Message from AEFUNAI Alumni president (details)

Message from AEFUNAI Alumni president on convocation day!!!

Being an alumni or alumnae of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi State Nigeria (AE-FUNAI) still remains the best thing every young man can opt to become in the institution.

This is because, in AE-FUNAI, we are trained to soar like the Eagle.

That’s why it has obviously seen and use as our trademark every where we are.

And this is why every Alumnus or Alumnae of the institution is called “a soaring Eagle“, and we soar in every aspect of the society where we find ourselves.

No matter the nature of that location.

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AE-FUNAI Alumni president speech overview

On this note, I humbly wish to congratulate the newest soaring Eagle for their toughness, consistency and their perseverance.

Through the training process, of modelling them to become soaring Eagle in our unique nest (AE-FUNAI).

I equally want to charge you as an Eagle!!!

You do not have any other choices than to soar and there is no other landing nest for you except the one the school have provided to you and the alumni body remains the umbrella for you to be protected at all times.

Also bear in mind that we are the only mirror of our dear alma mater and as such as an Eagle being the king of birds.

Our excellent and integrity, strength, and courage, ambassadors of the best universities in the world AE-FUNAI.

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How to make first class in AE-FUNAI (AE-FUNAI Eagle)
How to make first class as a AEFUNAI soaring Eagle

Furthermore, one thing I am sure is that the trainings, skills and abilities we have acquired as Eagles, will be our watch dog and will also take us far as an Eagle.

Just as the Eagle do not need extra effort to soar or struggle for its heights.

So will every AEFUNAI Eagle soar without much effort.

However, do not forget in a hurry that you are part of the Alumni association.

And it is of high importance you give high priority to the association among other association you may belong to as the course of life treats and takes you to several phases of life.

Always know that as an Eagle, it is rare for you to associate with vultures.

It fails to become prey.

Be strong and stand out in this changing world with responsibilities that is profitable to direct the younger ones into Godly living that will not bring shame to our institution.

Also to you as an alumnus and to your family as well.

Be an example to scholars in character and in speech, in dressings and modes of operations, making your moderation known to all men.

Once again I want to still day a big congratulation to you as we welcome you to Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo alumni association Ebonyi State.

Message from AEFUNAI Alumni president comrade victor on AEFUNAI convocation day

Remain bless and fulfill destiny!!!

Yours in service

Comrade Victor O. Ngwoke

(AE-FUNAI Alumni president)

Message from AEFUNAI Alumni president

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