How to link NIN to MTN (the one that works)

How to link NIN to MTN !!!

Welcome to today’s guide on how to link NIN to MTN,

Are you among the noble Nigerian, they are eager to know how to link NIN to MTN? Are you among the noble one, inquisitive to know the answer that lies below?

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How to link MTN sim with NIN and any other MTN to NIN related questions you may think of have been summarized in just this single article.

Link your Sim to NIN in 5 seconds!!!

So before we jump in to the business of today, which is how to link NIN to MTN, as well as code to link NIN to MTN.

Carefully take your time and go through these 10 minutes read, in other to get the hidden information on it.

How to link NIN to MTN - 10 seconds

National Identification Number (NIN). Latest Updates

After the Nigerian Communication Commission [NCC] have issued an ultimatum  to all network providers and their users.

Stating that all Nigerians should link their National Identity Number [NIN] to their respective network SIM cards.

As well as being at liberty to embrace the termination of telecommunication network service from each individual network providers as soon as possible.

To enjoy effective telecommunication across the globe run and register your NIN and link all your mobile SIM cards.

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What can I do to stop my MTN line from being blocked.

If you belong to the noble 80 percent upright Nigerian who do not want your SIM to get blocked, kindly go and link your MTN line to your NIN and be on a safe side.

However, here is the ultimate guide that will put you through on how to link your NIN to your MTN number.


NIN Verification

This is of a great importance to adhere and follow the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) laid down directives to telecom network providers in Nigeria to block every giving SIM cards that are not dully connected with NIN on their data Base.


Why must I link our NIN to MTN

In line with the NCC decree.

The giant network providers operating in Nigeria in the name of MTN network providers and others (GLO, Airtel & 9mobile or Etisalat) made it known their customers, they are in agreement with that and therefore issue several steps for their subscribers to link their National Identity Number [NIN] to their mobile SIM card to avoid termination of free access to call, browsing and SMS.

To avoid disconnection of one’s network or total blockage of sim, MTN network providers on their official Twitter handle reviewed a USSD code of (*785#) and URL method on how their network users can effortlessly link their MTN numbers to their NIN as commanded by the NCC body.


how to link NIN to MTN in 5 seconds

Which network was the first to start NIN registration in Nigeria

The MTN network providers were rumored to be the first among others to set the pace of NIN registration on a tweet they made on their social media page especially their Twitter handle, indicating that “NIN registration can kick off now on laptop or mobile phone as well as other data permitted devices”.


How to check NIN status or how to check NIN number using my phone

please if you are yet to go and enrol for the national ID card scheme (NIN) make out time to consider it done it’s very necessary or perhaps, you have unconsciously misplaced the NIN print out issued to you by the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission), there is an alternative method of getting your 11-digit NIN, at just N20 cost.

To check your NIN status, kindly dial the following code to get it done, dial *346# on the number you used in registering your line on the day of your NIN enrollment.


How to link NIN to MTN

Code to link NIN to MTN !!!

To link your NIN to an MTN number, simply dial this code *785# on your mobile phone number you wish to link, type in the NIN number and submit or dial the following number codes (*785* Your NIN number and enter #) from your MTN phone number you intend to link.

The MTN number will be automatically linked to your national identification number (NIN) there and then. This is just the easiest step on how to link your MTN SIM to NIN within 2 minutes and effortlessly.

Other ways to link NIN to MTN

There are up to five (5) the best easy step by step methods to link your NIN to MTN network SIM cards, it’s not just by Ussd code method that one can link MTN to NIN that’s very common and usable, below are other proven ways you can link NIN to MTN.


Top 5 best ways To Link NIN To Your MTN SIM card In Less Than 60 Seconds or one minute.

– NIN linking to MTN through the MTN portal online.

– The NIN linking to MTN through Ussd codes.

– NIN linking to MTN through text messages (SMS).

– The NIN linking to MTN through the MY MTN application.

– NIN linking to MTN through customer care service call.


How to link NIN to MTN through the MTN portal online.

Here is the all the items you will be needing to carry out a successful online NIN linking to MTN network and as well step-by-step approach of if carrying out the linking process.


Requirements to link NIN to MTN number on MTN portal

For you to have a successful online NIN linking to MTN, You need the following

your First Name,

Last Name,

Middle Name,

A Phone Number,

National Identity Number,

And an active Email address.

These are simply what is needed in others to use the MTN online portal to link your phone number to your NIN online.

Linking MTN to NIN online step by steps guide.

Step 1: kindly visit the MTN official registration site either,

On Step 2: On their page, kindly fill in all the requirements listed above at the available boxes

Step 3: Ensure to click on submit button when you are done filling

On Step 4: Take note of the one time pin (OTP) that will be sent to your MTN number

Step 5: Copy it and enter the OTP in the place provided for it and click confirm button.

Finally on Step 6: Wait gentle until you receive an SMS indicating that you have successfully registered or submitted your NIN online in other to link your MTN number with it


How to ink NIN to MTN through Ussd codes.

Code to link NIN to MTN !!!

To use Ussd Code to link NIN to MTN number, simply dial this *785# on your MTN line that you wish to link, type in the NIN and submit.

Alternatively, simply dial the following number codes (*785* NIN and #) on your MTN phone number that you wish to link.

The MTN line will be automatically linked to the national identification number (NIN) there and then. This is just t he easiest step on how to link your MTN SIM to NIN within 2 minutes and effortlessly.


How to link NIN to MTN through SMS (text messages)

Yes., …. You can s well link your NIN through text messages or via SMS by kindly sending this as an SMS (NIN + the 11 digit NIN to 785 Number) example: type in this manner (NIN-12845678549 and send to 785 number) as an SMS.


After the NIN has been successfully submitted, the NIMC will start the process of verification without any form of delay.

Should In case your NIN got verified, the NIMC corporate body will link your NIN to your MTN SIM card registration, and you might not necessarily need to carry out NIN linking via SMS any further.

If it is a difficult challenge for you to verify the NIN you have submitted, then you may need to pay a visit to any NIMC approved enrollment Center to get it done by yourself.

MTN shall provide any further detailed information on the status of your National Identification Number Verification immediately they received directive from the NIMC body.

And this is how you can link your NIN to MTN network through text messages.


How to link NIN to MTN through app (my MTN app).

You can always submit your National identification number (NIN) to MTN network providers through the “My MTN application” for registration. Yes…it’s doable.

Go to google play store or Apple Store depending on your phone type to download the “My MTN app” if you don’t have It already installed on your device.

Open the app after registration and link your NIN through there.

Now, send the following as text message ‘MY MTN’ to 5018 that’s all.


How to link NIN to MTN through customer care service

As funny as it looks and sounds, you can link your NIN to MTN network number through customer care service by dialing 180 or 181 on your MTN SIM and carefully following the directives of MTN customer official that’s n duty.

MTN NIN deadline on NIN registration for MTN

On the 31 of March 2022, the deadline for all Nigerian network lovers and users to link their NIN to their mobile SIM cards comes to an end.

After about grace of eight (8) postponements consecutively. Thus, on 5 April 2022 being identified as Tuesday, all the members of a group called “Association of Licensed Telecommunication Operators in Nigeria” made an undertaken in accordance with a vow, solemnly promised to abide by the directives of the Federal Government to barn all the outgoing calls of any network user who were yet to link their National Identification Numbers with their SIM cards or who proudly fails to completely obey the federal government order.


How to check NIN or how to retrieve NIN number

Good news!!!!

NIN can be retrieved when ever you lost the copy issued to you, but can not be registered twice by one single individual.

As far as you still have the network number that you use in registering your NIN from the onset, your NIN retrieval is inevitable.


Steps to retrieve your lost NIN

There are basically two main steps in carrying out this operation, as you can see below;

Step 1. Kindly dial the following codes *346# from the phone number that is associated with your bank verification number (BVN).

National identification number (NIN), driver’s license, voter’s card or any other nationally recognized and acceptable means of identification ID.

Step 2. Enter option 1 to get your NIN review to you.

Note: It is highly advisable to screenshot the NIN reviewed to you before it disappears.

So that you will not have to go on dialing the NIN retrieval code the second time…

This is because, they won’t send it as an SMS but as a flash on your mobile phone screen.

You are also advised to be aware that the telecommunication providers in Nigeria charges N20 fees every time you dial *346# to check or retrieve our NIN.


Why do the NIMC and MTN charge me for checking my NIN number ?

To every one that forget his or her NIN and wishes to retrieve it will be charge the sum of N20 because of the Nigeria Minister responsible for Communications and Digital Economy, in the person of Isa Ibrahim Pantami.

The gallant Minister made it known to the entire Nation that he instructed the Nigerian Communications Commission [NCC] body and as well the National Identity Management Commission [NIMC] to always remove the sum of N20 as USSD charges imposed on network users for the National Identification Number [NIN] retrieval requests at all times.



That is all for Linking NIN to MTN!! And you have just linked your MTN line to your NIN if you followed us on any of the methods.


How many numbers are expected to link to an NIN?

Someone asked the following questions below, saying.

Can I link more than one MTN number with my NIN, I have up to six (6) different networks?

Yes, you can link more than one sim card using a single National identification number (NIN) issues to you.

In fact, you can even link more than five (5) different network sim card with just one single NIN number that you have.

In a situation that you own multiple different SIM cards, don’t be afraid to go ahead and use your NIN to register all of them.

You can reach out to us if you still find it difficult to carry out.



Top ten (10) Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on NIN to MTN registeration and linking

Some of this seasonal NIN to MTN registration and linking asked questions by most network subscribers might interest you.


 1. I have an NIN number, what next should I do?

That’s lovely to see that you have one, kindly provide MTN network providers with your NIN number, for your validation with NIMC database.

These can be done easily in one of these 4 ways listed below:

  • A. By dialing the general NIN to MTN code (*785*- NIN-#) and following the prompts on your phone screen.
  • B. You can as well submit your NIN to MTN through the (My MTN application) To download the app, carefully send ‘MY MTN’ to 5018 to get it done.
  • C. You can also visit online to get it done.
  • D. Lastly, send (NIN &11 NIN digit to 785) as an SMS, and it will be linked automatically. Example; type in the following on your message app (NIN-12436587882 as a text message to 785).

That’s all you need to do once you have NIN ready.


 2. I can see my NIN on my phone always after I dial *346# code, will my line still be blocked by MTN providers?

No, your line won’t be blocked, as far s you can see your NIN when you dial *346# on the same line that you use.

But your mobile number will be blocked only if you don’t link your retrieved NIN with the registered MTN mobile line that you used.

Once you can recognize that your NIN when you *346#, then simply dial *785*NIN 11 digit# on any mobile network line that you wish to link.

You can as well go and download the My MTN App and follow the NIN banner to submit your NIN information in the app to get your phone numbers inked.


3. Please, I have more than one phone number that I’m using, how do I link all of them at once?

Yes!!!! You really need to link your NIN to each of your mobile SIM card. And you can do this by dialing *785* the 11 digit NIN# or visit to get them registered or linked.


4. How do I link my mobile data subscription SIM card with my NIN? Do I need to remove my SIM card and insert it in another phone before dialing *785# NIN to MTN linking code?

Of course, you have to kindly remove that SIM card that you want to link from your device and put it into a phone and dial *785# NIN to MTN linking code to submit your NIN information to get it done successfully.


5. Can I enroll or link NIN for my spouse and loved once using my own? Is it allowed to register NIN for another person?

No it wrong to register NIN for another person or even use your own NIN to link for another person, you can’t do such or can you?

Everyone is expected and advised to enroll for their own individual NIN separately.

That is why it’s called personal Identity number issue by government individually.


6. Will bank block my account if my phone umber is not linked to my NIN?

However, it’s only the mobile SIM, phone lines that are not properly or entirely linked with the National Identity Number [NIN] that will be blocked by the network providers.


 7. How can my siblings and relatives abroad get their NIN registration done and linked?

Please for Nigerian citizen that are in abroad that is still GLO network, MTN network, Airtel network, and 9mobile or Etisalat network subscribers are expected to online and click on ( for necessary requirements for diaspora enrollment centers to get it done.


8. Please I’m a foreigner who works with Nigeria firm here in Nigeria and I don’t have a resident permit yet, how do I get my NIN in other to make calls and other things?

Don’t be in tension! Foreigners that have legal residents in Nigeria are highly advised to go and obtain NIN and make proper use of it when needed.


9. I am a foreigner and I have MTN SIM and work permit but do not have NIN. What should I do to secure my MTN SIM card?

It’s worthy to note that all foreign national citizens who are legal residents here in Nigeria can always enroll for their NIN at any nearest MTN enrollment center near them or via

Alternatively, foreign nationals can get their NIN linked to MTN on any of the NIMC enrollment center here in Nigeria as well as at


10. Can I have two different National Identification Number (NIN) at the same time?

Not at all, you can’t have two different NIN at the same time in Nigeria, it’s a big criminal offense and punishable by law.



We first of all apps you for your time to read through, and we want to believe that your search intentions were fulfilled with the content of this post.

Basically, we still want to let you know that to use Ussd Code to link NIN to MTN number, simply dial this *785# on your MTN line that you wish to link, type in the NIN and submit.

Alternatively, simply dial the following number codes (*785* NIN and #) on your MTN phone number that you wish to link. And this remains the best and easiest method of linking NIN to MTN SIM cards.


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