How to use super lion banger spices (very detailed)

How to use super lion banger spices that can make you outstanding and be called a chef!!

Hello!!I n today’s article, we will teach you how to prepare a lovely Banger soup that can match to every occasion that it’s exposed to without any argument.

Banger soup is an amazing soup majorly eaten by the southern part of Nigeria in West Africa.

This soup have rising to be among their best indoor, outdoor, continental and cultural dish seen within their locality.

The soup is naturally prepared from a fresh Palm fruit that is ripe, cooked, pound and sieved to get this water as raw materials for preparing a well garnished soup.

Thus, the super lion spicy is a unique natural nourishing spices also known as cooking made easy that is an ideal and perfect for every good banger meal, (soup, stew, fried rice, yam portage and so on).

This super lion by Pauli catch South East INT’LTD.

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It’s always preserved by keeping in a cool, dry or warm place.

How to use super lion banger spices
How to use super lion banger spices

Step-by-step guide on how to prepare super lion banger soup spices

Direction to cook banger super lion spicy:

Step one preparation of Banga soup:

1. Kindly steam with salt and a little quantity of the P.S species added to your fish meat stock and so on, and cook until it soften a bit.

2. Then add 10gm of p.s to a liter of water when cooking Benga soup for a family of 3 to 6 persons.

3. Add pepper to taste if required and if you are not an ulcer patient, because banger soup is often pepprish and not good for people suffering in peptic ulcer.

4. Cover your soup pot and allow boiling for five minutes and gently stir to make sure it mixed very well.

Step two preparation of Banga soup:

Carefully mix the following to make it special

1. Always add a table spoonful of super lion (crayfish) to a pinch of (PSS and a pinch of super lion pure hot) pepper into your banger soup.

2. Add a little amount of water that will tenderly cook the meal.

3. Salt to taste and add 2 cubs of magi to improve the taste

4. Finally, your garnished soup is ready and best to serve when hot with pounded yam soup, or in eating plantain as well as any swallow of your choice.

Benefits of Banga soup and the major content of Banga soup

Here are the major content of super lion banger spices

1. Moister

2. Total ash

3. Sodium chloride (as chloride)

4. Esther extract

5. Crude protein (% NX6.25).

The preservative method of this soup is usually by natural means or method.

Conclusion on how to use super lion banger spices:

Thanks for taking your time to read through to this point, we hop you have learnt how to use super lion banger spices?

This is a high balance diet that is recommended to be taking in the body for maximum fitness outside the palatable aroma and sweetness that it brings,

it’s advisable that we include it in our weekly feeding timetable/calendar.

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