Best way to share Glo Data without hotspot sharing

Hello!!! friends!!! Have you been looking for an avenue to share your data bundle with your lover, family, friends and well-wishers, as well as anyone you wish to extend the act of love and couldn’t find? Have you been looking for ways to share date from your loved ones, or have you been looking for how to use Glo data for free and navigate on the internet for free with begging for hotspots? Is it your priority to learn how to be steady online browsing on the internet this article is for you, kindly take your time and go through this article and get every bit of resourceful information we have assembled for you.

Glo Data Plan

Glo networks are the best in effective internet presence because of their data bundle packages and plan. Glo company made data bundles a bit possible for everyone to be able to afford and as well use data even when you can’t afford to subscribe by sharing from your friends and family.

Beside from being aware of who you are sharing your Glo bundle plan with, putting a stop to your Glo data subscription from third parties, Glo also make it possible for you to share your Glo data plans to your family and friends and to many people you wish to share too (vise versa). You are allowed to subscribe to a data bundle plan and share it with any individual using Glo network instead of buying data plans often and on.

How many people can I share my data plan at a time

In as much as it is free for you to share your data bundle plan to anyone you like to include and show love via offering them free access to internet space, it is important for you to also know that you can only share your Glo data bundle plan with a maximum of 5 different Glo users on the Glo network at a time. More than 5 users at a time may not be able to work effectively, except otherwise.


How To Share Glo Data Plan

The best ways by which you can share your Glo data bundle to a second person

There are several proven ways you can share your Glo data bundle plan to those you wish to add to your data subscription list. Nevertheless, we will be considering two unique ways only on how to share Glo data bundle effectively without complications. The two most common ways of sharing Glo data bundle plan are via the SMS method or the USSD code method.


Why should I share my data bundle, and who do I share my Glo data plan with

You share your data bundle for love of surfing and online navigation. And for your data subscription share plan to work, it must be shared to online Glo to Glo users strictly (from one Glo customer to another)

NOTE: You can not share data bundle from Glo SIM with MTN SIM, you can’t share from Glo sim card to Airtel or 9mobile or any other, it must be strictly Glo to Glo for it to work.


Method one SMS for sharing glo:

How to share Glo data plan through SMS

Pick up your mobile phone and go to your message app and click on compose SMS or new message, where you see “To” type in the person number you wish to send your SMS to, which is “127” your SMS which will be “Share Data Glo number” or “Share Glo number” and tap send button, immediately you and the person you shared your Glo data subscription with will be notified via SMS that he or she is added to you plan and two of you can enjoy the internet the same time.


Second Method, USSD code for sharing glo

How to share Glo data plan through USSD code

To be able to share your Glo data bundle with anyone on the Glo Sim card, simply dial *127*01* the person Glo number# and call.



Immediately you have done that, you and the person you wish to share the data with will be sent an SMS telling them they have been added successful.






GLO data plan

Nevertheless, USSD Method also have another unique way to achieve this sharing plan, this is regarded as the third method, and it’s usually the longest method to engage on, it may be due to the fact that is the method we first got use to before getting to know the other easier means. However, I will kindly advise you to always choose the most straightforward and least challenging method in anything you are doing or intend to do as well.


In other, to share your Glo data bundle with anyone that is a Glo network user, simply dial this on your phone and follow the prompts (*777# then call)

A few options will pop up on your phone screen, then dial number “1” which is “Buy Data plan” and then click on “send” to confirm your selection.

And you will receive a fast SMS on your phone screen, then dial option “3” which is “Share data Plan” and click “send” to confirm the chosen option.


Then you will be directed to the main stuff, which you will have to dial number”1″ since you have in mind to share your data to someone. Then you will be asked to type the number of anyone on the Glo network you intend to share your Glo data bundle with, type in the number and click on “send button”

immediately you have done that, you will receive a pop-up SMS telling you that “your request for data sharing has been sent successful”. And also an SMS will be sent to your message inbox app and to the person you share your Glo data subscription with notifying them that their number have been added to your data bundle plan.




Impressive to believe that, you have achieved your aim after going through this GLO data plans and subscription, as the person will keep getting unlimited internet data space as long as you’re subscribed with your Glo number that you shared with them. Go ahead and spread love to your loved one’s, friends and well-wishers, we hoped this article was helpful to you!!

Kindly make use of the comments section to tell us how you feel and how we serve you better.


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