Medicine and surgery as the best course to study (facts)

Is it actually true that, Medicine and surgery as the best course to study across the world?

We will find out at the end of this post!!

Have you been looking for a course that will stand the test of time without fading away, a course that will still be valuable in 2030 and beyond, are you among forks talking that being educated is a scam and so on?

Worry no more because in this article you will be exposed and be inclined why medicine and surgery is the greatest and best course one should enroll for.

There is need for upgrading, everybody wants to be up and doing in every course of study the find themselves in.

Following up with the new trend. Nobody wants to be left behind.

Overview of Medicine and surgery as the best course to study

From Adam, Medicine has always been a well respected course and highly recognized all over the world.

Each of the parents wants, at least one of their children, to become a medical doctor, irrespective of the child’s interest and passion.

Frankly speaking, what could be more important than saving a life? Medicine deserves the energy humans push towards it.

Knowing this fact, yet, studying the course must not be a ‘do or die’ affair.

Aside the respect and nobleness, there are many other courses one can study, still, make ends meet.

They say, an informed person can never lose his or her track in life.

On this write-up, it is going to be on the things you need to know when studying medicine and surgery as a course in Nigeria institutions or else where across the globe.

What makes Medicine and surgery as the best course to study across the globe

Below are key facts to be considered, when saying that Medicine and surgery as the best course to study, especially in Nigeria of today….

1. High Intelligent quotient of medical doctors:

Do not misunderstand this, certainly every discipline requires one to have a high intelligent quotient, but it’s different in medicine.

The fact that medicine involves saving lives, has made the course voluminous, and it’s not a four to five years course thing.

As humans, we all know how our body work; our body system contains millions of tissues and cells.

To unravel the functions of the human body takes a lot of time and requires one with high intelligence quotient to comprehend the technicality of the human body.

No university wishes to graduate quack doctors because it involves human lives; lots of license exams are written to test their qualification.

To be factual, a mediocre who is determined to save lives can also become a medical doctor.

2. 100% Concentration must be seen if you want to say that Medicine and surgery as the best course to study

Being a medical student requires that you pay lots of sacrifices, your social life will be hampered.

The course is competitive and there is yearly reduction in the number of medical who can’t meet up with standard.

So to secure a position, one has to cut a lot of things to avoid distraction.

It will be disheartening that you got withdrawn after being selected from thousands of applicants.

More reasons some doctors are seen as been boring to hang out with.

3. You have to be physically fit and agile for you to be called a doctor!!

Aside the fact that social life will be tampered with, you have to learn to sleep for few hours in a day, if possible miss a night, certainly those times will come.

Restlessness, from shifts to morning classes.

You will hardly have time for you yourselves. You are a life saver and should be expected to be up ad doing in other to save lifes

Trust me, with time, as you get to your 500L to 600L, you will get used to it.

4. Patience can’t be left out in medical careers:

Medicine as a course has the highest numbers of years in the university.

Although this number varies in different countries.

In Nigeria for example, it takes 6 years and that is if there are no issues of Government strikes such as ASUU.

Therefore, to study medicine in Nigeria takes approximately 6 to 8 years.

Some medical student spend extra years because of failed courses.

To all ladies reading this, now you understand what I mean.

Nevertheless, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Passion and love to rescue life:

I have seen and heard many stories of medical students dropping of medical after spending 3 to 4 years.

Studying Medicine in Nigeria is quite difficult and frustrating.

Let it be that you are passion driven.

When you have passion, you find it hard to quite even in the midst of tough times.

Someone would ask, “so what is the essence of these endless stress?”

There is nothing on earth with advantage and no disadvantage.

There is always a reward for hard work. Now let’s look at the advantages below.


Advantage of Medicine and surgery as the best course to study

Below are some specific reason most people opt for medicine and surgery!!

1. A noble profession:

Your tough days as a medical student are pathways for greatness and nobleness. Nothing good comes easy.

Just like in the bible, Christians believes about Jesus is that after he carried the cross and died on the cross of calvary, he became famous today.

If Jesus hadn’t borne the thorns on the cross, he wouldn’t have been popular today.

The same goes to medicine, you feel on top of the world when you become a medical doctor.

You gain so much respect from your friends, your family, your spouse and the society at large.

2. A comfortable salary:

They say handwork pays, irrespective of the fact that doctors are not the highest paid salary earners in Nigeria.

Many of them live comfortably and take care of their families with the average salary.

In the overseas, Doctors are the highest paid salary earners; Medical doctors are highly needed in the overseas, thereby making migration easy for Nigerian doctors and other health practitioners.

For example, in the developed nations like Canada, medical doctors are paid 300, 000 dollars to 500,000 dollars yearly outside the amazing allowances they normally take home.

3. You get to touch lives:

Every day a medical doctor returns from work, he’s had encounters with different patients who must have discussed their life struggles due to one illness or the other.

There is joy a patient feels when he gets to meet his or her medical doctor, especially the social ones.

Patients hardly hides secrets from their doctors because it’s a life and death affairs.

A doctor do not only care for the sick, he is also seen as a counselor and a friend.

Note; Information is power, having gone through my write-up, you already have all you need to know, thereby paving way for a better decision-making in area of your career.

Summary of Medicine and surgery as the best course to study

people will give birth, fall sick, get mad, get pregnant, being operated upon and being treated after medical diagnosis have been carried out on them specifically until Jesus comes.

This keeping medicine and surgery as a course on the pedestrian on high demand with good paying entitlement.

Thus making it a gold mine to greatness.

Conclusion on Medicine and surgery as the best course to study

Show me that medical doctor that begs for bread, and I will show you a man without medical knowledge and vision.

With the privilege of a medical student and its knowledge is a life changing course of study with great life-saving responsibilities, so as a science student it is advisable to go for a course that you won’t regret in years to come, and yes medicine and surgery is the ideal.

Now you have known some laid down reasons why Medicine and surgery as the best course to study.

Make up your mind and go for the best and be the best you can.

Thanks for making your research on Medicine and surgery as the best course to study any where in the world through

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