How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal

How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal

Have you being looking for how to fix your soured Egwusi, Oha/Ora soup, Okra soup, bitter leaf soup?

Tomato soup, Ugu/Pumpkin soup or any form of your native soup that you can think of?

Portage yam, all kinds of stew and rice meal and couldn’t find any solution?

Or do you normal throw your spoiled food away in anger?

Are the kind the always ask, can I still eat my spoiled soup?

Worry no more because in this article we will be teaching you how to fix all kinds of soured soup.

And every meal that got sour when you needed them the most…

Is very annoying when you finish cooking a good food with a huge resources that should carry you.

And probably the meal couldn’t carry you and your family for at least 3 to 6 days.

Only for you to wake up the next day to see that the meal have gone sour.

And you will be left with the only option of throwing it away.

Most often with all the meat, fish, kpomo (cow skin), stock fish and all the value in it.

Take a cup of coffee and smile as we present to you researched, workable practices.

And everything you need to know to bring back your soured soup/meal.

We also have a YouTube video for you to watch at the end of this article for better clarity..

You can go and watch for better understanding.

How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal
How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal

How to recover spoiled Egwusi soup:

Here are the list of items you need to fix a soured Egwusi soup (this routine is applicable for fixing all kind of soured soup)

– Fruit juice

– Ingredients and spices

– Baking soda

– Mushrooms

– Dilute with water

– Garlic and Onion

– Green pepper

– Vegetables (Pumpkin leaf or green leaf)

-Salt and red oil

Step-by-step directions on how to remedy a soured soup (egwusi):

1. Add little fruit juice to remedy soured Egwusi soup:

This is a unique model by which juice from an orange or lemon are added in a minute quantity in other to remedy the soured soup or stew.

When dealing on this, absolute care should be taken not to add the juice in excess.

Do it carefully to avoid damage to the aroma, color and soup texture.

It has been notice, practiced and documented that small amount of apple.

Or orange juice can perform the magic on fixing soured soup.

Just allow it to boil for two minutes before putting ingredients and spices.

2. Ingredient and spices to fix spoiled Egwusi soup:

This is one of the magical method of mopping up bad odor and taste encountered in the soup…

Some useful and unique spices like chicken Barney, and chicken glory have the capacity of repairing the offensive odor.

As well as improving the meal texture and taste of soured soup generally.

However, care should be taken not to put in excess to avoid making the meal salty and hard to eat.

How to use ingredients to remedy sour soup is by mixing the ingredients.

Mix the spices in a two third of sachet water content and then add to the meal.

However, boil very well for at least 5 minutes.

With the pot cover opened then add half spoon of baking soda.

Try and allow the soup for 3 minutes then add red oil to brighten the soup color.

3. Adding Baking soda to fix soured Egwusi soup:

Soured soup have more acidic content, and that is the reason behind its offensive taste and smell!!

Therefore, baking soda being a good edible alkaline substances, antagonize acidic meals.

Baking soda reduces the acidic content and make it to be more alkaline in nature.

When it has boiled for 5 minutes add your mushroom that you cut into fine shaped and vegetables.

4. Putting Mushrooms to fix soured Egwusi soup:

Edible mushrooms are very important for protein source and antioxidant agent.

However, it’s having been notice to cover bad odor on stew, rice, yam portage and soup.

So after putting your mushrooms in a soured soup allow boiling a little then add fresh vegetables to it.

Add more of vegetables (like pumpkin leaf) and cover the pot.

5. Adding Dilute with water to fix soured Egwusi soup:

Simply add a cup of clean water and slice our fresh onion, more vegetables, fresh pepper.

Also add pounded ginger to make it more garnished and palatable.

6. Finally, add 2 to 3 spoons full of red oil again and magi and salt to taste.

Carefully stir to avoid burning from under, then cover and allow boiling for 5 minutes at least.

Your soured soup will be fully recovered, fresh and ready to enjoy.

This is the ultimate guide on how to fix any type of bad/soured soup.

How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal
How to fix soured rice meal

How to fix and restore a soured/spoiled rice of all types:

1. Bring out a clean pot add small grand not oil, bleach a bit then add enough onion, pepper and spices and fry.

2. Cut sweet potato to fine shapes and add with magi into it.

3. Carefully introduce the soured rice into it and stir.

Cut ginger and fresh onions again and spray on top of the rice and allow boiling for 5 minutes with the pot tightly covered.

And your fresh rice is ready to eat with all pleasure.

How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal
How to fix soured yam of all types

How to fix and restore soured/spoiled yam portage:

This singular guide is applicable to all kinds of yam meal, either white yam or portage etc.

1. First and foremost, is to wash the soured yam properly and slice if you want to fry it.

Add ground nut oil and eat it with egg sauce or stew.

2. make another fresh source like the one you did initially that got soured.

Make sure you add onions enough, fresh pepper and allow intensive boiling for 3 minutes.

3. Now add the washed yam into it and stir together.

4. Add three spoons of red oil and cover the pot to boil for 5 minutes, and you have your yam ready to eat.

How to fix soured stew of all kind

How to rectify spoiled Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal
How to fix soured stew


How to fix and restore spoiled or soured Stew:

This is a model of bringing back the fresh aroma of stew from a soured soup, and it’s application to all kinds of stew.

Here are step-by-step guide on how to fix and recover spoiled step

1. Pour at least one quarter of one bottle of ground nut oil in a pot.

2. Slice enough onions, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and small saint leave together with curry leave into it.

3. Add fresh and sachet tomatoes and fry together and also add spices of your choice to it.

4. Add Cameron pepper and fresh pepper and salt to taste.

5. Try and add the soured stew and stir together, add small onions again.

Allow it to fry together for 5 to 10 minutes. with the pot tightly covered.

6. Finally, your stew is ready to eat with anything helping the tatse alongside.

How to restore spoiled Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal
How to fix soured meals


This post has been working and may not work for a long soured soup, stew, rice and yam and any of its kind.

But for a newly soured stew, soup, yam and rice of all kind it’s an ideal and heavily recommended.

Thanks for reading and your time, kindly share to your friends and loved one’s to save someone’s appetite today.

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Videos on how to fix soured meal of all types – all you need to know

We have several videos for you on how to restore spoiled meat, spoiled stews, spoiled rice, yam beans salad and others.

Let us know through the comment section of the video to fix meal of your choice.

Here is video on how to fix Spoiled meal (soup, rice, yam and others)


How to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal, should be teached to all and sundry!!!

I hope this post on how to fix soured Egwusi soup, stew, yam and rice meal and it’s like is helpful?

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