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Etisalat/9mobile NIN codes (Etisalat NIN codes are golden )!!!

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The corporate body known to be the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) have issue a decree.

Stating that every individual that need to make call on any network in Nigeria, type and send messages on any network…

Receive call and as well browse on the internet using any form of telecommunication network in Nigeria.

Should make a haste to any NIMC office near them or any of its agent and do the needful.

Try and get their NIN registration into the system and at the same time proceed to their mobile network providers.

However, this will enable them to get it linked to either their MTN SIM, GLO network SIM, Airtel network SIM.

As well as Etisalat Network SIM or 9mobile sim in other to stay connected without facility telecommunication disconnection.

More so, the national identity management commission have said that individuals that used the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

To generate their own National Identity Number (NIN) will have no option than to further proceed to any national identity management commission (NIMC).

Or any NIMC enrollment center to undergo a real and complete NIN registration.

Failure to do so will also lead to their disconnection… Etisalat NIN codes are golden

As well because what the did is a flexible or semi NIN registration and linking especially on Etisalat NIN.

The NIMC spokesperson also explain this on a BBC news that this new order applies to only the individuals that have not come to their office.

But is making use BVN record harmonization opportunity to get their own registration without stress.

However, their name and NIN isn’t registered on their NIMC database and their NIMC is invalid.

This is the new guideline to register for National Identification Number NIN and Etisalat NIN as well.

Reason for going to NIMC office for your registration

The only reason why you need to go to the national identity management commission office is for your facial capturing and biometrics information and few other required information to be submitted by you in other for you to be fully registered on their database.

How to register for NIN (national identification number)

These messages are for Etisalat network subscribers who have never done their NIN registration.

And have no National Identity Card at all, here is a step-by-step easy guide on how to go about your Etisalat NIN registration.

NIN registration stage one (1)

1. Kindly login to national identity management commission (NIMC) online portal (

Fill the pre enrollment online form for NIMC registration.

You will fill in the correct information about you and your address.

As well as fill all the mandatory fields made available on the form.

2. After filling the information, download the document and print your NIMC pre enrollment slip in colored and keep it safe with you.

NIN registration stage two (2)

 Submission of your application form:  

3. kindly go to any nearest NIMC registration center in your locality with any one of your original and valid supporting documents.

Such as voter’s card, driver’s license or any form of supporting documents you wish to use.

4 At the enrollment center they will direct you on where to, or lead you to the enrollment officer’s office.

For you to verify all the document details on your application form and if your application is in order, you’re safe.

The enrollment officer will tell you to proceed with the capture of your biometrics (The 10 fingerprints & the facial photograph).

You will collect the transaction ID slip as the proof of the transaction you made.

NIN registration stage three (3)

The collect of your NIN card:

5. The National Identification Number (NIN) Slip have a normal time frame to get.

Which will be within two (2) to five (5) working days from the time you took your biometric data capturing at the enrollment center.

Once it’s ready, they will even text you in some cases to come over for collection of your NIN card.

Note the following:

The issuance of NIN can take longer period of time in challenges of data validation of details submitted for NIMC registration.

That’s why you’re advised to keep your transaction ID Slip very well in other to present it at the time of your NIN SLIP collection.

Then, your NIN will be giving to you.

Etisalat NIN registration code = *200*8#

Here are an easy step-by-step guide on how to link your NIN to your Etisalat/9mobile SIM card

Firstly, the Nigeria Communication Commission introduced new measure for mobile phone SIM users and part of the compulsory update to confirm a valid National Identification Number (NIN).

How to register and activate a new SIM on Etisalat/9mobile

Kindly walk into any Etisalat/9mobile experience store closer to you with your newly acquired NIN.

You can buy new Etisalat/9mobile SIM and do the needful at the spot.

Since you are with your NIN card, they will use it to link your Etisalat/9moblie line

How to retrieve my NIN on Etisalat or 9mobile

Don’t you know your NIN, or have you forgotten it?

Don’t worry at all, simply dial this Etisalat NIN recovery code *346# on your Etisalat SIM card to get your NIN recovered.

Once you dialed *346# correctly, after successful authentication of all the NIN on their database…

Your lines will be reconnected successfully. This is a simple method to retrieve your Etisalat NIN.

How to subscribe etisalat data codes  (all you need to know about etisalat nin codes)
Etisalat nin codes and how to use them effectively

How to link my Etisalat SIM to NIN

If you are looking for away to link your NIN to Etisalat simply dial the following codes on your Etisalat SIM *200*8# and your Etisalat/9mobile SIM card will be linked with NIN.

Alternatively, another way you can link your NIN to your Etisalat/9moblie number is by visiting the closest Etisalat/9Mobile shop.

You can also go any agents with your NIMC slip and your Etisalat/9monlie SIM pack.

And your Etisalat SIM will be fully linked with NIN Or call customer care on 200 Etisalat network.

NIN requirements for Linkage of corporate customers

Here are all the things that are required for NIN linkage to corporate customers;

1. An Indemnity form,

2. The CAC document,

3. A national Tax clearance certificate,

4. An authorization genuine letter,

5. The list of secondary NIN’s alongside with the first name as well as the last name in an CSV document file.

HOW TO LINK NIN WITH MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL as well as etisalat nin codes

Frequently asked questions on Etisalat (FAQ)

1. How do I verify my NIN number on Etisalat using Ussd code?

In other, to verify and as well link your national identity number (NIN) with your Etisalat/9mobile sim for free with the use of Ussd code.

Simply do that by dialing *200*8# and put in your 11 digit NIN number. That’s all.

2. How do I submit NIN on Etisalat SIM?

You can submit your NIN and also link your NIN to your Etisalat or 9Mobile number by simply visiting the closest Etisalat/9Mobile centers alongside with your NIMC card or its eleven (11) digit number and together with your Etisalat/9Mobile SIM card pack.

Or dial *200*8# to get it, you NIN linked on Etisalat/9mobie network.

3. What is the Ussd code for NIN for Etisalat/Etisalat?

 The Ussd code for NIN retrieval is *346#. Once you press it, your NIN will be displayed to you.

However, it’s not free but cost 20 Naira only while the Etisalat Ussd code for NIN linkage is *200*8#.

4. How do I register my Etisalat/9mobile number with my NIN?

There are several workable ways to register your Etisalat/9mobile to NIN. Nowadays, Etisalat now offers simple and convenient way of registering NIN using their multipurpose short code which is (*996#) to validate and link Etisalat network users National Identification Number [NIN] to their numbers. Interestingly, you can now verify and as well link up to five (5) mobile numbers and above with just one NIN. You can take this advantage now before you are disconnected.

5. How do I know if my Etisalat or 9mobile SIM is connected to NIN?

 This is SIM to NIN linkage for Etisalat/9mobile network subscribers.

For you to be sure and certain that you have successfully linked your NIN to your Etisalat or 9mobile, do the following below;

1. Simply dial *200*8# code on your Etisalat SIM.

2. Two options will be presented for you to choose: Option one (1) is to verify your NIN if you have linked your NIN to your Etisalat/9mobile SIM before and option two (2) is for you to link for the first time (either, you are just about to link your NIN).

3. Kindly select (1) and send if you want to verify. And you will know if your Etisalat or 9mobile SIM is connected to NIN or not.

Etisalat nin codes and how to use them effectively
tisalat nin codes and how to use them effectively

6. What is the code for Etisalat/9mobile customer care?

The code of Etisalat/9mobile customer care is 200.

If you want to speak to any of Etisalat or 9mobile customer care agents, simple a dial 200 on your Etisalat/9mobile SIM.

You can also contact them through an email via ([email protected]).

7. How do you register my Etisalat or 9mobile SIM card myself?

To register your Etisalat SIM yourself is very simple..

You are to update your profile you create with them or create one if you haven’t from their official website.

Update your profile with your current original and valid ID information and state the mobile numbers under your name that you intend to renew registration for or do the needful.

They number you do not want to renew registration for or register will automatically face disconnection and removal from your Etisalat profile.

8. How can I complete my Etisalat SIM registration renewal online?

To complete your Etisalat/9mobile SIM registration renewal online…

Simply visit the Etisalat or 9mobile official website or perform it on Etisalat/9mobile UAE app.

Or even at any outlet/payment machine close to you and carefully log in to your Etisalat or 9mobile account.

Then, choose the option that says “renew my line” it has seen below my links, to renew your SIM registration.

Finally, visit your profile page and do what is required.

9. How do I know if my Etisalat or 9mobile SIM is dully registered?

If you want to know if your sim is fully registered or not, simply text (“REG” as an SMS to “789”).

Alternatively, text “REG” as an SMS to “3456”.

10. How do I know if my NIN has been fully validated?

You can get to know if your NIN was fully validated or not by just using an SMS Services;

Simply dial *346# on your mobile network.

Some options will be displayed to you, choose (NIN Retrieval by typing in 1).

Then if the same phone number you used to enrolled for your NIN is what you are using.

Then carefully follow the guides displayed on your phone screen and provide the correct required information.

This is a simple way on how you can check your Etisalat or 9mobile sim registration status and also how to check if your SIM card is registered correctly.

11. How can I get my NIN number from my BVN number

For you to get your NIN from your BVN number if you are a bank account owner, with the same number that you used for your BVN carefully dial *346# with that same number and your NIN will be reviewed to you immediately. It may attract a service charge of 20 Naira.

12. Can I register for NIN if I don’t have BVN

Absolutely yes! You can register for national identification number (NIN) without having a bank verification number (BVN). You only have BVN if you are a bank account owner for easy bank transactions.

13. Can NIN be done twice or more?

Capital no! The enrollment for the National identification number (NIN) is usually carried out by one individual once in his or her lifetime and can not be done twice or more.

However, it is a crime and punishable by law to do your NIN twice if caught in the act.

You can only retrieve your formal NIN any time anywhere when misplaced or forgotten.

An individual can not have two NIN and NIN is not gotten by proxy and as well is not transferable to the third party.

Once you go for your NIN for the first time, the Automated Biometric Information System (ABIS) database will automatically store up all your details.

And any act to enroll again by the same person for the second time will manifest.

The system will raise alarm and this is a punishable offense and the culprit will not go unpunished.


Hello! After going through this unique article we are certain that your expectations were met.

Especially on Etisalat NIN, how to register and linked your Etisalat/9mobile to NIN.

Don’t you know your NIN, or have you forgotten it?

Don’t worry at all, simply dial this Etisalat NIN codes or recovery code is *346# on your Etisalat SIM card to get your NIN recovered.

Once you dialed *346# correctly, after successful authentication of all the NIN on their database…

Your lines will be reconnected successfully. This is a simple method to retrieve your Etisalat NIN.

Searching for Etisalat NIN Ussd, Etisalat NIN retrieval code, Etisalat NIN.

And some vital information about Etisalat or 9mobile NIN, BVN, SIM registration and validations.

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Etisalat NIN codes to the world…

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