how to make money online in Nigeria as a student

How to make money online in nigeria as a student…

Hello!! Have you been looking for how to make money online in Nigeria as a student?

The best app to install on your phone, or they apps that can make you to earn a living outside the fun that they bring to you as Nigerian student?

Worry not, you are in the right direction.

These articles is for you!!!

The apps to install in your phone that is of good benefits and can make you earn a living with them as a Nigerian student will be made known to you.

In this article we will be reviewing to you some important apps that you can use to make a living on your phone at the comfort of your home and will also be teaching you how important they are and how to get started with these apps.

Make sure that you carefully read through and go ahead to find more details about the app, because this article is just listing their names.


Nowadays, how to make money online in Nigeria as a student has become a great challenge.

However, millions of young men and women are earning heavily online and offline while pressing their mobile phones and using some lucrative apps.

Even as a Nigerian or African student to live live according to their terms.

how to make money online in nigeria as a student

Here are the list of money making apps that you can use in making small returns in Nigeria as a student.

In other to earn daily and monthly living on your phone at the comfort of your home or office.

Note: This is just listing of the app to let you know about it, any one you find interesting you can then research more on it for more details or tell us the one you love most and we can help you with the application full details.

The apps on how you can make money online as a Nigerian student include the following;

1. Achievements app.

 2. App money.

3. App Nana.

4. App trailers.

 5. Big money app.

6. Check points app.

7. Candy cast click app.

8. Daily gifts app.

9. Diet bets app.

10. Earny app.

11. Feature Points app.

12. Grab points app.

13. Healthy wage app.

14. Honey app.

15. Honey gain app.

16. Ibotta app.

17. Icon Zoomer app.

18. Insta money app.

19. Loot app.

20. Luckstastic app.

21. Lympo app.

22. Make real money app.

23. Microsoft rewards app.

24. Mind swarms app.

25. Mind filed app.

26. Mist play app.

27. Native app.

28. NCP mobile app.

29. On my way app.

30. Pei app.

31. Perk app.

32. Points prizes app.

33. Rakuten app.

34. Rewaplus app.

35. Slide joy app.

36. Smart panel app.

37. Step Bet app.

38. mobile app.

39. Survey Mini app.

40. Sweat coin app.

41. Tap cash app.

42. Trender app.

43. YouTube app.

Pick any of this app and explore, most of these apps are available on Android mobile device and iOS devices, black berry device.

Just take out some time to look into them and as research more about them to get familiar with the user interface and be able to work through them after registration.

This apps are not a get rich quick scheme but commitment app, where you work and get paid in exchange of your value.

how to make money online in Nigeria as a student

Here are details on some app you can use to make money online as a Nigerian student at your own comfort.

Achievement app:-

This is one of the best apps for working you know it’s just an app where they execute fitness, It’s basically a fitness app.

How to get started is to download and sign up an account with them and the app will monitor your daily working.

And you are going to work out while they monitor the stuff that you take and also the steps that you’ve taken.

Normally, the steps that you take will be translated into points and those points into dollars, so every 10,000 points is equivalent to about 10 to $20 depending on when you are ready to cash out the money directly into your PayPal accounts, so it is advisable to open a PayPal account before joining for easy transaction, or you can earn directly to your bank accounts that is one of good thing with this app, but if you are informing country the people idea is much better for you.

YouTube app:-

basically this app allows you to create and upload your videos that is yours and not one created and uploaded by another individual in his or her channel already.

A certain number of viewers and subscriber are expected of you to reach and which you will monetize the channel and start receiving payment from them.

How to get started is to go to play store or Apple Store and download the app and get registers by signing in with your Gmail mail the channel will be automatically created for you then you can rename your channel or customize it to the niche of your choice and start uploading your videos.

Respondent app:-

This is a technology model app that pays you for responding to surveys and services.

You will do a lot of service, you know in one day you can earn more than $100 and like that depending on how committed you are.

Respondent app is like that achievement app, they pay to your paper account directly

How to get started is to download the app and create an account with them, and you are good to go.

Mind swarms app:-

The is available on the Apple Store for iPhone users as well as on play store for Android users.

Which will be great, you are to study and record answers to survey question.

In other for them to know that you are doing the work you can take as much as 30 minutes or more.

Even less and for each study you get paid $50 which is also directly into your PayPal account.

You will have to download the app, register.

Check points app:-

In this app you are expected to collect points, they don’t pay you in cash in this app.

However, the good thing here is that there are set whereby you can convert your point into cash.

And also gift cards and get through your local bank account as simple as it is.


Basically this is not actually an app.

This is a model whereby you try to collaborate with friends and relative living outside your country.

Where any of the current app you are using in your phone is not to recognize.

The users from that country is not permitted to use the app.

You can collaborate with them and use their details to register.

Log in and do the necessary job in the app properly…

However, you people split the fund together according to what you people agreed on and the sharing formula as well.

Conclusion how to make money online in Nigeria as a student:

This is just a highlight about apps that you can use to earn a living as a Nigerian student online.

It’s adviced that you can take your time to research more on each an every one of them to be on safe side.

Start earning your dollar at the comfort of your home.

Make sure you got in-depth knowledge about anyone you want to venture into before going into it.

Practice a start making your little returns be it as it may look.


your comment is highly needed and will be appropriated by us if you choose any one you need more explanation on.

Please endeavor to drop your comments for us at the comment section below to know how to reach out to you better.

Thanks and God bless you….

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