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Kuda customer care number!!!

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What is the kuda bank ussd code, what’s kuda bank login?

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How to open a Kuda bank account and many more Kuda related questions that’s flying inside your mind!!!

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Their call number, WhatsApp and email, as well as Kuda website to keep you updated with recent happenings in kuda microfinance banks.

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What do you really understand by the words kuda microfinance banks, it’s origin and overview?

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Kuda customer care number
Kuda customer care number


What is the full meaning of Kuda

The full meaning of Kuda or the real definition of Kuda is >> Kuwait Data Archive that simply the definition of Kuda acronyms

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Is it possible to receive dollars on my Kuda bank?

You can now seamlessly receive all kinds of dollar, Euro’s and pounds from Nigeria using your Kuda app.

Hence, you will get your own USD >> Virtual United States Bank Account basically, Euros (EUR) Bank Account and Pounds (GBP) Bank Account respectively.

Overview of Kuda microfinance bank (all you need to know about Kuda)

Just as many people usually ask us, what is the other name for Kuda bank?

The trending Kuda bank, as we all know today, was established in the year 2016 two great individuals known as Babs Ogundeyi and Mustapha Musty.

It began from the onset as Kudi money or as >> The bank of the free << being an online savings and lending platform only.

The online bank itself has undergone some minor funding rounds to transform into what is now called Nigeria’s first digital-only bank with no specific physical location.

Isn’t that interesting and mind-blowing…?

Of course, it is!!!

The superb idea of Kuda microfinance bank, began many years ago when a small team of tech oriented people determined to transform the entire Nigeria banking system.

This unique team launched the first standard, efficient savings app for Nigerians.

That singular savings app, as at then, is what gave birth to the online Kuda banking system that we enjoy today with a strong kuda customer care number that’s responsive.

As of today, what kicked off as a common savings account app for Nigerians has grown into a full microfinance bank and Central bank-licensed financial institutions, to assist Nigerians get the best out of their money without overcharging them like our local banks.

What is the kuda bank ussd code (all you need to know)

Does Kuda bank have USSD code like other banks as possible normally ask?

No! Kuda does not have any identify ussd code for now…

Thus, even though Kuda bank does not have a USSD code, as people normally seen.

In order to assist its online and offline banking-affiliated activities to be running smoothly.

The Kuda bank partners with other leading financial institutions in Nigeria such as Zenith Bank, First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Wema Bank, UBA bank, ECO bank, Access diamond bank etc., to make sure that you are satisfied through their own bank ussd code.

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How to open an account in kuda online microfinance bank, save your money in kuda and how it kuda bank works in 5 seconds

With Kuda online microfinance bank, you can open an account within five (5) seconds of your time.

Track your daily spending, make the right money moves, save more and invest in other for you to leverage in self generating incomes.

The ideology of Kuda online bank is to ease Nigerians from the frustrations they normally experience with the regular banking system in Nigeria.

Not putting into consideration of who they are and where they live in a cross of the State of Nigeria.

However, Kuda is also known and addressed as the bank of the free charge transportation…

This is due to the fact that, when you become a kuda bank subscriber or esteemed customer, you will get a debit card for free of charges.

You can comfortably send money with no charges also, and even receive 15℅ interest of your money every year when you save automatically.

The Kuda bank microfinance management would help you get the best out of your money than the existing commercial and local banks.

That’s even robbing us on daily basis, through stamp duties and SMS charges.

Kuda online mobile bank app

Download Kuda app, open an account!

Just scan the app QR code below with your mobile phone camera to download the Kuda online bank app.

You can also download Kuda online bank app on Google Play or the App Store as well.

Open the app that you just downloaded and follow the prompt displays on your screen to open an account with them.

immediately you are done, you can add money to your kuda online microfinance bank account and start your new life of freedom from unnecessary fees.

Kuda bank loans

How can I borrow money from Kuda microfinance bank in 10 minutes

Can Kuda microfinance bank lend me money (the one that works)?

Yes, Kuda can lend you money to increase your business…

With the Kuda microfinance bank’s overdraft, you can get quick short-term loans online without filling any form at all, doing paperwork etc.

And you can pay back anytime of your choice with only 0.3% daily Interest attached to it.

This is how Kuda overdraft works >> Interest will always count if you do not pay back before the midnight on the day you borrow the money from Kuda.

kuda customer care number

Moreover, in other, for you to get hold of Kuda Contact, reach out to them easily at when due, take note of the following.

The might be a bank in an Android app or apple phone, but they don’t leave their customers hanging.

Allowing them to have free access to kuda customer care number 24/7

Everything about kuda bank is on their mobile app.

However if you need help, or you just want to call and chat with Kuda managements, we have your back covered…

Below are kuda bank WhatsApp and contact numbers

kuda customer care number for call is >> 01 633 5832

The kuda customer care number for Email: >> [email protected]

Kuda customer care number physical head office address

The Kuda bank customer care service is at No 151 Mr Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

How Kuda microfinance bank Works

Kuda bank operates just like a traditional bank we all know, Just like first bank, UBA, Eco bank GTB bank, and so on.

But kuda online bank makes banking system easier because it provides digital banking services to all its costumers.

To create or open a Kuda Account successfully..

You will have to download the Kuda mobile bank App and sign up for a new Kuda account.

Before your account is successfully created for you in Kuda micro finance bank.

You will have to provide Kuda with your correct and precise personal information about yourself.

Thereafter, they will generate a unique account number for you to start transacting with them and other banks as well.

They also help you to save and invest your money and pay you 15% of your money annually.

However, when your new Kuda bank account is created,

Kuda managements will plan and manage your bank account for you, being identified as their special customer.

Kuda will also offer additional value services like banking, savings, and granting of credit facilities and many others.

You can then demand for your debit card for free, and get it delivered to you in any location you have provided.

Also, you can also operate and manage your account through the Kuda online mobile bank app.

You will be capable to pay vast arrays of bills, including making instant transfers.

As well as to manage your Kuda card and save as you spend as well.

How do kuda bank makes their money?

Kuda microfinance bank makes money by using the collective deposits.

And to make investments with the backing of the government legal bodies.

They also make money from varieties of commission on airtime purchases and service fees…

Sellers pay when they shop with their Kuda Card online.

What are the benefits of using Kuda bank app:

Below are the benefits of using Kuda banking system, once your account is successfully created.

  •  You can get your debit card delivered to your location at no cost at all.
  • Creating of a smart and unique budgets to assist you take control of your spending.
  •  You will always get a crystal-clear visual analysis of your account finances.
  • Withdraw cash for payments without normal bank charges, seen at over 3,000 ATMs.
  • Twenty-five (25) free spontaneous transfer to other banks every month.
  • A provision for you to save automatically to receive 15% interest on your money every year.
  • The privileged to easily block your kuda card when it goes missing or stolen.
  • No monthly card maintenance fee other banks charge and so on.

Is It always safe to use Kuda bank to be keeping your money?

Kuda online based Microfinance Bank is a leading by rendering full-service digital Microfinance bank.

Being registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the registration number (RC 796975).

They are legally licensed by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria).

Your deposits in Kuda microfinance bank are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

Awesome, isn’t it? Of course, it is.

The Kuda online bank is a product of Kuda Technologies Ltd.

And they now have a physical head office address been located at 151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kuda have co-founded by Musty Mustapha and Babs Ogundeyi, who we can also see and interact physically.

This Kuda microfinance bank secures all accounts with the same high-security encryption used by regular traditional banks.

Kuda is highly sensitive and committed to protecting and respecting the personal information of their customers.

Therefore, making Kuda online bank a safe platform to use for your financial transactions at any point in the day and anywhere in the world.

However, accompanying all these facts are usually personal customers’ reviews on their official website.

The requirements to open a Kuda online microfinance bank account

These are the common terms and conditions you need to meet to be able to open or create a Kuda online bank account:

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old and a Nigerian citizen

posses a giving smartphone (iOS or Android) that supports the latest version of the KUDA microfinance bank app.

An active email address and mobile phone number

Have not yet created an account with Kuda microfinance bank what are you still waiting for, reach out

Input this either digital code (R2K1Iw9f) as a referral code >> R2K1Iw9f

Kuda provides two different account opening options for you: which are;

The Kuda Basic and the Full Kuda KYC account types.

Let take them one after the other…..

The necessary information required for opening a Basic Kuda account include:

Individual Name

Active mobile Phone number and

Bank verification Number (BVN)

That’s all you need to open a Kuda Basic account…

The necessary information required for the opening of Full KYC kuda account include:

Individual Name

An active mobile Phone number

Bank verification Number (BVN)

Valid ID card such as (National Passport, National ID Card, Driver’s License, and permanent Voters Card)

The advantages of the Full KYC kuda account type over the Basic kuda account type is enormouse.

The advantages is that you will not have any form of limitations on maximum single deposits as well as account balance.

You will also have an unlimited daily transaction with up to #1,000,000 single transaction limit at a time.

However, without by form of barrier.

Either of the Kuda microfinance bank accounts does not require paperwork at all, as we usually encounter in most local Nigerian Banks.

The opening is fully digital when it comes to kuda, no more no less…

So, it only will take a few minutes to start enjoying all the benefits Kuda renders to its customers.

The Kuda general savings account

Below are the saving features Kuda allows you to enjoy:

The Kuda spend + save

This unique >> Spend+Save is an exclusive feature that saves your money automatically on every time you spend from your Kuda bank account.

You can always withdraw from your spend + save savings anytime you feel like.

 The Kuda Flexible Savings

Kuda Flexible savings is an interesting feature on the Kuda app that allows you to save daily, weekly.

Alternatively, monthly toward a target and get up to at least 10% annual interest.

With Kuda Flexible savings, you can always meet your money goals every time you wish like doing so.

The Kuda Fixed Savings

Kuda Fixed Savings, is an amazing feature that assists you to stake your money and watch it grow before our very eyes.

With the Kuda Fixed savings, you can save 5,000 Nigerian naira or more at once and get up to 15% yearly interest.

At the end of every tenor of your chosen, the Kuda Savings plan, the accumulated funds will be deposited to your main Kuda microfinance bank account.

You can as well make withdrawals from your account before the expiration of the tenor.

This exercise will be done at no charge for recurring savings.

However, for one-time lump sum savings, there will be a charge applied to your account but not too cumbersome.

Kuda customer care number is always there to guide you through all the journeys…


Kuda card and Kuda bank ussd codes
Kuda bank card and Kuda bank ussd codes and limit

The Kuda bank card

Kuda bank management will send a free debit card to your address free of charge and never charge you a form of card maintenance fee like other banks do.

The Kuda microfinance MasterCard is issued by Zenith Bank PLC, under a giving license from MasterCard Incorporated.

To request for a Kuda bank Card:

Below are the basic steps for you to demand for Kuda microfinance card

  •  Sign in to your Kuda account.
  • Click on >> cards at the bottom of your dashboard interface.
  • Tap on >> Request A Card from Kuda bank.
  • Then Tap at >> Get A Physical Card.
  • Carefully fill in your delivery address information and make sure that they are valid and accessible.
  •  Put, check and confirm your mobile phone number.
  • Type in carefully the name you want them to print on top of your kuda bank card.
  • Cross-check and confirm your delivery details for the last time in other to make sure that you have inputted the correct information.
  • Submit and hopefully wait for your card to be delivered at your door step in no distance time.

The Kuda fees

KUDA as an online bank gives 25 free transfers every month if you sign up using your traditional Bank Verification Number (BVN).

However, in a situation that you sign up without your bank verification number, you will get 2 free transfers every month only.

Then extra transfers will cost you the sum of 10 naira only, each time you make a transfer.

Every other thing else in kuda banking system is free of charge.

Using your kuda online account, using your debit Card, and withdrawing funds from Kuda’s partner ATMs across Nigeria remains free of charge for you.

What does T3 mean in Kuda on Kuda microfinance banks app?

The T3 in kuda microfinance bank means Tier 3

Tier 3 or T3 is on any account that has both a confirmed bank verification number (BVN) and a valid ID card attached to it, respectively.

Kuda loans, how to apply for the loan and Kuda limit
Kuda loans, how to apply for the loan and Kuda limit

How to sign up for a Kuda online bank

Carefully follow these steps to sign up on the Kuda mobile app:

– Navigate and download Kuda on the Google Play Store for Android subscribers or the App Store for iOS.

– Open the app and carefully follow the prompts on your screen to open an account of your choice.

Use R2K1Iw9f as your referral code

Add money by depositing some funds to your account and begin to enjoying the Kuda free benefits anytime, anywhere.

 Kuda bank and Payoneer partnership

The Payoneer as most of us keep hearing, mostly for online job personnel is a global platform for receiving foreign payments (dollars) from companies and over two thousand (2,000) networks, marketplaces, and several business platforms in the United States (UK), the United Kingdom (UK), the European Union (EU), and Japan.

Kuda as a leading online bank in Nigeria partnered with Payoneer for a simple, fast and affordable way to receive international business payments steady with your Kuda account.

All you need to do is to open a new Payoneer account or connect your formal existing one to Kuda microfinance bank account.

Afterward, you can start to receive payments from any companies and marketplaces abroad.

You can as well send money from your Payoneer account to your Kuda account and vise versa.

Integrating your business with the Kuda API for fast and safe transactions

You can effortlessly integrate and empower your local and commercial business with financial services on the Kuda Developer Dashboard >> an open API platform.

The Kuda API is the reliable and fastest way to integrate banking services into your individual project, be it as it may!!!

With the Kuda’s API, you will be capable to analyze and initiate payments, verify the identity of any account holder, and create fully transactional wallets for your business as well seamlessly.

Kuda microfinance bank referral code

The Kuda bank referral code we have for you is R2K1Iw9f, which is optional.

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Conclusion on kuda customer care number

Thanks for taking your time to read this lovely article on kuda customer care number to this very point.

We hope that you have been able to know kuda customer care number which is basically seen as 01 633 5832, the kuda customer care number and their email: >> [email protected] and many other useful information well detailed in this post.

Such as how to create an active Kuda account, Kuda card, Kuda API, Kuda partnership with Payoneer, Kuda charges and lots more.

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Frequently asked questions on Kuda banking system

Which bank does Kuda use, and when did kuda start operation in Nigeria?

Kuda microfinance bank, is also known as Kuda Bank and was formerly addressed as Kudi Money, Kuda is a London-based start-up and the only digital online bank operating in Nigeria since 2017.

It was renamed fully as Kuda Bank in the year 2019.

The kuda bank have being existing through Babs Ogundeyi and alongside with Musty Mustapha.

Kuda Bank Native name >> Kuda Microfinance Bank

Website >> kuda.com

Does Kuda Bank require BVN before creating account?

Bank verification number (BVN) is one of your Identity Documents that Kuda request you should have at least.

Kuda ask everyone who opens a Kuda account to give us their Bank Verification Number (BVN) and as well a valid ID card issued by the federal government such as personal driver’s license, permanent voter’s card, national ID card or NIN slip respectively.

Does Kuda bank have ATM card for easy withdrawal?

Yes Kuda have ATM card that will assist you to withdrawal fast and seamlessly, their withdrawal is for free no additional charges on ATM maintenance like other banks do.

If you want to pay with cash, you can as well withdraw free of charge with your Kuda bank ATM Card at over 3,000 ATMs littered across Nigeria.

How much does Kuda bank charge for ATM fees?

The Kuda Bank has partnered with more than three thousand (3,000) ATMs within Nigeria in other to offer you free cash withdrawals.

Nevertheless, you will be giving three free withdrawals per month.

After which, ATMs will charge you thirty-five (35) naira per withdrawal for the rest of that month, as you frequently withdraw.

How much is Kuda bank transaction limit?

Kuda bank translation is seen to be one million (1,000,000) naira limit on a single transfer from your Kuda account.

However, you can spend a maximum of five hundred thousand (500,000) naira at once through a POS terminal on a giving transaction.

What is the full meaning of Kuda

The full meaning of Kuda or the real definition of Kuda is >> Kuwait Data Archive that simply the definition of Kuda acronyms

Can Kuda receive dollars from outside Nigeria?

You can now seamlessly receive all kinds of dollar, Euro’s and pounds from Nigeria using your Kuda app.

Hence, you will get your own USD >> (Virtual United States) Bank Account basically, EUR (Euros) Bank Account and GBP (Pounds) Bank Account respectively.

Does Kuda bank have USSD code like other banks?

No! Kuda does not have any identify ussd code for now…

Even though Kuda bank does not have a USSD code, in order to assist its online and offline banking-affiliated activities to be running smoothly.

The Kuda bank partners with other leading financial institutions in Nigeria such as Zenith Bank, First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Wema Bank, UBA bank, ECO bank, Access diamond bank etc., to make sure that you are satisfied through their own bank ussd code.

Can Kuda microfinance bank borrow me money (the one that works)?

Yes, Kuda can borrow your money to increase your business…

With the Kuda microfinance bank’s overdraft, you can get quick short-term loans online without filling any form at all, doing paperwork etc.

And you can pay back anytime of your choice with only 0.3% daily Interest attached to it.

This is how Kuda overdraft works >> Interest will always count if you do not pay back before the midnight on the day you borrow the money from Kuda.

Can I have two or more Kuda Bank accounts?

Yes!!! You can always have two or more kuda bank account, they permit such.

You can control multiple Kuda accounts from one particular admin profile on kuda app.

People wear different hats, your kuda business account should have too.

Kindly set up a lot of Kuda bank accounts and manage or control all of them with a single sign-in.

How many branches does Kuda have across Nigeria?

Even though Kuda microfinance bank doesn’t have physical branches like others, it still has three (3) physical head offices.

One location in Lagos, Nigeria and the remaining two (2) situated in London, United Kingdom.

But the Kuda Bank main Head Office address in Nigeria is situated at 151, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

How do I send money to my Kuda bank account?

To add money by transfer to kuda bank, just do the following…

– Simply open your Kuda bank account

– Click on the >>> Add Money on your kuda dashboard.

– Tap on the Bank Transfer before you.

– Then click on share to copy or send your Kuda bank account information and send money from another bank app or internet banking you wish to transfer money from.

If your transaction didn’t pull through…reach out to kuda customer care number above And hear from them


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