Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen

Hello, welcome to todays epistle on Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen the great author.

Pastor Mattheus Van der Steen authored this book Dare to dream and many other like minds.

He lives and was giving birth in Holland, he grew up being engrossed with Jesus Christ and ministry.

His journey as a correct belief was solid, and he believes in totally in the ministry of signs and wonders (miracles).

This noble Christian author ministry was centered on the power of Holy Spirit.

Youth dreams and mission, healing the sick and mind renewal…

Transformation and shares God’s acts of giving to poor, widows and orphans, prophetically and revival.

He believes in that with faith, the invisible for today will be made visible tomorrow through God.

Mattheus Van-der-Steen is happily married to his best friend Rebekah and God blessed their union with three children.

Being two handsome sons Zephaniah and Justice and a beautiful daughter Destiny, and they all dare to dream.


Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen
Dare to dream summary

Here is the summary of Dare to Dream book

This book also known as “if you can see the invisible today, God will make it visible tomorrow”

This is a life-changing book that bridge the gap of God’s transformation on Christians culture.

Which is happening to their belief and conscience of what tomorrow;

Who’s with the evidence of today’s spontaneous work with spiritual Christendom.

This is an amazing epistle on a religious life journey centered on spiritual strength from the Holy Spirit.

in terms of target, this is a book that the author Mattheus Van der Steen…

Give out the benefits of his life experience both theoretical and practical steps.

Which he took to achieve this purpose of God towards humanity.

Therefore, anyone that will unveil himself by taking the same steps and allowing the sovereign God to lead and equip him;

Will live a total free life of bondage that people normally get jittered off.

This book is an ideal book for anyone that tends to grow spiritually as a Christian and believer.

It is believed that no man made rules and regulations on religion.

But the utmost established rule is to consistently follow God’s leading and direction with workable backup from the scriptures.

We are deeply challenged with dare to dream Christian book to be God’s immediate feet, hands and eyes in this entire world.

All of us, house God in us, and we are expected to do more works than Jesus Christ did on earth.

This book also taught us to have the poor, widows and orphans at heart.

Which is exhibited to us as by our role model Jesus Christ as a medium to show off love and kindness to our neighbors and the less privileged.

By so doing, we grow spiritually towards helping mankind.

The privileged the dare to dream present us with

Goals and purpose on Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen

The spirituality of the book shapes one’s thinking and mentality towards achieve a set goal over a period of time.

It sharpens the eye of every believer to start getting serious with God leading.

How to hear from him and answer his calls of reaching out to the weak and telling them the good news which is the divine purpose of God to everyone and a wonderful goal to achieve.

Goalless men should be thought to set goals through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Dreamless men gets dreams and starts to plan in order to get the Abraham blessings as in the scriptures.

The ungodly man is being sensitized and purified to start seeking God and make firm changes.

Praying for the sick as you dare to dream / Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen

The way to the father and God’s love is for men to always pray and not to faint.

As the sick is being healed by the power that is in prayer.

We pray for us and intercede for other we should not try to manipulate God with the voice of man and the voice of God.

Investment in prayer is an investment that is passed out to generation.

Pray for the sick, you’re calling, identify and have time for your personal desert with God by making the decision and giving out what you need to just as the widow in Kosovo did.

Strength in the Holy spirit as you dare to dream:

The life that is centered on the Holy spirit is a life of power and purposeful life that is unstoppable to every kind of possibilities one can achieve in the physical and spiritual.

Thus, the Holy spirit helps to break off from addictions and sins, and suggest every possible ways to live a purified life to be at peace with God.

Conclusion on Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen :

Dare to Dream is a highly motivational book.

That is centered on everyone especially believers in Jesus Christ.

This book is full of spiritual strength, direction, energetic power to our soul, mind and body.

Salvation and helped in refocusing of one’s objective and mindset for you to take up a challenge to meet up with God’s physical and spiritual purpose for man-kind here on earth.

As well reshape our mundane normal life to a well purpose Christian life that is just focused on how to please God.

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Dare to dream summary by Mattheus Van der Steen is ideal for every one




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