Airtel Ussd code (all that you need to know)

Hello have you looking for Airtel USSD Codes for bank transfer, Airtel Ussd code for checking of data and credit balance, Ussd to borrow credit or to borrow data, Airtel Ussd codes for subscriptions and migration from one tariff plan to another?

Worry no more because we have gotten the complete updated Airtel list to transfer, checking of credit or data balance, migration plan and lots more.

Carefully take your time and go through the Airtel Ussd code for various things.

I once nearly run mad one certain day I wanted to print my NECO results.

But my internet wasn’t going through, I felt like checking my Airtel Internet balance but does not know the Ussd for checking it!

I wanted to know what happened to the 4 GB data I have recharge day before that day without doing any serious thing online.

Not only that, but I started asking people who have used certain numbers that start with star (*) and ends with hash (#) in other for me to check my remaining data balance, and unfortunately that day I was unable to see one person that could have saved me from that mess of not knowing Airtel Ussd codes and their services.

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However, in today’s article we have a comprehensive list of the Airtel Ussd codes and some crucial Airtel codes for SMS in Airtel network, that might be of great help to you, whenever you want to check your credit and data bundle Balance, activate or deactivate service and much more you can get while using Airtel network Ussd codes.

The meaning of Airtel Ussd codes (general meaning of Ussd codes):

These are unique numbers or code that are described as USSD also known as “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes”.

This is just the simple meaning of Ussd to all networks.

The Ussd are always referred to as quick network codes for easy service access.

This works as a medium for mobile phone and computer software of a service provider companies for receiving messages and sending text messages spontaneously.

Furthermore, the Airtel Ussd complete messages are more than one hundred and eighty-one (181) alphanumeric special characters.

A normal Ussd text message begins with an asterisk (*) symbol followed by some typical digits that comprise data or commands.

Then it is normally ended with a hash symbol (#).

In most cases, the in-between data or commands might get differentiated by additional asterisks symbol.

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Airtel Ussd code and their Functions

1. Call 121= for Airtel customer care number.
2. Call 198 = for Airtel complaint number (Airtel hot line).
3. Dial *123# = This is how to check Airtel balance on phone.
4. Dial *123*10# or *123*# = This is how to check for Airtel Free 2 GB data bundle balance.
5. Dial *123*11# = This is how to check for Airtel 3 GB data bundle balance.
6. Dial *121*8# = This is how to check for Airtel 4G Balance.
7. Dial *123*197# = This is how to subscribe for Airtel night data bundle plan balance.
8. Dial *123*2# or *555# = This is how to check for local SMS balance.
9. Dial 1909 = This is for DND activation or deactivation.
10. Dial *141*10# or 5214 = for Airtel loan number application.
11. Dial *121# = for my Airtel, my Offer.
12. Dial *121*4# = for Airtel value added services.
13. Dial *121*7# = for how to check last 5 transactions and also value added services on Airtel.
14. Dial *123*1# = for checking Airtel mins balance.
15. Dial *123*6# = for local Airtel to Airtel night minutes balance.
16. Dial *123*7# = To check for free local, STD SMS balance.
17. Dial *123*8# = To check for free STD minutes balance.
18. Dial *141# = To check for Airtel talk time gift service (Ask talk time or share)


How to activate Airtel 3gb using Ussd code and their special services
Here are how to subscribe to Airtel SMS 3 GB to 121;

1. *222# = Code for Airtel special five (5) offers.
2. *321# = Code for Airtel live services.
3. *325# = Code for free Facebook access (Rs. 1 per day).
4. *515# = Code for Airtel Twitter Service.
5. *566# = Code for Airtel special offers and Airtel rewards.
6. *567# = Codes for Airtel GPRS [activation or deactivation].
7. *678# = Code for Airtel hello tunes menu.
8. *888# = Codes for Airtel missed call alert.
9. *777# = Code for Airtel local national SMS packs.
10. *282# Code for Airtel “know your own Airtel number”.
11. *141*10# = Code for Airtel loan code access.

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Airtel SMS codes for special services.

Below are unique Airtel special services codes (numbers) and their services.
1. Text PORT to 1909 = (Airtel code for Airtel mobile number portability).
2. Text START to 121 = Airtel code to start any service on Airtel network.
3. Text STOP to 121 = Airtel code to stop any service on Airtel network.
4. Text data USE to 121 = Airtel code for data balance.

How to check Airtel 2G/3G balance:

– Text “UNB” to 121 in other to get your current Airtel 2gb/3gb data bundle balance.

How to check Airtel unbilled amount:

– Text “OT” to 121 in other to view Airtel unbilled amount.

How to check Airtel outstanding amount:

– Simply text “BP” to 121 in other to view Airtel outstanding balance.

How to check Airtel current bill plan

– Simply text “BILL” to 121, to verify your Airtel current bill plan.

How to check Airtel Bill summary

– Simply text “PAY” to 121 to view your Airtel bill summary.

How to check Airtel last 3 bill payment details

– Simply dial (543217) on your Airtel SIM card.

The Airtel ussd codes for weekend and night browsing

My Airtel app:

Alternatively, Another unique method to check for your Airtel balance is via, My Airtel app. These, “my Airtel app”, have been made available on both iOS and Android phones and can now be downloaded through their recommended device app stores free of charge.

How to download my Airtel app.

Here are step-by-step quick guide on how to download my Airtel app using an Android device.
Step 1: Go to play store and search for my Airtel app, download the app by clicking INSTALL.
Also on Step 2: Register with your Airtel number in the app.
Step 3: Then tap on the account you just finished registering, and it will display several options such as account balance, data balance, and other value added service operations for you to carry out.

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Conclusion on my Airtel ussd codes

Airtel network family with over 30 million users in Nigeria seem to offer the best internet data services both in the rural and urban developmental areas, and understanding Airtel Ussd codes and their functions is very necessary, of which this article have compiled all the Airtel Ussd and the service they render to make things easy you.

Take your time and try new things you have no previously idea about Airtel Ussd codes.

Note: If you think we have missed out some important things in one way or the other in this article.

kindly let us know about it in the comment section below in other to serve you better.

And if you find the article helpful, please comment and share to friends and well-wishers who might be in need of this unique information.

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