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The etisalat night data plan !!!

Hello guys, welcome to todays article on etisalat night data plan and its pros and cons!!!

Are you tired of spending so much money to browse the internet or chat with your loved one’s during the day on Etisalat network?

Due to the daily charge that is a little expensive to subscribe always…

Are you looking for Etisalat night plan codes, Etisalat the best night plan tariff?

How to browse on Etisalat SIM effortlessly, how to activate or subscribes to Etisalat night bundle?

As well as how to stay connected online using Etisalat mobile network?

This article is for you because it has solutions to all your questions and still carries useful information that are beneficial to etisalat network users. Take your time and read through this six (6) minutes article.

Overview of Etisalat night data plan

Etisalat formerly known as “0809ja for life” changed its name to Etisalat with the “now you are talking slogan”

Etisalat also undergoes some creativity and innovations before arriving to the current name now 9mobile.

Which is not just a network but an attitude when it comes to speed and efficiency to the Night data plan.

What is Etisalat night bundle

Below are simple definition and explanation of Etisalat night bundle plan;

Etisalat network night data plan is special kind of data plan offered by Etisalat mobile network telecommunication.

In other to give Etisalat network lovers free access to the internet surfing during midnight.

As well as not to be used during the daytime unlike the normal data we subscribe.

As wonderful as Etisalat night bundle is, it at the increase most especially during the evening of weekend’s.

Because this is when Etisalat night plan records vast and arrays of online users.

Nevertheless, Etisalat night bundle gives room to Etisalat user to browse the internet at ease.

You will browse with high internet speed as well as a cheap rate for bigger megabytes Mb or gigabytes GB module.

These are simply definition of Etisalat night bundle or Etisalat night data plan.

Thus, this content is a well research article that will lecture you on many things outside Etisalat night plan.

But also things like how to subscribe to 9mobile night data plans and all Etisalat network night data plan codes;

As well as how to activate, etisalat data code, etisalat NIN, how to subscribe on etisalat.

How to check etisalat data balance, how to check etisalat data balance, code to buy data on etisalat.

How to link NIN to etisalat, code to buy data on etisalat, etisalat customer care number and lots more.

Conditions for Etisalat night plan

For you to be able to partake of etisalat night plan bundles and enjoy steady online connection, reliable and with fast speed.

You must be a subscriber of Etisalat Morecliq tariff plan.

Etisalat Morecliq uses have the bona fide right to get 250mb with just 50 Naira worth of data on your Etisalat SIM card.

This is the tariff plan on Etisalat that allow you to enjoy night browsing uninterruptedly.

So if you are not in Etisalat Morecliq, below are how to migrate to Etisalat Morecliq.

Migration code for Etisalat Morecliq tariff plan

To be up and doing via etisalat night plan, simply dial the following codes on your Etisalat SIM card;

To buy your Etisalat night bundle dial *229*10*10#.

But if you are not on Etisalat morecliq dial this code to migrate *224*1#.

Etisalat night bundle plan activation

Here are step-by-step quick guide on how to activate etisalat night data plan

The Etisalat night bundle commences from the early hours of a new dawn midnight to the open mouth of the same day.

It will be from 12 am to 5 am for a solid 6 hours steady internet browsing.

To activate etisalat night data plan, simply dial the following codes *229*3*11#.

Etisalat night bundle will be on your Etisalat SIM card as far as you still have call credit card available.

However, Etisalat night bundle spans from 200 Naira to get 1 GB, for at least six (6) hours duration.

It might be seen to be an expensive night data plan when compared to MTN night data plan.

As well as Airtel night data plan but the etisalat night data plan browsing speed worth it.

Etisalat evening data plan

This etisalat evening data plans in particular is of two types;

1. Etisalat N1000 for 1 GB and
2. Etisalat N2000 for 5 GB

Thus, this types of Etisalat evening data is what makes Etisalat to be a unique network.

Their ability to offer daily data plan, evening data plan and the ultimate Etisalat night data plan.

Etisalat evening plan is just like the etisalat night bundle.

This in this case the etisalat evening data plan begins from 7: 0 PM to 7: 0 AM.

At the cost of 1000 Naira to get 2 GB, and also a higher package of 5 GB for just 2000 Naira.

How to buy Etisalat 7: 0 PM to 7:0 AM data plan

In other, to subscribe to Etisalat night data bundle for 1000 Naira to get 2 GB worth of data.

Simply dial *229*3*12# on your Etisalat SIM card.

And to subscribe to Etisalat 5 GB for 200 Naira with a duration of 30 days unlimited.

Simply dial *229*3*13# to activate.

Benefits Of Etisalat Night Plan Bundles

Etisalat night bundle plan browsing bundles are one of the simplest ways students save data and money for subscriptions.

Because they use night bundles especially Etisalat night bundle plan to do a lot of online streaming movies!

Playing online different exotic games with one another;

As well as download heavy video, files or document…

Students also uses Etisalat night plan to lots of heavy uploading of videos online especially on their individual blogs and website as well as chat with friends and well-wishers and by so doing upload varieties of electronic media’s on social media platforms.

You do not need to told that browsing at night on Etisalat night bundle is usually faster and reliable at night.

So using Etisalat night bundle is an added advantage on online surfing.

Even though that their night plan is cheap and affordable.

They still render internet speed and Etisalat night bundle users can confirm and testify to its efficiency.

Etisalat new SIM registration

To have your SIM activated and perfectly working online without network failure.

Below is how to register and activate your Etisalat SIM.

1. On your Etisalat SIM card, simply dial this etisalat customer care number 200

2. Type in option “1” to choose Etisalat Easy Starter

3. Press option “2” to choose Etisalat Easy Clip

4. Press option “3” to select Etisalat Easy Flex

5. Press option “4” to choose Etisalat Easy Business (the package you choose either the etisalat Easy Starter, Etisalat easy Cliq, Etisalat easy business etc. will be shown on the body of your SIM card pack.

Thus, you are at liberty to migrate to any packages of your choice by simply calling the etisalat customer care 200.

Alternatively, visit any Etisalat experience shops).

Etisalat product information

1. The Etisalat Easy Business:

Etisalat easy business is a prepaid kind of packages specially designed for little business to enjoy lower cost with increasing profit.

Etisalat easy business consist of a close user group [CUG] features which gives employees of an institution or business free talk time to one another, data and SMS for little charge.

2. Etisalat Easy Starter:

The Etisalat easy starter is also a prepaid package that offers an individual a competitive tariff, with no rental charge’s and added flexibility as it permit you to select an Etisalat number for you and me which you can call for free every week.

Free weekly data is also there for you to enjoy.

3. Etisalat Easy Clip:

Etisalat Easy Clip is a special-designed package for the youth precisely that permit them to connect with their follow Cliq just as the name sounds. They will enjoy low call rates, free data and free SMS to be enjoyed within their Cliq.

Grow your own clique with Etisalat Easy Clip and expand your preference of mobile plan to suit your lifestyle now that you are talking on etisalat.

Nevertheless, to activate any of your Etisalat SIM card;

Just make your first call to 200 and judiciously follow the voice prompt that will guide you through the set-up.

If yours didn’t work, or you need additional information…

Please don’t refuse to call the etisalat customer care line by calling 200 on your Etisalat mobile line.

This is free of charge without charges, but if you are on any SIM card that is not Etisalat.

Simply dial +2348090000200 and this call is not free but will be charge from an applicable rate.

Note: Etisalat night bundle is pertinent and useful for just one day between 12:00 am to 5:00 am respectively and when you are on etisalat night bundle, charges are not deducted from your main data balance if you have an active one but from the current Etisalat night bundle that you just subscribe until it expires.


The Etisalat night bundle plan can be best defined as a spontaneous plan allowed to serve the multiple online desire of individuals who needs a cheap data plans to execute some herculean task while using the internet at night (from 12:00 am to 5:00 am) on etisalat Morecliq.

We want to agree with you that after going through these epistles, you have understood what Etisalat night data plan is all about, it’s forms and price’s, how to buy Etisalat night bundle and how to migrate to Etisalat Morecliq.

Please your you find this article helpful, kindly share it on social media platforms to help who might be of need of this.

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