over Nigeria weather private establishment or government established school bows to this regulations as far as register attendance is concerned.

This tells all what Nigeria laws is saying concerning education in terms of registering.

Here are everything you should know concerning school register according to Nigerian law.

1. All attendance register for all class must have the following information on every student whose name is seen in the admission register as long as he or she remains a student of that noble institution before leaving completely
(a) Admission number.
(b) The name of the student in full, starting with the surname in capital latter’s, and all names in the attendance from the starting of the school year must be entered in black or blue ink alphabetically.
(c) The sex of the student had to be visible in the column set aside
2. All attendance register must be kept in accordance with the following procedures:
(a) There must be column to show when a student is absent or present every morning and afternoon period as well.
(b) There must be a column provided for weekly summaries.

Closing of register

(c) The register should not be open after 30 minutes late of each period commencement.
(d) Oblique stroke should be use to indicate the present of a student using black or blue ink on that period.
(e) “O” should be use to indicate students that are absent with black or blue ink as well.
(f) Late arrival of student should be indicated using a red ink in an oblique pattern similar to present student in attendance.
(g) No erasing or deletion of anything shall be made in the attendance register. All errors should be circled using a red ink and the correction made nearly by the side using blue ink.
(h) Incase during the first period in any session the class is receiving instructions at some places other than its own school, then the form teacher should be send the list of nill or absent return to each school concerned each day. There should be a reconciliation of the 2 sets of registers two times in a term.
(i) Summary must be made of the present and absent in the case of each student at the end of every term.
(j) The principal shall check and initial all weekly summaries during the last session of the week.
(k) The principal shall check and initial all terminal and annual summaries.
3. Two registers must be maintain where two classes are taught by one teacher.

Step-by-step guide on how to mark institutions education register;


(a) Each class in the school must keep an attendance register for everyday that this school opens.

(b) The school register contains basic information about every student in the class, such information must be accurately recorded at the beginning of the term, and promptly updated from term to term has necessary.

(c) other useful information contained on how to mark institutions education register

Here are useful information on how to mark institution register

  • Age at last birthday
    Status, weather repeating (R) or a first timer (F)
    Handicap, specified the nature of handicap (e.g deaf, dumb, physical ETC).
    (d) The school register contains 14 columns representing the 14th weeks duration per term.

Each school week is sub-divided into Monday to Friday, and each day is divided into morning (M) and afternoon (A) section.

  • The total number of student that withdraw should be filled in the “W” column box.

When the school closes for a session etc, the corresponding attendance space cancelled for all period with vertical lines or ruled through the middle of each session space, for all session contained in duration of holiday.

If the duration is up to one week, the word “holiday” is then printed along canceled columns.

The reason for granting the holiday should be entered in the log book.

This, the reason for granting the holiday should be entered in the log book.

Summary on how to mark institutions education register

Space have been provided for the following summaries
(a) Daily summaries of a register
Total attendance for morning session (M TOTAL) and for afternoon session (A TOTAL).
Total withdrawal “W” for morning session and for afternoon session.
(b) Weekly summaries of a register
Total number of times school opened
As well as the total number of student on roll
Total attendance for each student
Also the total attendance for class at morning session (M) and afternoon session (A)
Weekly total attendance for class at morning session (M) and afternoon session (A)
Percentage attendance
And Percentage punctuality
(c) Terminal Summaries of a register
Total number of times school opened
And total attendance for each student
Punctuality for each student
Total attendance for class and for boys and girls
Average attendance


(a) how to calculate percentage attendance for the week
Add morning total (M) and afternoon total (A)
Multiply to total number of students on roll by the number of times school opened.
Divide (1) by (2) and multiply the product by 100
Either: percentage attendance = ((M+A) X 100) / (Total on Roll x times school opened)
Example: if M = 220
And A= 237
Total on Roll = 60
Times school opened = 8
Percentage attendance = ((220+237)x100) / (60x)
= 457x 100 / 480
= 95.2% ans.

For EBSU Supplementary click here

You have to know this steps on how to mark institutions education register especially in Nigeria

How to mark institutions education register

how to calculate average attendance for the term on a register

Find the total number of attendance for the term.
Also find the number of times school opened for the term
Divide (I) by (II)
– Either average attendance = (total attendance for the term/number of times school opened in a term)
Example: if total attendance = 3856
And school opens at = 122 times
Average attendance = (3856/122) = 31.6 ans.

how to calculate percentage weekly punctuality on a register

If total attendance for the week is (220 + 237) as in (a) above, out of which total number of late students is 37
– percentage punctuality = ((220 + 237) – 37 x 100 ) / (220 + 237)
= (420/457) x100
= 91.9% ans.


Here is the section where a student serial number…

Name of student alphabetically with the surname first, sex, admission number, age of the student that with last birthday, name and phone number of parents or guardian.

And address of parents or guardian is boldly recorded for emergency and crucial purposes.

Note. Every institution have a unique way of arranging their institution register in a specific way that best suits their interest.

But this laid down document is a general recognized format of makings and recording an institution register and every other thing found therein.

How to mark institutions education register should not be a problem to you any longer

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