How to buy Apple shares (all that you need to know)

Hello guys, have you been looking for how to buy apple share and make money!

How to buy Microsoft share in other to speed up your personal source of income?

Have you been searching on an alternative means to increase your source of income.

Are you still perplexed on the kind of business to go into?

How to buy Apple shares should be your priority in other to make end meet…

Nevertheless, search no more pertaining to apple share and Microsoft share.

Because in this article we will reveal to you a perfect and best business you can invest into.

Such as buying and reselling of apple shares as well as buying and reselling of Microsoft shares.

For business purposes and as a passive source of income for one?

Carefully take your time and go through this lucrative business eye-opener.

How to buy apple share and Microsoft share from
Image of how to buy Apple shares and Microsoft from

Here are step-by-step guide on how to buy apple share or Microsoft share with

First and foremost, kindly go to this website called “” and create an account with them.

Do that by carefully answering any questions you are being asked and submit the correct needed answers to them.

It is so easy to do, just like creating a Gmail account with your phone or laptop. is a platform that’s giving you access to buy shares such as apple shares, Microsoft shares and so on.

Once you have succeeded in creating the account, select an option to fund your accounts.

They take your money from Naira and change it for you into dollars at the dollar rates.

How to fund your account before buying share

You can fund your account from ATM Card model, PayPal account, direct bank account transfer.

Through ussd code method and so on about 6 options is made available as well.

So carefully choose the one that you are good at transacting with and fund your account.

Once you have successfully funded your account, kindly decide the type of shares that you want to buy.

And you can afford in such a way you accumulate them in bulk.

This is because the bigger the amount of shares you have in a company the better.

Also the bigger the return when you sell your shares (you can click on buy the shares now or later).

At your own convenient time to get started.

Basically buy when it’s low/high ratio and vice versa.

You can also decide to sell when the shares at anytime especially when they are high and make your money.

Finally, keep doing this, and you will make a big living from it.

Also know that this is not a get rich quick scheme but can as well make you rich beyond your imagination.

However, you are to treat it as a full business in other to see the maximum results…

Conclusion on how to buy Apple shares:

We are teaching you how to fish and not giving you just fish.

Just as most people do by unavailing to you how to buy apple share and how to buy Microsoft share as a business model.

You can use the same approach to buy other company share that are okay to you.

Note. This is to get you stated on how to buy apple company share and Microsoft share.

Other companies share step-by-step guide may vary and this is not the only way of buying Microsoft share and apple share.

But this is with respect to

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How to buy Apple shares in ten seconds | 100 % working tricks is ideal…

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