Best way to know who is sharing my Glo data (right now)

Best way to know who is sharing my Glo data, the one that works for all!!

Hello!!! Are you a lover of glo data bundle that keeps wondering why is my data plan keep finishing even before it’s appointed time and date?

Have you been among those who keep asking I recharge one thousand naira for data plan last week and this week it’s finished with out me even going on the social media to view pictures and chat with friends and well wishers or internet to browse, download and seek for knowledge?

What is actually finishing my Glo data from time to time?

Which Glo data plan is best for data subscription?

Still asking, what I’m i supposed to do for my data bundle to last for me?

How do I know people that are always sharing from my Glo data plan when ever I recharge without my permission?

Also how do I remove those that are sharing my Glo data bundle with me that keeps draining my subscription?

As well as how can I share my glo data bundle plan to my friends and family and loved ones?

With lots of agitated questions lingering on your heart.

This article is for your and all you need to know about glo data subscriptions and many other exciting packages.

Carefully take your time and read through to the end because the article is structured to deliver new knowledge about glo data plan (the does and don’t on glo sharing patterns to your).

Best way to know who is sharing my Glo data

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Why is my glo data plan always finishing on time and what is actually eating up my data.

So many reasons could be applied to this especially when you have some app that permit that, such as

1. YouTube app, lots of people have gone to click on several downloads on the app of which once one recharge it keeps sucking your data until it finishes.

This is seen in two out of hundred android users.

2. Most phone especially android undergoes several apps update when ever there is data availability, this is usually seen in twenty out of hundred users

3. People sharing our data plans with us, with or without our permission is usually the reason why our data bundle we activated monthly keep finishing on time even before the week runs off and this case is seen in eighty out of every hundred person you see.

Things to know about glo data bundle plan and subscription

There are more to do than just sharing your Glo data bundle plan and unsharing your Glo data bundle plan.

Provisions have been made on how you can check the phone numbers that are legally or illegally sharing your Glo data bundle plans.

Which makes your data to finish earlier than expected, and it’s important to know how to check the people that is sharing your data on Glo sim card network.

Always check your Glo data balance to know what is remaining

Very annoying to see suddenly, receive a message from glo customer care that you bundle plan have been expired most times a day after your Glo subscription and activation.

It’s not usually a funny feeling at all.

Glo network as the best network with data plan make it easy to share your data with anyone at any point in time, also share from them and access the internet and enjoy social media freely with out recharging on your phone.

The Glo also makes a provision for you to know those you are forcefully sharing their data with out there permission and vice versa.

How to check those numbers that are sharing my glo data bundle plan with or without my permission and knowledge.

There are more than five ways to know those that are enjoying your data subscription for free.

However, be that as it may, we are going to focusing on only two of the ways, which are as follows

(A). SMS method of finding out who is sharing my data plan with me and

(B). USSD CODE method of finding out who is sharing my data plan with me.

Something to be aware of: You must have to be a Glo simcard user and the second person you want to share from or that wants to share from you too must be a Glo simcard user with the Glo data plan active or vice versa.

Step one: (Via SMS)

How to Check individuals that are sharing your Glo data bundles with you

With your phone on your palm, go to your message app and click on compose new message and type in (LIST) on the message body space provided.

Then type in this number (127) as the recipient of the message and send.

It’s free and have no sms charge for this (Eg. Send LIST to 127) and wait for response.

Immediately you sent the message and it’s confirmed delivered.

You will immediately get a feedback SMS from Glo customer cares showing you all the glo numbers that you are sharing your Glo Data plan with in a sequencial order.

Step two: (Via USSD CODE Method)

How to know who is sharing my data plan with me using USSD CODE

This is just as simple as ABCD. From your mobile phone type in “*127*00#” then click “call” there and then all the numbers you are sharing your Glo Data with will be displayed to you on your phone screen and a complimentary message (SMS) will also be sent to you showing you the numbers you are sharing your Glo data plan with or without your permission.

How do I share my Glo data plan with someone else.

For you to share your data plan dial *777# on your Glo line.

Choose the number 2 option which is “DATA” And reply 2

As well, choose the number 3 option which is “share DATA plan

Choose number 1 option “Share”

Then put the person number you wish to share your data bundle plan with and send

You will receive a feedback SMS telling you that your request for Glo data q sharing have been sent successful and then click okay.

Which Glo data bundle plan is the best to choose

With personal experience so far “Glo yakata plan” is the best as it has best data rewarding plan and call enablement as well.

Conclusion on the best way to know who is sharing my Glo data plan

Thanks, hope your plight is met?

We are very sure that, you have been able to learnt the best way to know who is sharing my Glo data and also how to share your data  with someone.

Couple with other profitable knowledge….

If your expectations weren’t met, please tell us on areas you want us to cover on the comment section, we will glad you do so.

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