Vertical leg crunches (all that you need to know)

Hello! Welcome to today’s exercise guide on Vertical Leg Crunches, which have been proven, to e an activity intended to improve human physiology seen physical, or sometimes, one’s mental status, his strength and fitness in general.


A video of a vertical leg crunches

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How it works, how many times to do it, Vertical Leg Crunch abs exercise’s proper form…

It’s Variations, and common mistakes people do while it’s been done?

Be at peace with yourself, and worry no more because in this comprehensive article;

We will review to you all that you need to know about this unique, physiological exercise in a step by step manner.

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vertical leg press machine and what you can do with it


Do you really know and understand what it means to perform a vertical leg crunches in a physiological way?

However, swimming is good example of exercise for burning of calories and for general well-being naturally, just as the crunch exercise, when comparing to the results that come from it.

Thus, as far as abs is concern and demanded, then the vertical leg crunches, takes the lead in burning of fat on the belly; projecting the individual to a better agile physical state at all cost.

Do you know that Some of us love to do my exercises every morning before breakfast and every evening before dinner?

Nevertheless, we normally undergo crosswords activities for our mental health, and it’s related well commendable exercise.

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vertical leg crunch machines for building arms exercise

Background of the Unique positional abs exercises

This particular exercise is also known as the >> Crunch up << which is targeted is to burn stomach fats;

That is, the Abdominal muscles in other to form what is generally known as six packs or abs

The level of occurrence is usually Intermediate and nothing more or less…


vertical leg crunches (all you need to know)

What is a vertical leg crunches exercise (all that you need to know)

The lovely vertical leg crunches are a great abs core exercise perform by both male and female, young and old;

In the quest of burning some reasonable amount of stomach fat in exchange for prominent abs muscle or six packs.

It is similar to the primary crunch up that we know, only that the two legs are a perfect angle perpendicular to the floor.

Thus, this basic position elevates the intensity of the exercise;

So it is an awesome next step after you must have mastered the elementary crunch.

It can help you reach your targeted objects and goal of flatter;

Prominent and more attractive abs and a strong core obviously seen protruded at your abdominal cavity.

Interesting to hear, isn’t it?

Let’s find out…

You can always use this particular exercise as part of your core body workout or a total body workout for a comprehensive fitness.

Note: Why carrying out this exercise, with your two leg upward and perpendicular to each other.

Care must be taken not to move the legs, as you continuously move the thoracic cavity (your chest region) towards your hanging leg position.

Having your two hands placed uniformly at the back of your head as you perform your exercise;

In other to get it right hundred percent effective!!!

Muscle that's affect during abs exercises (crunches)_1
Muscle that’s affect during abs exercises (crunches)

Muscles of the Abdominal Wall that are normally affected by the vertical leg crunch exercise

Below are groups of muscle that gets effected in one way or the other during this leg up exercise; they are described as anterior lateral abdominal muscles.

The muscles of the anterolateral abdominal wall can be classified into two main groups; known as : The Vertical muscles and the Flat muscles.


– Flat abdominal muscles

Here, three unique flat muscles, positioned laterally on either side of the abdomen.

They include, (External Oblique, Internal Oblique and the Transverses Abdominis muscle).

Functions of the Flat abdominal muscles

  • Their individual fibers run in divers directions and cross each other, and as well strengthening the entire wall.
  • When vertical leg crunch exercise in taking place and further decreasing the risk of abdominal contents herniating through the muscles of the anterior wall.

– Vertical abdominal muscles

There are two (2) basic vertical muscles of the abdomen located in the midline of the anterolateral abdominal wall.

This vertical muscles are; The Rectus abdominis and The Pyramidalis. This two unique vertical muscles, are situated near the mid-line of the human body.

Functions of the Vertical abdominal muscles

  • They basically act to tense the linea alba (The Pyramidalis) as well as aiding the flat muscles in compressing the viscera of the abdominal region, (The rectus abdominis).
  • It also assists in stabilizing the pelvis during walking, crunch up and depresses the ribs during minor exercise like working.


Benefits of vertical leg crunch exercise to the body

During his exercise, the rectus abdominis is the prime target of the basic vertical leg crunch unique exercises.

The vertical leg crunch activities, don’t only increases/elevates the rectus abdominis workout, it also a hundred percent effective for recruiting the entire lower back extensors, the transverse abdominal, and even the internal and the external obliques muscle.

However, when building your core muscles with crunch, it will increase your metabolism beyond normal physiology.

Which is key to burning fat and calories throughout the day, even when you are not exercising with your full-chest.

The vertical leg crunch exercise, helps improve your posture and balance by recruiting the entire abdominal muscles and it’s counterparts muscles along your spine.

Changing up your abs routine is the game of getting a full core workout that is effective, and there are options and variations to help you expand your abs (six packs) exercise, been the set of skills, abilities, experiences, etc., possessed by a person repertoire.

This should be a controlled and slow              descent exercise at your own pace.

Keep your two legs in the fixed starting position and slowly do at least three (3) sets of twelve to sixteen (12 to 16 reps) to get the full benefits.

yukon vertical leg press and arms building
yukon vertical leg press and arms building

Step-by-Step Instructions to consider during vertical leg crunch

The following are laid down instructions for you to work with, when carrying out your vertical leg crunches exercise.

  • Always lie on your back on a clean, smooth mat or another surface that will be comfortable for you to move your upper body cavity.
  • Make sure that you place your two hands, folded behind your neck, uniformly; without allowing them to swing from one end to the other.
  • Bring your two legs up, extending both of them perpendicular to the floor, with your knees slightly bent.
  •  Keep your entire lower spine flat on the floor without moving here and there.
  • Make sure that you contract your abs gently, in preparation for the lift of your upper region.
  •  Then start by slowly curling your upper body, lifting your shoulder blades off of the floor as you breathe in and exhales in that manner.
  • Don’t forget to exhale on the upward motion and keep your two legs straight and pointed upward as well; don’t let them sway or list to one side as you perform your exercise.
  • Continue curling your entire body upward using the core muscles.
  •  Do not attempt to lead the exercise, with the head by pulling on the neck, meanwhile, always keep your chin facing upwards.
  • Whenever your shoulder blades are off of the floor, slowly stop.

Try to hold the position a moment or two or there about, at your own convenient.

  • Then start lowering the upper body, by uncurling in a gentle manner.
  •  Quickly Inhale on the downward motion and do not allow your both legs to sway.

And don’t let them crash back to the floor as well.


titan vertical leg press and arms building
titan vertical leg press and arms building

Common Mistakes to avoid when performing vertical legs crunches

Always avoid these common errors, people normally do at the course of the workout, if you really want to get the most from this exercise and to avoid strain or injury as well.

They errors people do includes;

* Swaying of the Legs

Make sure that you use your core muscles, in other, to prevent leg movements.

You don’t want them to tilt to a particular side, or you could strain your back.

Thus, if you find your two legs are hard to control and at the same time unwieldy during the lift, you can cross your legs to help stabilize them, and proceed to get the best out of the workout.

* The Head and Neck Position

It is important for you to know and understand that your neck should always be in line with your torso.

Always avoid pulling on your neck or head to draw your shoulders off the ground.

Your two hands should strictly be resting gently, behind your head and at the same time keep your chin upward as you raise your entire upper body.

Do not tilt your head forward as that can introduce strain on your neck which may affect your workout output.

It also means that your abdominal muscles are doing less of the work as you try to do some of it with the back and upper body.

* The use of Momentum

The motion should come from a contraction of the abdominal muscles, not from swaying forward with your upper body.

The Modifications and Variations of the exercise

The vertical leg crunch is an exercise that can be done in several ways to make it more accessible as you build core strength or to work your muscles in diverse methods.

Using a soft surface or mat beneath the back is very crucial, and pushing your spine into a hard or rigid floor can be very stressful and uncomfortable.

Need an improvement while on crunch?

If you can’t come fully up when you begin the vertical leg crunch exercise, go as far as you can and come back to the starting position, up other to have maximum modification.

You’ll improve as you consistently engage in practicing this singular exercise. Just keep your two legs in a fixed starting position and slowly do at least three (3) sets of twelve to sixteen (12 to 16 reps).

And you are good to go!!!

 Are you in for a Challenge?

Instead of supporting your head with your two hands or one.

You can always extend your arms in the same direction of your toes during the crunch engagement.

For an effective and greater challenge on your end;

Place a weight on your thoracic cavity (your chest) or hold one behind your head as you carry on with the crunch.


Safety and Precautions to consider when carrying out a vertical leg crunch exercise

In a situation, where you have any neck or back problems, talk to your physical therapist.

Fitness coach or doctor about whether crunches are the appropriate exercise for you.

Not just the beauty of getting six packs as many of us wishes to.

If not carried out with proper form, the activity can stress the neck and at the same time compress the spine.

Always avoid crunches or any of it’s related counterparts after the first trimester of pregnancy.

As soon as the pregnancy starts to show heavily. For your baby safety and your own good as well.

Give yourself a challenge of getting six packs (abs muscle) in just fourteen (14) days of your consistent vertical leg crunches….

Why not try it out on your own and thank me later; what did you think?

What do you think?

Having six packs natural isn’t your priority?

If yes… Then try it out!!!

Incorporate this exercise and similar ones into one of these popular fitness workouts that you normally do to keep fit.

Ab exercises for athletes >> the 30-minute core workout >> the Intermediate abs workout.

As well as the Crossover crunch types of six packs (abs) exercise.


  • Need an online fitness coach or vertical leg crunch instructor?

One of our experience fitness coach, Mr Shaggy Vincent is an exercise physiologist, sports medicine writer.

As well as fitness coach consultant for rehabilitation clinics and corporate wellness.

Wrap up!!

In summary, while carrying out this exercise, the rectus abdominis is the main target of the basic crunch activities.

The vertical leg crunch don’t only increases the rectus abdominis workout alone.

It is also effective for recruiting the lower back extensors.

The external obliques and internal obliques muscles and even the transverse abdominal.

It’s ideal exercise for getting abs or six-pack and burning a large amount of fats from the belly.

All these will be within two weeks of consistent practice.


Conclusion on the Vertical leg crunch

Thanks for taking your time to read through to this point,

I hope You have understood what is a vertical leg crunch exercise?

Flat tummy vertical leg crunch, Vertical leg crunch abs exercise overview…

Also seen and watch videos on how to do vertical leg crunch exercise.

How it works, how many times to do it, Vertical Leg Crunch abs exercise’s proper form.

It’s variations, and common mistakes people do while it’s been done and more impactful information that’s new to you.

Basically, there are more advanced versions of a standard crunch exercise that is not just using your legs facing upwards…

Due to the fact that, the Vertical leg crunches being a great exercise, is solely targeting your abs and core!


Frequently asked questions on crunch exercise

What are the best ways to do Vertical Leg Crunches

  • Lie Flat with your stomach facing upwards
  • Fold your two hands and place them at the back of your neck or head.
  •  Raise your two legs so that they won’t be at conflict with your upper region or the entire body.
  •  Contract your core in other to prepare and start the exercise normally.
  • Curl your upper body to lift your head towards your leg
  •  Hold your position for 2 seconds at least
  •  Lower your upper body as you proceed with the exercise slowly
  •  Repeat the movement for up to 12 reps or more to feel the impact
  •  Do 3 steps at 15 repetition, to balance abs appropriately.
vertical leg press machines
vertical leg press machines

How much is a vertical leg crunches exercise machine cost?

There is no special or specific amount for the crunch machines.

However, if one is buying it from as well as;

It can be purchased as little as seventy thousand (N 70, 000) and up to as high as seven hundred.

And either-nine thousand (789, 000), depending on the model and brand you are going for.

The machine can be shipped to any country of the world within two (2) weeks to three (3) months maximum.

You can reach out to us through [email protected] to help you secure your favorite machine, for your daily fitness…

Worthy of Note!!!

To carry out a vertical leg crunch correctly, you ought to get into a sit-up position and raise your legs until they’re in a straight line.

Perpendicular to the floor with your head up, having your two hands cling at its back.

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