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Embracing Airtel customer care number the one that is working 24/7!!!

Hello! Are you facing one or two challenges with or Airtel network Sim?

  • Have you been looking for a way to reach out to Airtel customer care officials through Airtel call contact?
  • Are you tired of complaining about Airtel data bundles and poor network, recharge issues, Airtel shops and product, Airtel NIN registration and linking and many more to be mentioned?

This article is just an ideal panacea to the problems you face with your Airtel network and in this post we will release to you all Airtel customer care service numbers:

Airtel customer care service:

Airtel customer service number are usually the best customer care service you can get else where.

They give a listening ear to their customers and respond to that problem as fast as possible.

Unlike you get in other telecommunication network providers we have.

Airtel customer care offers an interactive section to their customers and treat them with dignity no matter the height of the problem.

Airtel customer care contacts:

Here are the available Airtel customer care contacts that can work you through the customer care service.

Thus, you can contact Airtel customer care by simply dialing their free hot 24-hour Call Center (111) or by sending an email to ([email protected])

Airtel customer care photo source:

This can be gotten from (

Airtel customer care service number and how to speak with them through the cell phone:

To speak with Nigeria Airtel Customer Care, simply dial 211 or 111 from your Airtel phone.

You can as well dial 0 802 150 0111 or 0802 150 0121 if you are not an Airtel subscribers or if you are contacting them from outside Nigeria.

One of the Airtel staff on duty will eventually pick up the call to listen and respond to your challenges over the phone.

These are Airtel customer care numbers for complaints of any form.

Airtel 24hrs toll-free call center:

In other to call Airtel customer call center toll-free, at will, and they will answer your questions and offer aid to you, such in a way to make a good usage of Airtel services.

Therefore, to call Airtel customer care service hot line, simply dial (111) on your Airtel SIM card.

Alternatively, you can as well dial (0802 150 0111) if you are not an Airtel network subscriber, or if you are not in Nigeria at the moment.

Airtel head office in Nigeria:

Airtel has several offices owned by them and private individuals’ office partnering with them with Airtel company brand all across Nigeria.

With their head office at (Plot L2 Banana Island – Foreshore Estate – Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria).

As proclaimed from Airtel network official website.

Airtel bank recharge code Ussd:

To recharge with ease with Airtel network from your mobile bank, simply dial *444#.

The Airtel *444# USSD short code enables Airtel network users to recharge their Airtel numbers from their bank accounts in Nigeria.

As far as the Airtel line you are using is linked to your bank account.

All you are required to do to get recharge your line or another person line is to remember the Airtel bank code (*444#) even when you have multiple accounts to purchase recharge card or Data bundle.

Airtel official social media handles for Airtel customer care:


Below are Airtel customer care WhatsApp numbers that one can call to be offered Service at once.

Here are the numbers (070 10000 116, 070 10000 117, 070 10000 118, 080 10000 119 and 080 1263 1111).

You can place a call to them or chat them up through whatever.

2. Airtel customer care service Twitter handle:

The Airtel network Twitter handle is seen as (Airtel customer care on Twitter: @airtel_care)

 Airtel portal: (Airtel self-care portal)

Nigeria Airtel Online Self-care portal is seen officially as:

Airtel’s careers and opportunities:

Airtel networks, providing network service for over 32 million users all over Nigeria.

They seek to connect communities and offer meaningful relationships that span across geographic regions.

Airtel are always active to the needs of their customers as they help them realize their daily dreams in using creative products and innovative services.

The airtel network champion diversity, not forgetting the breadth and depth of the communities they offer service to, providing solutions that enrich their lives through good network adaptation.

Airtel will always know that their most lucrative assets are the people they offer service to.

That is the reason why they constantly strive to employ passionate individuals who have energy and a can carry out dazzling responsibilities to impact the communities in which they found themselves.

Airtel basic values of being active to the needs of Airtel subscribers is of spirit looking mindset in all they do as well as ensuring that they are highly respectful to the fact that their customers are the main reason for their existence.


However, from the time you apply to join Airtel Nigeria network family and throughout your career work with Airtel company.

Nevertheless, they strive to disclose to you how much they value you and your service that you rendered to them by offering a value proposition special to the market structure.

Airtel fundamental area of interest:

Airtel Nigeria family would love to hear from you if you have basic experience in;

  • IT Systems,
  • Audit, Finance,
  • Networks Engineering,
  • People,
  • Sales or Marketing,
  • And people that are willing to work either in their headquarters in Lagos or from any of their offices within the country.

Interested individual are advised to visit their LinkedIn page to view their open jobs opportunities and more.

Airtel customer care that's working 24hours all you need to know

Life at Airtel network service:

1. Airtel hands-on experience human resource:

The Airtel network providers, starting from the onboarding and through individual career with Airtel.

Thus, employees are presented with lots of opportunities to use and at the same time test their various experiences in driving lucrative projects in a functional way or in cross-functional pattern.

2. Airtel’s creativity and innovation:

Airtel network providers are eagerly looking for exceptional creative individuals, not necessarily the artistic one’s in nature

But group of personalities that can always expand their creative minds to do things totally differently from others folks at every point in time.

3. Diversity in Airtel network:

Airtel always believe that diversity propels innovation in the workplace, influencing customer’s ability to know and appreciate customer insights and undoubtedly enables Airtel firms to retain and magnet the best talent that will provide diverse solution to the world at large.

Airtel Partner Stores:

individual who love Airtel network and are interested to partner with them via opening of Airtel shop/stores in their locality are advised to visit Airtel branch office closer to them or Airtel head office.

However, to know the Airtel terms and conditions applied and as well the common service available for them to render.

Airtel customer care that's working 24hours and Airtel mobile app
Airtel SIM card

Airtel mobile app:

For more information and necessary services at your reach you are advised to download the “My Airtel App” for more Airtel updates, get offers on data plan purchases, top up, borrow data or credit, Airtel welcome back and lots more.


we are delightfully convinced that this piece of material have made you to get familiar with Airtel customer care service numbers, Airtel social media handles.

Airtel careers, Airtel shops or store, importance of Airtel mobile app, Airtel bank recharge Ussd code, Airtel portals and lots more.

Airtel customer care that's working 24hours

Please if you find this article helpful kindly give us your feedback and the comment section or what you wish we can do to serve you better.

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