How to borrow data from Glo “Borrow me data” (detailed)

How to borrow data from Glo; Glo lending me data to pay back!!!

Have you been looking for how to borrow credit or data on Glo network and have not seen where to borrow or how to borrow credit or have you tried to borrow credit on Glo and failed due to one thing or the other?

This article is for you, relax your mind because we will be exposing to you the secret on how to ask for data from Glo borrow me data.

Carefully, take your time and read through this seasonal article.

Overview of borrow me credit or data and what it’s expected to achieve:

It is a very embarrassing something to be on the internet doing something crucial online, most times,

When it requires the module to save someone’s else life, pass critical urgent information, being path of a lucrative or sensitive meeting.

You, almost about to download a lovely movie to keep yourself busy or downloading an important file or document for research or assignment.

Chatting with loved ones, attending a religious or business meeting etc.

And all of a sudden, your data got finished and boom you are logged out of the internet or on any social media alongside with an SMS from Glo or 127 also telling you that your one off data plan for surfing the internet just got expired.

To make the pains of going off online all of a sudden more excruciating.

The globacom network providers still go further to tell you to dial *777# to renew or activate a new data plan.

However, the Globacom telecommunication company of Nigeria always ensure that you never run out of online data when you need it most, be it as it may.

The telecommunication company have introduced an online data saving embarrassment to everyone that is using GLO network that wish to always stay connected online called “Glo bundle” into the browsing market.

This network borrow me credit helps you to lay hold of data immediately and fall back online as far as you are eligible for borrowing with the formula of paying back once you recharge any Glo network cards on your SIM.

What is Glo borrow me data?

Glo borrow me or lend me data is a special service that allows its eligible GLO users to borrow data or credit when your data subscription or bundles are used up and have run out of airtime as well or in situations of failure in GLO bundle activation due to insufficient call card balance.


What is the borrow me data criteria

The Glo borrow me or lend me data criteria is available only to GLO network eligible customers.

However, the eligibility criteria of Glo borrow me data include the following two (2) basic criteria;

  • Your Glo SIM must be dully and correctly registered on GLO network database.
  • You must have been a lover of Glo network and as well active on the Glo network communication for at least three months without any fraudulent activity going on or report via your Glo sim card.

Thus, with the Glo yakata tariff plan you can enjoy several GLO awoof benefits from time to time such as voice call and data bonus.

How to subscribe to the network borrow me data:

To subscribe to Glo borrow me or lend data, is very simple as possible.

However, GLO lovers and users can subscribe to borrow me data by simply dialing *321# on your Glo sim card and carefully following the step-by-step menu options being displayed on the phone screen.

Then the Glo service providers will then put in real time data credit to all eligible GLO user in line with the stated eligibility criterion, and the amount the subscriber requested.

How do I get qualify for Glo credit and data feature:

Just as we initial started, to qualify for the Glo lend me credit data feature on Glo network, your active SIM card must be old enough for at least this time, up to four (4) months old with constant usability coupled with your average monthly call credit card recharge usage of not less than ₦200 as well, as if that’s all, you must be an active-prepaid user for you, you to be qualified for Glo borrow me data.

How do I know that I am eligible for Glo borrow me credit?

To check your borrow me credit or data eligibility status, simple dial *321# on your Glo sim card.

Your borrow me credit or data eligibility status will be displayed on your screen automatically telling you that you are eligible or not.

The amount that is also allotted to you for borrowing is also made available there as well and for additional the borrow data information about your eligibility status, you can reply 1 and see the full details.

Alternative, you can dial *777# on your Glo sim, and reply option 9.

This will now take you to GLO borrow me data eligibility interface where you continue with your borrowing either for you or for another person.

How do I borrow data credit from Glo?

Code to borrow data on Glo network are *321* or *777# and reply 9:

Here are step-by-step easy guide on how to borrow credit from Glo:

To borrow data from the network borrow me data, simply dial *321# and judiciously follow the menu options giving to you with respect to your choice of data and eligibility.

Moreover, it is necessary for you to note that is not for free just as it is called “BORROW”, the Glo customer borrower is expected to repay the Data credit he or she borrowed whenever airtime recharge is made available on his phone, deduction will be made automatically by globacom network customer care service providers.

Glo borrow me data prices that are available:

1. You can always borrow 30 MB of data for 1 day for just N50 price

2. N100 is very possible to get you 60 MB of mobile data from Glo for 1 day at this price

3. You can get up to 200 MB worth of data for 5 days if you decide to pay N200 price

4. N500 it is very possible to get you up to 1600 MB worth of mobile data from Glo network for 7 days every day usage, uninterrupted 7 days online navigation.

5. N1000 can get you up to, 3200 MB worth of data for the period of 30 days (one month) to enjoy Glo subscription until you exhaust your data plan and renew as well.

Thing to know before borrowing:

Firstly, you have to be aware that the data credit they gave you is not free, even if the sim card stays ten (10yrs) or more than, you must still pay for it at your first recharge automatically.

Secondly, you are also expected to know that you will be charged 15% percent as interest to GLO company on top of your transaction price for each data amount you borrowed.


With the help of this lovely piece of summarized information about Glo borrow me credit or data, you should be able to know and explain what the network borrow me credit is about, check your eligibility status, borrow credit and data through *321# or *777# and finally, know the things that are involved before going in to borrow data.

If you find this post helpful, please comment on our comment section on how to serve you better or things you wish we cover for you, and don’t forget to share to your loved ones who might be in need of it.

Thanks for going through how to borrow data from Glo network!!!



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