How To Check MTN Data Balance (all you need to know)

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How to check data balance on laptop, how to check my data balance code, how to check my data balance from another phone,

Either, how to check mtn bundle balance on iPhones and android phones etc.?

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How to check mtn data/subscription balance (*559#) could this be the only way? Let’s find out!!!

You may be either new to the MTN mobile network and wishes to know and understand how to check MTN data always in your phone or any device.

Don’t panic again because this special content is for you.

We have gone out of our ways to research all you need to know on how to check mtn subscription/data as well as different ways you can check your MTN data balance.

On this guide is everything you need to know for checking MTN data balance employing different ways or methods.

Whatever plan or package your subscription is on my (either MTN true talk, MTN pulse, MTN beta talk etc.).

You can comfortably check how much data you have on your MTN network SIM at ease, any time, anywhere on any device.


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Overview of MTN data packages

However, before we dive into detail on how to check your MTN data balance, you should be aware that MTN data bundles comes in different packages.

This is highly depending on your pocket network budget or needs.

You can always subscribe to the data package that you are comfortable to renew when ever it finishes in others to stay active on the internet.

But in a situation If you have enough money to spare for your subscription.

Or if you are as a business merchant who uses data much on a daily basis to transact to clients and customer.

You are kindly advised to go for the monthly MTN data subscription packages.

Alternatively, if you are of the type who browses the internet just for fun.

To check some few things online or to chat on social media with friends and loved ones, this mtn monthly package is also for you too.


How to check mtn data or credit balance

Whatever your need to inform of data, MTN has made available interesting data packages for you.

Read our previous post on the MTN data plans and subscription codes to come to a conclusion which of the MTN Data plan to go for.


Having choosing the data plan that suits you…..

Now that it’s obvious to you, to understand what it takes to enjoy MTN data packages, let’s now get into the Chronicles of this article; which is how to know MTN data balance.


If you wish to know how much data that is left on your MTN data subscription.

You can always make use any of this method listed below:

  • Check MTN data balance using USSD code method.
  • Also, Check data balance on MTN via MTN app
  •  Check MTN data balance using SMS method.
  • To Check MTN data bonus balance.
  • Check data balance on MTN mifi method.
  • Also Check MTN SME data balance

Now let’s take a detailed look at each one of them.

how to check mtn bonus balance (MTN Bonus balance)

1. How to Check MTN Data Balance via (using) USSD Codes

You can always check for MTN data bundle balances by sending a command through your mobile network SIM cards.

The most interesting thing to note is that this method is doable on any mobile phones.

It doesn’t have to be an iPhone, black berry or android phone, and as well do not need internet connection to carry it.

To check your MTN data balance using USSD, simply dial any of the following Ussd codes: *131*4# or

*559# or

*559*78# or

*559*6# finally.

Just choose anyone and dial.

It has been proven that the USSD code method of checking MTN data balance is the best since it doesn’t require internet connection unlike other methods of checking MTN data balance.


2. How to my MTN Data Balance using text messages (SMS)

This is very simple, just like the Ussd method type.

Although, this is done by sending a text message on your phone, and you will get a reply immediately from MTN customer care service containing your main data balance.

Para adventure you wish to check MTN data sub via SMS, here is how to do it.

Simply Text number “2” to 131 that’s all you need to do. And it’s free of charge!!!

As sweet s honey, using his method isn’t it…checking MTN sub balance through SMS is Sade to be the second-easiest method.


3. How to know MTN Data Balance on MTN Mifi

Yes, it’s not new.

You can always check to see your data balance on MTN Mifi data balance by carefully dialing the following USSD code *131*4#, on your MTN mifi registration SIM card.

It’s that’s simple you know….


4. How to know my MTN data Bonus balance

MTN network providers from time to time usually provide their subscribers with different data packages.

Together with the bonuses that come with the airtime recharge of that singular chosen package.

Thus, if you are an MTN subscriber on the MTN Yafun -Yafun and MTN Awef4U package.

You will always be given data bonus upon every recharge on your phone network SIM card any time any day.

To check your MTN data bonus balance on these mention plan/package, simply dial any of the USSD code below;

1. *559*14# or

2. *559*43# or

3. *559*63#

5. How to Check MTN Small and medium enterprise (SME) Data Balance

The MTN Small and medium enterprise (SME) data is an offer from MTN network providers to MTN customer of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Who are beneficiaries of MTN SME data package in other to help them in running of their small businesses’ enterprise.

Here are some laid down method on how you can check your MTN SME data balance on your device:


To check for your MTN SME Data balance, simply dial *461# code and follow the prompts that come after you dial the code.

Alternative method to check your MTN SME data balance include the following

Send this as an SMS (“DATA BALANCE” to 131)

also send this as an SMS. (SHARE BALANCE to 131)

6. How to Check Data bundle Balance using the MTN mobile App

To check your MTN data balance on the MTN App is as simple as anything you can imagine.

First, you need to download the app if you don’t have it installed on your device.

To install the app quickly go to Google play store (for Android users) or Apple Store (iPhone users or Apple product lovers).

As well as to download the “My MTN” mobile network App.

Install it and get into the app by registering with your phone number.

The application is mobile friendly.

All you need to check your subscription balance on MTN app is just to register and login to the app.

Then, you will see the balance displayed at the top of the phone screen.

Yes, that’s all, it’s as simple as anything you can think of.

MTN 15GB and 45GB codes

Summary on how to check mtn bundle balance:

MTN general code for checking mtn mobile data bundle balance still remain (*559#) OR text (403 to 131).

Furthermore, you can as well check your MTN data balance through the help of electronic media (e-mail message) or through a direct call to MTN network operator who will take it as mandate to easily solve your pressing problem of any kind.

Frequently asked questions about MTN data balance;

1. How to Get Free Airtime and Data Bundle from MTN in 2022/2023?

– Simply dial this codes *550# on your mobile network device sim card.

– Select my MTN Rewards, which is option number ‘7″.

– Now choose option (99 – “More”).

– make sure you redeem your Points by selecting the second option, “Redeem Points”

– And on your next pop up that will be displayed, you will have the option to select between Free data or Free airtime credit.

– choose free data to enjoy…

That all as simple as it is.


2. How do I check my MTN Ghana data balance through SMS method?

– To check for Ghana MTN Mobile Internet data (Packages, bundles and so on), simply dial *138#

– Also, to check for Ghana MTN Internet Bundle Balance or Check your Ghana MTN Data Balance, simply dial *138*1#, and choose option (8) “Check my balance”.

– To check for MTN Ghana bundle information, simply dial *126# to get it done.

– Checking for unlimited Internet Bundle, simply daily *138*1*4# code for unlimited browsing.

3. How do I check my data MB balance on MTN?

Here are the best method to use in checking of MTN data MB bundle balance just with a simple USSD code.

You can always check MTN data that is remaining use these two methods.

– To check my MTN data MB with USSD Code Method 1:

Simply, dial (*559*4# or *559#), codes to check your Data MB balance easily.

– To check your MTN data MB with USSD Code Method 2:

Simply dial (*131* 4#), to check data MB balance.

Airtel to money conversion

4. How do I convert my MTN airtime to money?

In other to convert your excessive airtime to cash.

You just have to do the following, simply log on to this website that is good in Airtel to cash conversion at

Then scroll a little downward to where you have quick cash option.

Click on the quick cash option to change your Airtel to cash, and immediately you click on it.

You will be required to select the airtime transfer mode you wish to use for your Airtel to money conversion.

Note: For MTN users, it’s advised to choose deposit via airtime transfer mode.

Once you have done that, follow the prompt to get your airtime converted to cash.

5. How can I get 2 GB data for just N200 on MTN?

How To subscribe the MTN 2 GB For N200 plan.

You are expected to recharge your mtn mobile sim card first with a minimum of 200 Naira worth of airtime for this 2 GB activation code to be successful for you.

To activate MTN 2gb for N200, dial this code (*406*3*2#) to activate.


6. How do I check MTN Ghana 4G status on my phone?

Here is a giving tip on how to check your MTN Ghana 4G status

To check, simply dial *585# code

– choose option number 2 to check the 4G LTE status of your phone or any device.

– If your phone is not compatible with 4G, then kindly dial *512# to get it done.

– type in the 12 digit serial number on your 4G mobile network sim card.

– You will get a 4G sim swap once done correctly.

– Then you will have to turn your device off for some seconds and then turn it on again to get it working.

– That’s all that’s required, start enjoying your 4G LTE

It’s that simple you know!!!!

MTN 15GB and 45GB codes

 Conclusion on MTN data checking:

Getting to know these general codes for checking MTN data balance of any kind (*559*14# or *559*43# or *559*63#, *131*4# or *559# or *559*78# or *559*6#).

As well as to send SMS to check data balance either (text; DATA BALANCE to 131 or Text; SHAREBALANCE to 131) first and foremost is a big win to you.

And I want to commend you on your time to go through this article even down to this point.

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You have gained my trust and deserve a thumbs up!!!

Having said that, staying connected at all times online has never been a normal tradition to all or become too crucial that it now becomes ado or die affair whether to get useful information online, chat, to run our businesses, watch videos online or download anything at all online.

And as a noble MTN user, you desire to be monitoring how you use your data bundles n daily basis, in other to manage it well and keep track of good data usage in other to achieve your goal.

Then this post on how to check MTN data balance comes in as a major priority, and we want to believe that at this point in time you can comfortably and conveniently check your MTN data balance on any MTN data packages.





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