How to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits (detailed)

How to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits is a challenge unto pleasure, flavour and health…

Have you being hearing the name Nkwobi in eatery’s and wonder what it is all about and people that eats it, or have you being eating Nkwobi and don’t know its nutritious makeup because of your health status but got no results?

In this article we will bring to your exposure the overview of meat meal (Nkwobi), thereby telling you all you need to know about Nkwobi, take your time and careful go through to the end of this meat documentary.

Nkwobi is a unique white meat meal not classified as a red meat most times, and it’s specially called NKWOBI by the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

It’s usually gotten from farm animals (especially the head and limbs region because of its uniqueness).

Nkwobi is mostly seen and enjoyed by the south-eastern parts of Nigeria predominantly the Imo State indigenous people, the people of Enugu state and Anambra state at large.

Even if it can be rarely seen across African native restaurant that deals on meat meals.

This nutritious protein sources are normally eating in joints/branch restaurants and hotels during the evening hours of the day and mainly by the elites and noble once.

Ingredients for preparation of Nkwobi (meat meal)

The following are the core items you need to prepare a well garnished Nkwobi;

– Goat head or limbs (optional you can use your own favorite meat part for it),

– Akawu (edible potash),

– Fresh red oil,

– Onion (slice into fine attractive shapes),

– Salt,

– Fresh red and green pepper,

– Nutmeg (a pinch or teaspoon full),

– Utabazi (just like butter leaf also called Utazi),

–  Grounded crayfish,

– Palatable seasoning and

– Ehuru.

Direction how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits (meat meal)

Step one method how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits.

1. The goat meat, especially the limb region, should be cut to fine sizes and wash thoroughly with warm water and salt.

Rinsed with a clean water and add into your cooking pot.

Add stock season to bring out the aroma, add onion and two cubes of magi depending on the size.

Then add a pinch of salt and a little water and cook with less heat till the aroma starts pumping out, then add water to avoid burning from under and stir,

2. Add 2-3 tablespoon of powdered potash into a soup plate and gently stir to get a uniform mixture, then sieve to get the water in a clean bowl.

3. Slice your onions into 6 big size.

Open the outer shell of the Ehuru and grind to fine powders, and you grounded crayfish and keep outside in a separate plate.

4. Introduce the red oil into a clean bowl, add your potash mixture that you sieve inside the oil and stir gently as you pour to get a uniform mixture.

5. Continue stirring till you get a yellowish color from the red oil.

Step two method on how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits;

Then add your fresh grounded pepper, crayfish, Ehuru seed that you set aside and keep stirring until they are uniformly achieved.

6. Introduce your cow foot or goat meat into the oil sauce and stir all together very well.

Then return to your cooking gas and boil for 2-5 minutes till the Nkwobi gets hot and dripping then gentle stir to avoid it burning from the under.

7. Finally, to prepare alluring Nkwobi, slice your onions in ring format and make sure it did not break open at sight.

Also slice your Utabazi into fine long fragments then add to the pot of Nkwobi and gently stir.

8. And your fresh garnish Nkwobi meal/meat is ready to enjoy.

It is preferable to server in a small wooden mortar alongside with a chilled drink.

How to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits by now should be clearer to you.

True or false?

Health benefits and economic importance of Nkwobi and why should we eat Nkwobi as a meal from time to time.

Here are some advantages of eating meat (Nkwobi and others)

8 Advantages of Nkwobi

1. Nkwobi is a rich source of protein in human food or diet.

And people who constantly feed on it have a good body building structure, especially in the male folks.

2. It’s also a protein source for livestock feed. E.g. meat meal for rearing of foreign God.

3. Nkwobi helps in building of body hormones and the meat it uses in production of artificial hormones.

4. It is use in pharmaceutical industries for production.

5. It is used in the manufacturing of vaccines and drugs via its meat.

6. Nkwobi is highly rich in minerals and vitamin for strong body immunity

7. Nkwobi can be a very good source of income when treated as business.

8. Nkwobi takes away depression and anxiety, it makes one to be happy when taking it no matter the situation.

Common side effects of taking in NKWOBI (meat meals):

As good and sweet as it is to consume Nkwobi for pleasure and others set outside priority.

Too much of it can cause a problem and disrupt the body physiology, so it’s advisable to watch your heath while you eat and enjoy your self be it as it may.

8 Disadvantages of eating red meat (Nkwobi)

Here are the 10 top side effects of eating red meat (Nkwobi and others)

1. Heart Disease as a result on eating nkwobi or  red meat:

Heart Disease as a result on eating nkwobi or  red meat:
Heart Disease as a result on eating nkwobi

Too much consumption of meat, especially the red meat from cows (beef) have proven to be harmful to the body when ingested in excess as a lifestyle by the elderly one from age bracket of 40 years and above.

It’s advisable to eat little or no red meat when advanced in age for proper body homeostasis.

2. Partial Stroke and total paralysis as a result of Nkwobi and red meat:

stroke Partial Stroke and total paralysis due to red meat or Nkwobi paralysis_1
stroke Partial Stroke and total paralysis due to excess Nkwobi

Spontaneous consumption of red meat especially by adults that have no time for body exercises have shown to lead to several body complications.

This is because red meat uptake causes blockages in body blood vessels, there by making the victim prone to partial stroke.

And when genuine medical care is not taking immediately may lead to total paralysis or complete stroke.


3. Cancer of all kinds as a result of excess Nkwobi and red meat

Cancer of all kinds as a result of taking Nkwobi and red meat

People have wondered why breast cancer is rampant as sickness and why it is mostly women that is taking the lead in cancer analysis.

Many studies have shown that the female folks eats more meat than the male.

However, in the year 2015 the World Health Organization (W.H.O) proved with evidence that process meat as becon are in the same category with cancer risk factor just like cigarettes smoking and asbestos.

It’s advice to limit the rate by which we consumed meat meal, especially red meats.

4. Morbid Obesity as a result of excess Nkwobi and red meat:

obesity and complications due to Nkwobi and red meat
Body obesity and complications due to too much Nkwobi and red meat

Obesity and body morbidity have been seen to be linked with excessive protein consumption.

Protein produce greater volume of energy because when ingested in the body can take quite pretty time to digest unlike carbohydrates, fats/oils and others.

Learn how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits before eating yourself to stupor, thinking that you are enjoying…


5. High Cholesterol as a result of Nkwobi and red meat:

How to prepare Nkwobi and it's health benefits (detailed)
cholesterol due to excess Nkwobi

This is a sterol lipid synthesized mainly on liver and transported in the blood streams, to cell membranes of all kinds of animals.

It plays a core central role in many biochemical processes and, as a lipoprotein that coats the walls of blood vessels.

Which is highly associated with cardiovascular disease and other illness when accumulated in the body,

Red meat consumption contributes up to 60% of harmful body cholesterol, which can lead to blockage of arteries and blood vessels.

There by, giving rise to all kinds of heart malfunction and disease.


6. Diabetes as a result of excess Nkwobi and red meat consumption:

Diabetes as a result of excess Nkwobi and red meat consumption
Diabetes as a result of excess Nkwobi

It’s not surprising that daily excessive consumption of red meat or Nkwobi as well leads to type ll diabetes mellitus.

The Harvard school of public health also made a publication that small and moderate consumption of red meat is one of the key factors of type two diabetes.

Which is a deadly disease that can lead to other body complications that can be challenging and detrimental to health.

Such as partial blindness, delay in Injury healing, kidney malfunction and failure, heart dysfunction, strokes and others.


7. To much Nkwobi can cause Erectile Dysfunction:

To much Nkwobi can cause Erectile Dysfunction:
To much Nkwobi can cause Erectile dysfunction

A lot of publication have confirmed that excess meat consumption causes heart disease, blockage and damaged of blood vessels in age people.

Thereby, leading to decrease in blood from in all parts of the body including the reproductive organs (the clitoris and penis are usually stimulated when blood flows in their region thus increasing the urge to make love with our loved one).

This condition of blood vessels blockage can also lead to high blood pressure (hypertension) which maybe life-threatening when care is not taken to mitigate it adverse effects.


8. Excess consumption of Nkwobi can result to short life span:

Excess consumption of Nkwobi can result to short life span:

There is nothing lovely in eating so many red meat especially consistently for the elderly one’s.

Rather, it can be replaced with fish preferably.

This is because too much eating of meat attract several heart diseases like cardiac arrest or heart attach due to high level of harmful cholesterol content in it.

Meat can be wonderful for children and adults in their early 20s to 30s but not for the elderly in any way.

How to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits should be thought at all times and levels…

Medical use advantages and disadvantages of Nkwobi
Red meat🍖


Conclusion on how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits: 

Nkwobi is highly rated in body biding due to its high content of protein supply.

Outside the sweetness and joy that comes from it as well

Nkwobi is highly rated abroad as the best African meat meal by the developed countries.

It’s medically advised to add it in our meal calendar and eat it at least 2-5 times monthly depending on your economic status.

Hence it’s not red meat per say and you didn’t consumes it too much!!

Hope you where able to learn how to prepare Nkwobi and it’s health benefits

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