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  • Look back in anger plot Summary.
  • Main character list >> (Jimmy, Alison, Cliff, Colonel Redfern, Tanner, Hugh’s etc.).
  • Themes >> Revolutionary play.
  • Book summary and analysis.
  • Act I >> (pages 1 to 25).
  • Act I >> (pages 26 to 38).
  • Act II – Scene I >> (Pages 38 to 49).
  • Act II – Scene I >> (Pages 50 to 63).
  • Act II – Scene II.
  • Act III – Scene I
  • Act III – Scene II.
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  • Look back in anger questions and answers

Introduction to look back in anger by John James Osborne

The best-selling book tagged (Look back in anger) started in the small unfinished storage house apartments.

An apartment that belong to one Mr Jimmy Porter and Alison Porter as well.

The setting is said to be >> (mid-1950’s) in a small town of England.

Biography of John Osborneauthor of look back in anger
Biography of John Osborne author of look back in anger

The Summary of Look Back in Anger

Lovely novel literature; >> Look Back in Anger summary is a unique play that revolves around a hot-tempered man, Jimmy.

He is a man who deals in a mini candy shop.

Furthermore, Jimmy is not happy with his job and believes that he deserves something better…

He has an anger mood and releases it on his wife Alison.

He has an irritating habit of insulting his wife at all times.

Due to the advice of her friend Helena, his wife decides to leave him

Moreover, Jimmy decides to confront Alison friend after his wife have left him.

Thus, Jimmy and Helena, on the other hand, became a couple and begin to live together all of a sudden.

Look Back in Anger themes become complex after Jimmy wife returns to Jimmy.

However, Alison came back after suffering a miscarriage from Jimmy.

At this stage of her life, Helena made peace with Alison as quickly as possible.

This is because Helena was feeling guilty of spoiling the marriage and all that has happened.

Towards the closure of Look Back in Anger summary, Jimmy and Alison come back together and reconcile…

However, they decide to repair their broken marriage.

The summary of Look Back in Anger mostly focuses on Jimmy Porter and his lifestyle.

One can describe Look Back in Anger as a revolutionary drama pertaining to something that portends of great change;

Overthrowing a standing mindset play due to its content.

Look back in anger by John James Osborne the author
Look back in anger by John James Osborne

The full Epistles about looking back in anger book

Mr Jimmy Porter and Alison Porter share their own house apartment with one Mr Cliff Lewis.

A vibrant working class man who is best describe as Jimmy’s best friends in the book.

Cliff and Jimmy both originate (came) from a working class family background.

Although Jimmy Porter has had more education than the friend Cliff.

Regardless, both of them are in business together running a sweet/stall to be adding small returns to their pocket revenues.

However, Alison came from a more respectful and prominent family background.

And it is clear from the onset that Jimmy resents this fact and doesn’t want to take it to heart for any reason, anywhere, any time, be it as it may.

Now, how can one explain the fact that both of them are living in the same house apartments…?

The first act started on a faithful Sunday in the month of April and Jimmy Porter and the best friend Cliff were reading the Sunday papers as they normally do while Alison is on the other hand ironing in one side of the room.

Jimmy is a hot-tempered vibrant young man who doesn’t like taking shit, or it’s like, and he started to try and annoy both Cliff and Alison respectively.

He is contending towards Cliff’s working class family background and makes lots of jokes about him for his low intelligence quotient in Academics pursuit and with things that matters, without missing a painful word that comes into his mind.

Does working class individuals make a happy home?

Cliff on the other hand is a good-natured man and takes the antagonism to himself, not minding that jimmy is his best friend who is currently squatting him too as well.

Behold, Jimmy made further attempts to provoke his wife >> Alison >> by making jest of her family background and her well-heeled life before they both got married as well.

As if that was not enough for him, he also seems to show a bittersweet yearning for the things of the past for England’s powerful past.

He notes that the world we are living today has entered a >> DREARY << American current age, a fact he grudges fully, enviously and reluctantly accepts.

Alison Porters being a gentle man sometimes is tired of Jimmy’s noise making at all times and begs him for peace even though it supposed to be the other way round and this makes Jimmy more triggered in his insults, what a life…

Cliff try his best to maintain peace between the two and this leads to a playful rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters (scuffle) between the two parties.

Their duo fight ends up running into Alison the wife, causing her to fall down flat and Jimmy is now sorry all of a sudden for the whole incident, but Alison makes him leave the room in other to get a little peace of mind…

After when Jimmy leaves the room, Alison has to take Cliff into her confidence, to speak in secret with him that she is pregnant with Jimmy’s child, though she has not yet told Jimmy anything about it yet, pointing at jimmy bad and poor behavior towards her.

Can not telling everything to your spouse solve a family problem…?

Moreover, Cliff as good-natured young man advises her to tell him no matter what, but when Cliff left the room and Jimmy enters the room, the two instead fall into an intimate game all of a sudden.

However, Jimmy impersonates a stuffed intoxicating drink and Alison impersonates a toy squirrel on the other hand.

Cliff had to come back and tell Alison that her old friend, >> Helena Charles, has called her on the phone call while they were in the room playing an intimate game.

Alison leaves immediately to take the phone call from him and returns with the news that Helena is coming to stay with them for an unplanned visit of sometime.

Mr Jimmy the hero does not love Helena for anything and goes into a rage in which he wishes that Alison would suffer in order to understand what it means to be a real person always for someone, especially for friends,

So he curses her spontaneously and wishes that she could have a child only to watch it die in her hands. What a world!

Two (2) weeks later, Helena the friend has arrived and Alison discusses her relationship with Jimmy, and she proceeds to tell of how they both met and how in their early days, they used to enjoy lots of parties with their friend called Hugh Tanner.

Keep a friend that can build your home and not to destroy it!

Jimmy kept an affection for Hugh’s mother, though his relationship with Hugh was under tension and forced through strains when Hugh left to travel the world and Jimmy stayed to be with Alison till date.

Jimmy always looks as if he wants to regret that he could not leave, but he is also not happy at Hugh for abandoning his mother at that point in time.

Helena inquires about Alison’s lovely relationship with Cliff and Alison tells her that they are strictly on friends zone and nothing much to expect.

Jimmy and Cliff return to the flat and Helena tells them that Alison and her are leaving for church, only for Jimmy to go into an anti-religious rant and ends up insulting Alison’s family again as he normally does without fear.

However, Helena becomes very furious and Jimmy on the other hand dares her to slap him on the face to prove her anger level, warning her that he himself will personally slap her back without fear ok mercy at all.

He further tells her of how he watched his father die when they were growing up as a young man. His father back then had been inflicted with lots of injury through fighting in the Spanish civil combat and had returned to England just to die shortly after the whole incident.

Helena and Allison start to leave for their church fellowship, and Jimmy feels betrayed by his own wife. More so, a telephone call comes in for Jimmy to answer, and he leaves the room.

There are somethings we should learn even to cope in a violent relationship before one die!!!

Helena opened up to Alison that she has personally called Alison’s father to come over and get her and take her away from this abusive home before she dies in the hands of an ungrateful fellow.

Alison became angry and rejected it at the spot, saying that she will go when her father picks her up the next day because of the call.

When Jimmy came back, he told Alison that Mrs Tanner, being Hugh’s mother, has become ill and is going to die any moment from now.

Jimmy decides to pay her a visit, and he asked to know if Alison make a choice of whether to go with her friend Helena or come alongside with him.

Sad enough, Alison picks up her things and leaves for church and Jimmy collapses immediately on his bed, being heartbroken by his wife’s decision which was not what he was expecting at all.

On the evening of the next day, Alison begin packing and talking with her father, Colonel Redfern.

The Colonel is a soft-spoken natural young man who came to realize that he does not fail to comprehend the love that exists between Allison and Jimmy, and he admits that the actions of him and his wife are somehow to be blame because of their split.

Do you agree with me that marriage should be for better and for worst?

The Colonel was a pragmatic officer of the law in the British military and served in India as well, and he is reminiscent of the speaker’s childhood or younger years for his time there.

Thus, he values his remarkable service to be most of the best years of his life and Alison observes that her father is being hurt because the present is not the past anymore and that Jimmy is hurt because he normally thinks that the present is only the past to him.

As these thoughts keeps coming, Alison starts to pack her toy squirrel, but then she decides not to do so any longer, being in a perplexed condition.

Looking back in anger is ideal for all!!

Cliff and Helena soon enter the scene. Alison left a copy of a well written letter for Jimmy explaining in details to him why she had to leave, and she gave it to Cliff.

After Alison had gone, Cliff becomes sad and gives the letter to Helena back, blaming her for the whole current situation that have gone soar.

Jimmy came back baffled, confused, mystified, at a loss, not thinking clearly, or uncertain that he was almost hit by Colonel Redfern’s car.

And that Cliff his friend pretended not to see him when he was walking by on the street as a wanderer.

As if that was all, he reads Alison’s letter and becomes very sad because Helena tells him that Alison is pregnant for him.

But Jimmy tells her that he does not even care about it anymore at this point and insults Helena, and she slaps him on the face and also kiss him passionately…

In a society that if fast changing, everyone should be a suspect no matter how close!!

Several weeks and months pass and the third act begins with Cliff and Jimmy once more again reading their usual Sunday papers.

While Helena stood at the corner ironing her clothes.

Jimmy and Cliff still engage in their angry rants and Helena’s religious tendencies have taken the full adverse effects, the chief consequences or negative results of Jimmy’s punishment.

Cliff and Jimmy perform scenes from comedy and musicals shows but when Helena leaves, Cliff took note that, things do not feel the same with her here as well, so Cliff then tells Jimmy that he wants to move out of the apartment and look for his own.

Jimmy takes the apartment news easy and cool, telling him that he has been a good and loyal friend and is worth more than any woman on the surface of the earth.

When Helena came back, the three plan to go out and Alison suddenly enters the house without them noticing.

Helena and Alison talk while Jimmy leaves the room and begins to loudly play his trumpet, making his noise that his use to.

Alison has lost her pregnancy for Jimmy and looks very sick, so Helena tells Alison that she should be very sad with her for what she has done to her self, but Alison is only angry by the loss of her unborn baby.

Looking back in anger can make you not to see the lovely future!!!

As Helena is driven to so many distractions pumping out from Jimmy’s trumpet which his playing and demands that he come into the room immediately and when he enters, he laments the fact that Alison has lost the baby but ignore or disregard; to be indifferent about the news.

Helena then explained to Jimmy in details and Alison that her sense of morality >> either right or wrong >> has not diminished, and that she still knows that she must leave any moment from now.

But Alison tries to persuade her to stay back and not to go, telling her that Jimmy will be alone if she leaves and go, trying to play a Smart fare game here.

When Helena had to take her leave, Jimmy tries to once again become sad, but Alison tells him that she has now passed through a lot of psychological, emotional and physical torture that he has always wanted her to pass through and feel the pain…

He also realizes that she has suffered profoundly and has become like him, but now has becomes softer and more tender towards her, unlike before.

Regardless, the play ends with Alison and Jimmy embracing, once again playing their game of squirrel and bear which the normal play at the beginning when they newly fall in love.

Extension on the book;

Who is the author of look back in anger?

The person that authored look back in anger is John James Osborne

Biography of John Osborneauthor of look back in anger
Biography of John Osborne author of look back in anger


The Biography of John Osborne

John Osborne. J. was a screenwriter, an actor and an English playwright who is known for his excoriating prose.

As well as his intense critical stance towards established social and political norms.

However, the success of his work in the year 1956 >> look back in anger transformed English theater presently.

  • John James Osborne was born on the 12th of December 1929 in the city of Fulham, London, United Kingdom.
  • The author of look back in anger (John James Osborne) died on the 24th of December in 1994.

Precisely in the city of Clun, United Kingdom (exactly 26 years ago).

  • Spouse >> Helen Osborne >> m. 1978–1994 <<, Jill Bennett >> m. 1968–1977 <<, and more.
  • John James Osborne Books >> Look Back in Anger which is a play in three Acts,

The entertainer,

A patriot for me, Luther,

A better class of person,

World of Paul Slickey and many more…

  • Osborne Children >> Nolan Osborne

Look Back in Anger, Questions and Answers!!

The Question and Answer part of Look Back in Anger is a great resource to evaluate one’s ability.

As well as find unique answers, and discuss the novel to the best of your knowledge.

  Rita’s question on the book

With reference to Jimmy character in the play, justify the complexity of human mind from act1 scene1!

Jimmy is a case study in dualism >> he is publicly displaying an angry and bitter personality always.

Yet he is also tender, soft and intense in his quest to love.

However, the writer tries to paint Jimmy as a very masculine character…

Thus, the audience is to justify how much of that tender love is real as an option.

And if he is actually a difficult and nagging individual…

Thus, the above question is coming from Rita. C. and to Aslan 5 months ago exactly 4/3/2022 4:28 AM.

Amal question on the book

Carefully discuss look back in anger as a dark comedy play!

Look Back in Anger is basically an autobiographical and presents the playwright’s relationship….

Which is with his first wife in ardent suffering,

As well as the subsequent end of their marriage all of a sudden…

Meanwhile, even with pregnancy when care is needed the most.

Unlike what we see in a romantic comedy, dark comedy!

Meanwhile, dark comedy are mixtures of pain and joys in life of and individual and the play did follow suit.

This question was asked by Amal. R. and was answered by Jill. D. 6 month ago 10/2/2022 3:55 PM.

Daniel question on the book

What’s Osborne view of religion in looking back in anger?

In the play, Jimmy porter sees organized traditional Anglican religion as the antithesis of everything.

However, he puts his faith and believe in.

Nevertheless, the modern world that he believes in is a world of moral subjectivity and nothing much.

The church provides a global view in which there is clear right and wrong…

Asked by Daniel. O. and was answered by Aslan 11 months ago, 16/9/2021 10:05 PM.

Essays aspect of Look Back in Anger literature

Look back in anger is an undermined academic essays and literature essays, that are essays for citation.

These seasonal paper work were written basically by students…

As it offers critical analysis of Look back in anger by a personality called John Osborne.

Thus, the social criticism in >> a doll’s house << and >> Look back in anger <<.

The Symbolism in Look back in anger; The underestimated hidden fire best describes the true character of Allison Porter.

Why Jimmy Porter in the other hand as the figure of pre- and post-war alienated young man!

Just as seen in look back in anger…

Truly, look back in anger is an ideal literature book for our time.

Conclusion on Look Back in Anger

Thanks for taking your time to read Look Back in Anger summary made available by us;

Hope you are able to get all you expected from looking back in anger?

However, look back in anger presents the struggle of a man who has an angry and irritating nature.

Who married a lovely and calm woman being the opposite of him.

Jimmy later have to come to his senses that Alison, his wife.

Jimmy and Alison had to go through great pain because of  Jimmy himself.

Subsequently as time goes on, almighty Jimmy has to turn into a new leaf…

Simply by becoming very considerate, compassionate, tender and soft towards his lovely wife Alison.

Which is for the first time in his entire real being as a human being.

And this act makes Alison to feel at home for the first time in her life too as well

There and then, look back in anger play summary comes to an end with the Jimmy and Alison.

Where Jimmy and Alison is trying to reunite and play like a baby.


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