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  • The summary of the life changer jamb novel aptitude test.
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summary of the life changer
summary of the life changer

Before we go into the full book analysis.

Let’s have a pure background of the life changer ideology.

What it’s really have to offers to our time, and why we should give in to it….

Introduction and background to life changer book

This unique novel, >> “Life Changer” >>> which is a literature work, written by Khadija Jalli A.

Life changer novel is for JAMB 2022 UTME/DE Candidates aptitude test.

Regardless of the course of study, you wish to apply and the mode of the examination as well.

Each candidate will have to show their ability with life changer book commended by jamb.

All candidates are to take note, that about fifteen to thirty-five (15 – 35) questions will likely be coming out from the recommended novel.

This will be in the use of English examination questions, unlike other subjects.
However, life changer novel will be for every candidate at their point of registration.

Such as in any of the 2022 JAMB accredited CBT centers.

After which all candidates had paid and obtained the JAMB e-registration PIN.

At the cost of three thousand five hundred (N3,500).

Plus an additional sum of five hundred naira (N500) for the book.
Don’t be disturb, due to corruption that will be going here and there in the Country…

summary of the life changer chapter by chapter
summary of the life changer chapter by chapter

Overview of the life changer novel

The life changer book is a literature novel that changes the narrative of life in school campuses.

In line with underlying optimism, the book tends to uphold the opinion.

As well as belief, or principle of hope and redemption in the lives of our youth with their university adventures.

The tales follow the ordeals of Salma and her roommates in the university campus.

As a swim in the tempestuous and seamy tides of academia, they found their self inside.
The Life Changer novel, authored by Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s, is her first publication.

And she seems to be saying that the feminine voice is making a return to health.

Or well-being recovery on the fortification of the African literary scene alternatively.

Who is the main character of life changer

Ummi Ahmed is obviously the main character and the narrator of all the epic campus life stories in the novel.

And Mrs Ummi Ahmed will always be “The Life Changer” main character.

However, this is in other to fulfill her father’s condition for her to get a tertiary kind of education.

summary of the life changer jamb novel chapter by chapte
summary of the life changer jamb novel chapter by chapte

About the Author of life changer novel

Mrs Khadija Abubakar Jalli is the one that wrote the Life Changer literature novel.

And she holds a B.Sc. (Ed) in Mathematics degree, and she is currently an entrepreneur.

As well as the chief executive officer of She’s Boutique Afrique.
Khadija Abubakar Jalli is with lovely kids around her, bosom (her children).
The Life Changer is Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first publication.

She seems to be saying, feminine voice is making a rebound on the perimeter of the African literary scene.

What is the theme of the Life Changer Jamb novel ?

University as a life Changer is the theme of the life changer novel…

Thus, the university is the significant or predominant and important theme in the novel.

The Life Changer by Khadija A. J.
The whole epistles revolve around the parapet of how Salma’s university life encounter.

Which is able to change Ummi life completely for good.

Meanwhile, Ummi Ahmed, also disclosed to her children that university entirely is a life changer tool.

Always changing individuals from one state of being to another; either good to bad or from bad to good.

summary of the life changer chapter by chapter
summary of the life changer chapter by chapter

The life changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli PDF quick guide

Download the “Life Changer” complete book and have a feel of good read.

Based on the enormous request with regard to the book.

We have made an offer of a soft copy of the books PDF for those interested to get the copy.

Regardless, all UTME Candidates can now download this on their mobile cell phones and computer system, or tablet device.

And read it anywhere, any time, at their own convince.
Please is important for you to note that you need a PDF-enabled device to be able to download it.

And, at the same time, allowed to read through the book.

If you need full copy of life changer novel or summary of the life changer PDF or both of them.

Don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section.

Stating the one that you want The JAMB Life Changer possible questions and answers for this year 2022.

Summary of the life changer chapter by chapter (all you need to know)

Under this section and subsection of the life changer book in English literature.

We will analyze the summaries, based on chapter by chapter module…
As you can clearly see below!!

Summary of the life changer chapter 1 (comprehensive guide)

In a family of six (6) that awaits the arrival of Mr. Esquire; and while they wait keenly in earnest.

Bint decided to give an account of her classroom experience with her interrupting or disturbing.

Entering without permission of Social studies teacher, in the person of Mr Mallam Salihu.

Who acts as though he knew virtually a bit about every subject.

As he will often ask questions outside the subject giving to him for discussion.

Bint proceed to tell the story of how she genuinely handled a similar occurrence.

Leaving the subject teacher speechless by the cheering and laughter of other individuals.

Ummi (Bint mother) in the mirror is seamlessly proud of her daughter, particularly, Bint’s intelligent approach to life situations.

And she joins in their dialogue right before Omar joyfully pronounces his provisional admission into the Ahmadu Bello University to study law.

More so, as the entire family gathers to celebrate and cheer Omar’s success.

Omar brags about his achievement and takes pride in strictly overcoming school exam challenges.

As well as other entry procedures while looking for a provisional university admission.

Bints mother recognizes her son’s inexperienced in virtually every thing and tries very hard to enlighten him about the life-changing ability of tertiary admission, to all and sundry.

Ummi tells her wards and associates, how her university admission changed her completely as an individual, during her undergraduate levels. In her academic pursuit…

Summary of the life changer chapter 2 (the one that works)

Ummi gains a provisional admission into the university and at the same time (20 years ago).

Even before she thought of starting her normal school registration as a married woman.

Ummi talks about the carefree and freedom life of students in the campus!!!

The challenges in differentiating between teachers and students with feminine dressing almost without a cloth.

How some department and faculties will be on a particular departmental uniform dress codes…
Bint’s mother further discloses her experience with a lady called Salma, a sophisticated young lady in all ramification.

Salma always have the habit of going for her registration, much more later than everyone else;

But expresses a lot of irrigation and discomfort about the delay in the registration process.

That she always found herself in.
She is always prone to question or quiz, especially in a thorough and/or aggressive manner by a young man on the queue, and he continuously engages her in an impromptu discussion, but Salma continues to criticize and hyper-generalize her opinions about university lecturers.

In addition, Salma doesn’t only create a similarity between policemen and lectures as personalities that can be bribed.

She also brags of her brilliant ability to win the university lecturer’s favor if she even gives him as little as the sum of two or three thousand naira (N2000 to N3000).

Unknowingly to her and to the bewilderment of everyone on the registration queue.

The young man she has been discussing with is the able lecturer in charge of their registration procedure, that week in the school.

Summary of the life changer chapter 3 (comprehensive guide)

Ummi proceeds to her own faculty and down to her department to carry out her registration, and she is shown to the HOD’s office.

The HOD is seen from a distance, exchanging endearing, inspiring affection or lovely pleasantries often in a childlike way, with Ummi which she finds rather discomforting to her kind of person, and inappropriate at the same time.

Ummi thought that the HOD is trying had to make a pass at her, just a guy of nowadays normally do.

She skeptically manages to accept this until she is given her matriculation number and leaves the office almost angry and irritated, to everything.

On reaching to her house, Ummi narrate to her husband about her encounter, she had at the HOD’s office, but she was surprised to hear about the rapport and friendship between Dr Sam John and her husband.

  • Ummi narrated the story of >> the quiet one << a small boy called Talle, who was given birth after so many years of child futility of his parents, and his childbirth lead to the death of his mother.

Talle grows up with a silent character and becoming even more reserved and at the same time restrained over the death of his biological father and stepmother. However, the quiet one was a perfect description of trust no man no matter the character or who they are…

Talle is seen and addressed as a good man by the villager who is unable to cause harm to others, no matter what.

However, he needed some money at a particular point of his life and decided to confide on his friend in Zaki, who suggested the idea of kidnapping a boy and demanding for a ransom from the owners.

Summary of the life changer chapter 4 (all you need to know)

The same initiated kidnapping plan was executed by the duo, and Talle kept the boy in his own house apartment.
One faithful day, Talle went to the supermarket to get some of his groceries, but his usual demand for food items is times two, this time around.

Soon, his market customer notices a change in his enormous request for groceries and reports the issue to their district head to take action.

While Talle is being asked some questions by their district head, policemen came and cover the palace and arrest Talle as the prime suspect for kidnapping a young boy and extortion money from the owners.

Zaki and Talle were eventually sentenced to prison, for some good number of years of imprisonment.

Furthermore, this chapter provides a comprehensive account of Salma’s pomposity and splendor as a lady.

Salma went to Dr. Debo, their level coordinator, to get her forms signed by him. Sadly for her, Doctor Debo loses touch of his moral discipline and made clear advances towards Salma.

Unfortunately, Salma rudely dismisses his attempt at the spot and further rain insults on him before leaving his office.

Dr. Dabo is left is a state of had I known, and he shamefully prays to be vindicated from the impact of what he has created with the young lady in her office.

Salma finishes her hostile registration and packed into a room occupied by three different other girls.

Initially, She doesn’t like to set her eye’s on her roommates, but eventually, they begin to grow fond of each other and form a solid bond between them, which they regarded as sisterhood for them.

Summary of the life changer chapter 5 (the one that works)

On a very lovely evening, She was offered a ride in a Mercedes-Benz type of car by two men, Habib and the driver, Labaran.

She comes to know that it is dangerous, and she conceitedly plots an escape scheme to reject Habib’s request to date her if he eventually proposes to her, like men do these days.

Having to seen and rejects a man that is driving Mercedes Benz is now Salma’s new way of upgrading her standard and getting recognition and respect from her colleagues and the entire university.

In addition to this chapter, it is obviously seen that Salma gave Habib Tomiwa’s mobile phone number instead of her own in exchange, and unknowing to Habib, he calls Tomiwa to go out on a blind date with him in other to get to know her the more.

Tomiwa on the other side was curious about Mr Habib, and she agreed to go out on a date with him blindly, but she eventually tells Habib about the switch in mobile number.

Lucky for her, Mr Habib came to like her a lot and still shops for her and her roomies.

And he also offered Tomiwa some money for herself and her roommates, of which she gladly accepted.

She became extremely happy, excited; pleased, euphoric and her roomies, gladly took part in her happiness and spoils from her date.

Initially, Salma stood against Tomiwa’s approval of Mr Habib and accuses her of being a gold digger and chameleon, which results in a lot of ripples and quarrels between both parties.

Summary of the life changer chapter 6 (detailed account)

Thus, after series of quarrels between Salma and Tomiwa; Ngozi and Ada came to intervene, but the issue was fueled the more and exploded beyond understanding.

They soon arrived to a point of harmony as soon as someone knocks at their door, and they do not want to have to share their personal issues with other neighbors, no matter what.

However, Salma and her roomies continue to excel in their various departments as they gradually prepare for their General studies (GST) papers.

Salma finds their moral philosophy very hard to cope with; however, she prepares by practicing with past questions and answering all the questions in them offhand.

Unfortunately for her, She was unable to answer any single questions on the examination day, as none of the topics for which she engaged the whole night studying came out.

She decided to go into exam malpractice with her friends’ kola. Kola will provide answers to most of the questions in a small note, and she will in return copies them into her answer booklet.

Regrettably, things didn’t go smooth with her as planned, and she was caught by her female lecturer.

Salma was forced to fill out the Exam Malpractice (EMAL) form and she with Kola was lead to the HOD’s office.

Getting to the HOD, he transfers their case to the Examination Ethics committee of the university for further processing.

Kola and Salma were expelled thereafter from the university.

Summary of the life changer chapter 7 (all you need to know)

After the situation keeps unfolding, Salma went to Habib for him to help her influence the examination malpractice committee by using his position as a politician who is very influential.

Habib agreed to involve Doctor Debo but because of her past encounter with the lecturer, she rejected this suggestion and kindly suggested bribing.

Meanwhile, Mr Habib agreed to give her some huge amount of money to bribe the chairman of the university Exam and Ethics Committee (EMEC) but in return, she will have no other choice than to repay in kind.

Salma is unwillingly agreed with this tempting offer, but because of her affair with Labaran her friend, she considers it to be unjust to have an affair with her friend’s man for no reason.

She soon gives in to Habib’s demands, but unluckily for her, she ended up giving the whole money to Doctor Kabir, who patrols himself to be the chairman of the EMEC.

Salma soon finds out she has been duped by the so-called doctor Kabir, who is neither the chairman nor a member of the university examination malpractice Committee.

She gradually breaks down and, demoralized by how her trust have been dashed to the wall, as well as her education pursuit.

Summary of the life changer chapter 8 (comprehensive guide)

The whole of the chapter shows the real identity of Mohammed Kabir, the department laboratory technologist employed by the University.

He has been going around with his nicknamed Doctor since secondary school days and has always been addressed to as Doctor. Kabir; which his not.

Labaran being very observant get to know that Salma has been deceived by the gambler and informs Habib recommending Zaki be contacted to handle the situation in his own opinion.

Honorable Habib was reluctant about involving Zaki due to his failure in the previous mission of kidnapping Alhaji Adamu’s son that landed him and Talle into prison.

However, after series of critical thinking, Habib accept to yield into Labaran’s suggestion by contacting Zaki to trail Dr. Kabir unjust acts.

Dr. Kabir is seen at a gambling arena where he normally comes to place, luckily enough, he wins the game at the gambling arena and tries to leaves to avoid losing it all he has won.

Sadly, he was trailed by thugs whose objectives and aim is to retrieve Dr Kabir’s wins at the gambler spot.

Meanwhile, Zaki now catches up with Dr. Kabir as he is being manhandled by the aggressive thugs.

Right there, Zaki lunches his attack on the thugs and gains full control of the situation as they all flee for their respective life’s, and he then focused on Kabir and collects all the money that is with him, and left him lots of injuries.

Bint’s mother also narrates the stories to her children, on how Salma changed her immoral and wicked ways for her own good and benefits.

Summary of the life changer chapter 9 (right now)

Salma becomes decent and serious after the death of her biological father and because of her level of seriousness and decency, Bint’s mother allows Salma to become her lovely friends.

Ummi also shows Salim’s resentful encounter with smartphones; and Salim confesses to Lawal about a lady he meets on social media platforms, after many exchanges of pictures, chats, and emotional affection.

Salim decided to visit Natasha according to her preference and unconsciously to him that he is being tricked by Natasha, he embarks on an insightful voyage to see her late in the night.

When she has finally reached, she joins in him in the front seat of his SUV type of vehicle, meanwhile Salim is completely attracted by her beauty.

He was eventually ambushed by unknown armed men who try to rob him of his lots and possession.

Fortunately for him, he managed to escape from this, and only for him to get involved with another woman that he meets on social media.

Furthermore, this time he pleads with Lawal to kindly follow him to avoid similar situation that is not pleasant to the ear.

Lawal refuses to go with him, and he left only him to see the supposed beautiful lady and Salim leaves in complete disappointment and meets an ugly lady instead of the beautiful one, as imagined.

The children are spotted proclaiming a positive emotion including wonder and approbation; the regarding of another as being wonderful for all the stories relayed to them by Ummi as they await their daddy’s arrival in earnest…

summary of the life changer jamb novel chapter by chapte
summary of the life changer jamb novel chapter by chapte

Conclusion on the summary of the life changer novel

First, thanks for taking your time to read through the summary of life changer recommended by Jamb this 2022, The book summary “The Life Changer” written by Khadija Abubakar Jali is an epic novel literature that explores and alters the story of students diverse life on the university.

The book is filled with lots of optimism, and focuses on the principles of faith and redemption in the lives of young individual academic and general life pursuit.

Regardless, Ummi Ahmed is the narrator and main character of all the embedded stories in this epic novel; “The Life Changer”
She got married to her husband Mr. Ahmed earlier enough before going to the university as fulfilling her father’s condition for her to get a university education degree.

The life changer novel tries to point the university to each one of s that the university still remains the Life Changer, and have changed and giving life to many that passed through it.

However, the university is the predominant theme of the novel, and the all encompassing story revolves around how Salma’s university admission life was able to changed her for good.

Even the story narrator, in the person of Ummi, also affirms by telling her children in a not shell that university is and still remains a life changer; as seen in this summary of life changer!!!

summary of the life changer questions and answers
summary of the life changer questions and answers

The summary of the life changer questions and answers,

In this section of the post, we will show you root questions and complying answers On The Life Changer JAMB Novel; most likely and repeated questions on the life changer novel. As you can see below;

Chapter 1 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

What time does the husband of Ummi normally close from work?.
Answer= Ummi’s husband normally closes from his work place exactly by 5pm.

Why does Ummi often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on their door?
Answer = She wanted all of her children to get used to her presence and to always ensure they keep up and maintain a good hygiene; through keeping their bedrooms tidy at all times.

How many credits did Omar had on his WAEC result?
Answer = Omar was able to get seven (7) credits in his WAEC including in Mathematics and English at his first attempt.

Who was the person that answered the Teacher first question?
Answer = Bint answered the first asked questions.
What did Omar request his siblings refer to him as?
Answer = Omar demanded that Teemah and Jamila should always call him “My Learned Brother at all time”.
What was the reason Ummi didn’t tell her children a story about her experience in the university? Answer = Ummi’s restrained to tell her children a story about her personal experience in the University, due to the fact that, she felt they were not old enough to know about life on campus, especially her own personal encounters.
Who is Teemah?
Answer = Teemah is Ummi’s second child and first Daughter as well.
Who is Bint?
Answer = Bint is Ummi’s daughter, and she is her youngest child and the most brilliant.
Who went out to buy the Zobo drink?
Answer = Teemah went out to buy the Zobo drink for herself.
Who offered to pay for the Zobo drink that Teemah bought?
Answer = Ummi offered to pay for the Zobo drink herself.

Chapter 1 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

What was the jamb score of Omar?
Answer = Omar had the scored of about 230 in his UTME exams.
What questions did Bint ask her teacher that made him surprised and uncomfortable?
Answer = Bint asked him how to say “that’s very Good” in the French language
What was the first question Bint’s teacher for social study asked the classroom when quizzing them on French
Answer = The social studies teacher, asked them to greet Good morning in French language.
How many children did Ummi have in all?
Answer = Mrs Ummi had four children, a boy and 3 girls.
Why did Bint’s parents advise her to study French in the university?
Answer = Bint’s parent always believed that, learning a new language at an early age was easy and French is a generally spoken global language.
What course did Ummi’s husband study in the tertiary institution?
Answer = Ummi’s husband read Accounting in the university, however, he basically wanted to study Law initially.
Who used to say >> what you teach a kid is like writing on a hard rock and once is dried, it would be difficult to clean?
Answer = Ummi’s grand mom normally go by such words.
What name does Omar call Ummi?
Answer = He calls her Mum at all times.
How old is Bint in this novel?
Answer = Bint is five (5) years old
Who asked Ummi to narrate a story to them?
Answer = Bint asked Ummi to narrate a story, while they all sat outside to listen.

Chapter 1 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part three evaluation)

Why did Jamila advise that, they should all go outside?
Answer = With was because, their room was getting stuffy and hot, because there was no power/light, hence Jamilla suggested that they all go outside to get fresh natural air.
Which person did the social studies teacher call on to assist him answer Bint’s questions?
Answer = The social studies teacher asked the French mistress, who always teaches the senior classes to help him answer Bint’s question in French.
Who is called by name Jamila?
Answer = Jamilla is Bint’s immediate elder sister and Ummi’s daughter.
What reward was Omar expecting from his father for his achievements?
Answer = Omar was expecting that his father will buy him an android smartphone.
Why did Omar wait for two days before checking his university admission status?
Answer = Omara had to wait to go to the cybercafé to check his university admission status due to that fact that, he did not have an Android smartphone unlike his fellow associates who had checked theirs admission status immediate using their mobile smartphones.
Who is Omar in the novel?
Answer = Omar is Ummi’s her only son and first child.
What is Ummi’s main occupation?
Answer = Ummi had been a teacher.
How old was Omar during the time he gains admission into the tertiary institution?
Answer = Omar was just eighteen (18) years old when he gains admission into the university.
Why was Omar so happy when he got home?
Answer = Omar was extremely happy, due to the fact that he has gain admission into the university.
What course was Omar giving in Ahmadu Bello University to study?
Answer = Omar was given an admission in Ahmadu Bello University to study Law at Kongo Campus of the institution.


Chapter 2 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

What is the name of the university that offered Omar admission?
Answer = Omar gained a provisional admission into Ahmadu Bello University that’s located in the city of Zaria, Kaduna State.
What is Ummi’s complete name?
Answer = Unmi full name is Ummi Ahmad.
Why did Salma say lecturers and policemen are the same in everything?
Answer = Salma said that university lecturers are corrupt, accusing them of taking bribes, just like police officers normally do as well.
Why did Ummi feel disturbed while talking to the HOD?
Answer = Ummi felt disturbed because the HOD addressed her as “my dear”.
Why was Salma in shock after her talks with a certain young man on the registration queue?
Answer = Salma had to find out that the young man she gossiped with, happened to be the lecturer they have all been waiting for on the line.
Why was Ummi so afraid of young male lecturers?
Answer = Ummi was not okay around young male lecturers because, Salma had shunned her that they always want to date the ladies and extort money from them as well.
What tribe is Doctor Sam Johnson from?
Answer = Ummi’s HOD, Doctor Sam Johnson is from Yoruba land.
What is Ummi’s HOD’s name? Ummi’s HOD’s name is Dr. Samuel Johnson.
Why was Ummi in sudden surprise when she met their HOD?
Answer = Ummi had shock just to find out that her HOD was also a very young handsome man.

Chapter 2 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

What facial features did Ummi and her husband often employed to explain her HOD?
Answer = Ummi’s HOD had prominent visible tribal marks and this basically describes him.

And he normally dress like a Yoruba man or an Igala people
Why did Ummi refuse to tell her HOD that she had a husband?
Answer = UMMI did not tell the HOD about the husband, because Ummi felt that, since the HOD never asked, then telling him that information wasn’t important.
How many students had their HOD interviewed before he attended to UMMI own?
Answer = None, Ummi is the first lucky student to meet the HOD for her matriculation number in the department.
Where did Salma and Ummi first meet?
Answer = they met at the faculty registration office, during her registration process.
Who finds out that Ummi “you are far better than we imagined”?
Answer = Ummi’s HOD was the one that said this to her while she was in the office.
Why did Ummi disclosed to Omar to be extremely careful of university girls?
Answer = Ummi warned her son Omar to stay away from girls who wear revealing clothes.
Why was Salma angry during the registration process?
Answer = Salma was very angry because she felt the lecturer that is responsible for registration was intentionally delaying the registration process for this own personal reasons.
Why did Ummi decided to see the HOD shortly after her registration?
Answer = After her registration exercise, Ummi went to their HOD’s office to get her matric number.

Chapter 2 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part three evaluation)

Who did Ummi referred to as an attractive, tall, elegant and busty lady with fair complexion?
Answer = This is the lady she met in the university called Salma.
What was the matriculation number given to Ummi?
Answer = UG0001 is Ummi matric number.
What did Ummi meant by saying it was a two face celebration when she was about leaving for the university?.
Answer = Despite the fact that she was finally going to the higher institution, her husband also suggested that they get married as quickly as possible, so that all this university madness will be far away from her.
Why did Ummi’s husband laugh at her when she was telling her encounter with the HOD?
Answer = Ummi’s husband found her story very funny because she didn’t know that, her husband and the HOD were best of friends, and he even helped with her admission into the university.

summary of the life changer questions and answers
summary of the life changer questions and answers

Chapter 3 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

How did Talle’s parents die?
Answer = Talle lost his father and stepmother in a terrible car accident.
Why did Talle’s parents need the aid of a traditional medicine man?
Answer = Talle’s parents got married for many years without being able to have a child, so to sort, the help of the traditional medicine man called a Boka.
What exactly did Talle do when he heard the police sirens sounds?
Answer = Talle ran to Hakimi’s apartment, but was chased after by the courtiers who seek for justice, that alone showed that Talle was indeed guilty of something.
Why did Talle start confessing all of a sudden?
Answer = Talle Started to confess when he noticed that the police had not only apprehended his partner in crime, Zaki, but he had been severely beaten in their custody.
Who is Zaki in the novel?
Answer = Zaki is Talle’s partner in crime and the planner, he is a suspect in a case of abduction and extortion of money.
What unusual exercise brought about unacceptable attention to Talle?
Answer = The woman at the store where Talle often buy his things from noticed the quantity of food items he usually purchases doubled suddenly.
What later happen to Talle and Zaki?
Answer = both Talle and Zaki were sentenced to some years in prison for abduction and extortion.
Why did the market woman and other people feel the need to be concerned about this?
Answer = They knew that Talle lived on his own and could not possibly consume all the food stuffs he was buying frequently.

Chapter 3 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

What is the title given to the Lafayette district head?
Answer = The district head in Lafayette is called by the name Hakimi.
When commanded to come by the HAKIMI, what was Talle’s reason for purchasing more food items than usual?
Answer = Talle told them that he bought more food stuffs because he doesn’t want to starve if he goes broke, but he failed to provide a sensible answer on how he got all the money to buy that quantity of food he normally buys.
What did the people do when they noticed Talle’s new double shopping habits?
Answer = People noticed that it was unusual and decided to inform the District Head.
How long was the naive boy held captive by Talle in his house?
Answer = The young boy was kept captive in Talle’s house for one week before the police intervened to free him.
How did Talle lose his biological mother?
Answer = Talle’s biological mother died while trying to give birth to him.
What did the villagers and police noticed, when they searched Talle’s apartment?
Answer = The police found a young boy who was kept captive in Talle’s house.
What is the name of the city where Ummi and her family lived?
Answer = Ummi and her entire family lived in a small city called Lafayette.
Why did Salma withdrawn from her previous university?
Answer = Salma was found guilty of indulging in examination malpractice.
What did Ummi’s referred to as EMAL?
Answer = Ummi referred EMAL as Exam Malpractice.
Who is Boka?
Answer = Boka is a traditional medicine man in the city.

Chapter 3 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part three evaluation)

What did the HOD do when he saw Ummi?
Answer = Doctor Samuel John greeted her in an amazing manner.
Why was Talle often addressed to as the “quiet boy”?
Answer = Talle was often referred to as “the quiet boy” because he never interacted with people, rather he loves keeping things to himself all the time.
Who helped in raising Talle as a kid?
Answer = Talle’s Dad re-married after his mother died.
Answer = Talle was brought up by his Dad and his stepmother.
What is the rumor about how Talle mother was able to conceive him?
Answer = There had always been a rumor that the traditional medicine man gave Talle’s parents a herbal mixtures for instant fertility, while others believed that Boka slept with his mother.
What does Talle do as occupation?
Answer = Talle initially worked as a driver in their Local Government office.
How old was young child who was held captive in Talle’s apartment?
Answer = The young child who was held captive in Talle’s house was barely 13 years old.
Who was said to be born with the help of Boka, their traditional medicine man?
Answer = Talle also known as the quiet one, was said to have been born with the assistant of a traditional medicine man aka Boka.
Who was the person that asked for the story of the person they referred to as “The quiet boy”?
Answer = Omar asked his mother Ummi to tell them a story about a man they normally addressed to as the quiet boy.

Chapter 3 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part Four evaluation)

Why did Talle agreed to give in to the crime?
Answer = Talle was recklessly in need of money and was therefore easily pleaded by Zaki to help in his plan to abduct his friends son and collect an enormous amount of ransom.
How did Zaki got arrested by the police?
Answer = Zaki was apprehended by the police at the point of collecting the ransom for the kidnapping.
Why did Ummi ask her love husband to say sorry to her HOD on her behalf?
Answer = Ummi thought that saying sorry after she was convinced that she overreacted and fail to understand a harmless situation.
Why does the entire town have a law that doesn’t allow strangers to be given accommodation without legal authorization?
Answer = In order to make sure that they don’t harbor fugitives or criminals in the town, strangers can’t be given accommodation without the permission of the district head.
How many years has the current district head been in office?
Answer = The current district head has been in office for over thirty (30) years.
How did Zaki know about the young child that they planned to kidnap?
Answer = The young child was the son of a rich businessman who was Zaki loyal friends with Zaki.

Chapter 4 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

Why was the hostel of Salma very popular?
Answer = Salma’s hostel was very popular for having the most beautiful and attractive girls in the entire university, and the ladies often addressed to themselves as “happening or trending babes”.
What car were Habib and Labaran driving?
Answer = the young men were on a Mercedes Benz.
Why was Dr. Dabo scared and anxious after Salma left his office?
Answer = Dr. Dabo became scared because he felt that Salma will report him to the school authorities and that alone would spoil his reputation and image which he had labored hard to build.
Describe Dr. Dabo’s respect on campus?
Answer Dr Dabo was referred to be a strict and mean lecturer, who takes his punctuality very seriously, and he also has integrity and respect on campus.
Why did Salma pay a visit Doctor Dabo’s office?
Answer = Salma went to Dr Dabo office to get her departmental registration form signed because he was their departmental Coordinator.
What is the name given to Salma hostel?
Answer = Salma’s hostel was known as Queen Amina hall.
How did Dr Dabo feel with respect to Salma?
Answer = The moment he set his eyes on Salma.
How did Salma behave to Dr. Dabo demand?
Answer = She denied his request by scolding him, she then walked out of his office highly disappointed.
Who are Labaran and Habib?
Answer = Labaran and Habib are the men who agreed to give Salma a ride in their car and dropped her off in front of her hostel.
Where state did Tomiwa came from?
Answer = Tomiwa came from Ibadan, Oyo state.

Chapter 4 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

What was the unpleasant questions Dr. Dabo ask Salma that got her upset?
Answer = Dr. Dabo said to Salma >> I crave to feel you more intimately here on this my first sight and beyond.
What special meal did Tomiwa gave to her friends?
Answer = Tomiwa sometimes Cooke’s snail for her roomies, and they enjoyed eating it.
Which delicacy is all students favorite food?
Answer = Jollof Indomie, because it was quick and easy to make.
What is the religion of Salma’s roomies?
Answer = Tomiwa and Salma were Muslims, while Ngozie and Ada were Christians.
What are the names of Salma roomies?
Answer = Salma had three roomies in her hostel, their names are Ada, Tomiwa and Ngozie.
What was the unique food that Salma introduced to her roommates?
Answer = Salma who came from the Northern part, introduced a special meal to them called Danwake delicacy.
How many female ladies stayS in a hostel room?
Answer = Each hostel had four ladies per room.
Which of Salma’s roomie wanted to be a music singer?
Answer = Tomiwa’s dream was to become a music singer.
Where did Ada came from?
Answer = Ada came from Benue state.
Where did Ngozie came from?
Answer = Ngozie came from Umunze a community in Imo State.
Who did Salma said that was the owner of the car?
Answer = Salma felt that Habib was the owner of the car because he did not talk much during the journey.
Who is Dr Dabo?
Answer Dr Dabo is one of Salma lecturers in Ahmadu Bello University.

Chapter 5 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

How many years has Dr. Dabo spent as a lecturer in the university?
Answer = Dr. Dabo has been a university lecturer for more than ten solid years.
Who is Mr Habib?
Answer = Habib is a famous politician, who is a member of the State House of Assembly.
Why was Tomiwa scared when she entered inside Habib’s car?
Answer = Tomiwa was scared because they were all boys and felt if they will carry out their normal funny things.
Who is Mr Labaran?
Answer = Mr Labaran is Habib’s personal driver, he is also his man.
What was Labaran’s formal occupation?
Answer = Labaran was a local government taxi driver.
How much was the money Habib gave to Tomiwa?
Answer = Habib handed the sum of fifty thousand naira to Tomiwa, and he told her to take twenty thousand and give her roomies or friends ten thousand naira each.
What was the time that Habib call Tomiwa’s phone number that evening?
Answer = Habib called Tomiwa’s phone by 8pm that very evening.
Where did Mr Habib took Towima to on the first date that they had?
Answer = Habib took Tomiwa to an eatery called Frizzlers.
What led to the argument between Salma and her roomies?
Answer = Salma became jealous due to the fact that, she had missed a very big opportunity to date a rich man like Habib; and She then began to accuse Tomiwa of taking away her man Habib from her.
What did Salma do the moment Habib asked for her phone number?
Answer = Salma gave Habib Tomiwa’s phone number instead of giving him her own number.

Chapter 5 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

Why was Tomiwa upset at Mr Habib?
Answer = She got angry when Habib found out she was a different person, and She then agreed she wasn’t the girl he picked up the other day and disclosed why Salma gave him a wrong line.
Why was Tomiwa afraid to go out on a date with Habib?
Answer = Tomiwa’s was scared that honorable Habib would find out that she was not the lady he met initially and also was scared that Labaran and Habib might be dangerous breed of humans.
Tomiwa was not okay with the sitting arrangements because she felt it would be easy for Labaran and honorable Habib to harm her in that position, so she chooses to sit at their back in the car.
Who set Tomiwa up on a blind date with the politician called Habib?
Answer = Salma Tomiwa’s roomie set them up on a blind date.
Who called Tomiwa’s mobile line to invite her to a date with him?
Answer = Habib called Tomiwa mobile line and invited her on a hangout thinking she was Salma.
Why did the girls stop arguing all of a sudden?
Answer = Salma and her roomies suddenly stopped arguing when someone knocked at their door and the ladies who did not want anyone to per take on their food with them, so the turned off the lights and ignored the knock at the door.
Why did Ngozie lock the room door immediately Tomiwa entered their room?
Answer = Ngozie locked the door due to the fact that she did not want strangers to come and share their gifts and money items with them.

Chapter 6 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

Why were Salma and her roomies admired by other ladies in the university?
Answer = Salma, Tomiwa, Ada and Ngozie were constantly admired by other female students in the campus because they remained good friend and got good grades in schools and tolerating roommates all through.
Why was Moral Philosophy always seen to be an easy exam?
Answer = Moral philosophy is made up of things that were often taught at religious centers from birth.
Why did Salma find Moral Philosophy too hard to pass?
Answer = Salma’s have not been good at Moral philosophy because she never attended the class since she gained admission.
Why did the female invigilator instantly hate Salma?
Answer = The female invigilator didn’t like Salma’s revealing dressing, for this reason she hated her the moment she set her eyes on her.
How many students visited the HOD’s office immediately the exams was finished?
Answer = Three (3) students went to the HOD office. They include, Kola, Salma, and the other student who also signed the witness form as well.
What is referred as student magic?
Answer = Student magic is said to be a method which students secretly used to communicate in the exams without moving their lips for anyone to see.
What was the course of Salma’s final paper of the semester?
Answer = Salma’s final paper during her last year exams was Moral Philosophy.
Why was Salma boastful that she will pass the Moral Philosophy exam very well?
Answer = Salma had always believed that she will pass the moral philosophy examination because the lecturer often sets the same questions every time, and she had the answers to the frequently asked questions with her.

Chapter 6 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

Who did Salma contacted for help during the Moral Philosophy examination?
Answer = Salma used their student magic to communicate with her course mate Kola. Who later passed her a piece of note containing the answers to so many questions.
Why was Salma shocked at the moment she saw that the examination question papers?
Answer = Salma was shocked to find out that none of the past questions she was expecting to be set. Sadly for her, the lecturer did not repeat his questions this time as he normally does.
At what level was Salma in the higher institution when she was caught in an examination malpractice?
Answer = Salma was caught indulging in her final year in the higher institution while writing her final paper of the semester.
Who is Kolawole Abdul referred to in this novel?
Answer = Kolawole Abdul was the brilliant student who sat next to Salma in their final examination, and he is a highly intelligent student in the entire school.
What was the committees final decision with respect to Salma and Kolawole?
Answer = Salma was found guilty of indulging examination malpractice and was withdrawn from the university. Sadly, she also implicated Kola the brilliant student and both of them were expelled from the university.
What exactly did the female lecturer do when she caught Salma cheating?
Answer = The female lecturer asked Salma to fill the Examination Malpractice Form aka EMAL and also asked Kola to sign as a witness to the whole thing too.

summary of the life changer
summary of the life changer

Chapter 7 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

How much did Doctor Kabir requested from Salma?
Answer = Dr. Kibir requested for a bribe of two hundred thousand naira (N2000) from Salma, but she refrained that his request and said she did not have such amount.
How did honorable Habib assist Salma?
Answer = Honorable Habib gave Salma the money she wanted for the bribe, to the Chairman of the Examination Malpractice and Ethical Committee of the school.
How did Salma thought concerning saving herself from getting withdrawn?
Answer = Salma suggested Habib should assist her by speaking with the Chairman of the Examination Malpractice and Ethical Committee of the university.
Why was Salma in shock when she finally showed herself to the school committee for questioning?
Answer = Salma was shocked when she noticed that Doctor Kabir was not a member of the Examination Malpractice and Ethical Committee.
Why did Salma decline honorable Habib’s suggestion of asking help from Professor Dabo? Answer = Salma declined Habib’s suggestion because she had some issues with Professor Dabo previously.
Why did Salma went to see Habib in his office?
Answer = Salma went to see Habib at his office thinking that he would be able to use his influence to help by saving her from being expelled from the school.

Chapter 7 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

Who was the first individual that Salma told about her ordeal situation?
Answer = Salma told Tomiwa who is her roommates and understanding friend.
Why did Salma feel implicating Kola in the examination was justified?
Answer = Salma was not sorry for implicating Kola because she believed Kolawale and other men in her life were always exploiting her in one way or the other.
Who took Salma to honorable Habib’s office?
Answer = When honorable Habib heard that Salma want to see him, he asked Labaran to allow her into his office.
Who is Dr. Kabir Mohammed?
Answer = Dr. Kabir Mohammed was the man who pretended to be a member of the Examination Malpractice and Ethical Committee, but deceived Salma of her money.
How much did Salma pay Dr. Kabir Mohammed to assist her from being expelled?
Answer = Salma gave Dr. Mohammed Kabir a bribe of a hundred thousand naira (N100,000).
What favor did honorable Habib demanded from Salma in return?
Answer = honorable Habib asked Salma to sleep with him if she wanted him to give her the money she needed at that particular point in time.

Chapter 8 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

Which illegal business did Habib and Zaki carryout in the past?
Answer = honorable Habib was the mastermind of the kidnapping deal of a businessman’s son. And he paid Zaki who later involved Talle in the kidnapping business, but unfortunately, their plan did not come to pass and both Talle and Zaki were arrested.
What is the bad habit that Dr. Kabir addicted to?
Answer = Dr. Kabir was highly addicted to gambling. And loved playing cards, gambling.
How much bribe did honorable Habib pay to bail Talle and Zaki from police station?
Answer = honorable Habib paid the two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000) to release Talle and Zaki from police custody.
What made Salma to agree to change for good and become responsible?
Answer = When Salma father died, she decided to change for good and become very decent.
Who is referred to as Salim?
Answer = Salim is Salma’s loved fiancé.
The name of the thug sent to attack Kabir was called what?
Answer = The name of the thug sent by Kartagi to attack Kabir was called Gumuzu.
Who is Zaki to Habib?

Chapter 8 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

Answer = Zaki is also a thug who commits several crimes and does dirty jobs for Habib.
Who started calling Kabir the name “Doctor”?
Answer = Kabir got that nickname from his HOD, even if he was not qualified for it.
What was Zaki’s genuine occupation?
Answer = Zaki was into the business of spare part importation and sells.
Where did Zaki find Dr. Kabir the gambler?
Answer = Zaki trialed Dr. Kabir to the gambling place.
Why did the Kartagi send his thug to attack Dr. Kabir in the gambling joint?
Answer = Kartagi was the leader of the gambling group, and he was not happy because Kabir won a lot of money and refused to gamble further; So he sent his thug to attack Kabir to recover his money.
How much money did Zaki steal from Kabir at the gambling joint?
Answer = Zaki stole the sum of three hundred thousand naira from Kabir, and he sincerely took the whole money to Labaran.
Who was the person Habib and Labaran contact to deal with Dr. Kabir for duping Salma?
Answer = Labaran and Habib contacted Zaki to track down Dr. Kabir and recover all the money Salma paid to him.
Why did Labaran refuse to return the money to Habib?
Answer = Labaran did not give honorable Habib the money for several reasons, but most importantly, it was because he knew Habib most have slept with his lover Salma just to give her that money as he promised.
What did Zaki do when he met Dr Kabir and Gumuzu?
Answer = Zaki beat up both of them and collected all Kabir’s money that’s on him.

Chapter 8 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part three evaluation)

Meanwhile, Labaran gave Zaki fifty thousand naira (N50,000) for the job.
How much money did Dr. Kabir the gambler win while gambling?
Answer = Dr. Kabir the gambler won the sum of three hundred thousand naira (N300,000).
Why did Talle refused to return to his village after he was release?
Answer = The police blackmailed Talle to never try return to his village or contact anyone he knew from there or else his case on kidnapping and extortion will be reopened again.
Who is often referred to as KARTAGI?
Answer = The leader of the gambling group is normally called Kartagi, and this person is known to be very tough and mean.
What is Dr. Kabir Mohammed occupation?
Answer =Dr. Kabir Mohammed worked as a Laboratory Technologist in the university.
How much did Labaran give Zaki for the job well done?
Answer = Labaran gave Zaki the sum of fifty thousand naira (N50, 000).

summary of the life changer pdf
summary of the life changer pdf

Chapter 9 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part one evaluation)

What was Salim addicted to on his new android phone?
Answer = Salim was highly addicted to chatting on social media.
Why did Lawal dislike social media dating?
Answer = Lawal hate social media dating because he believed people often perpetrate wickedness and even kidnapping through internet dating.
Who is Mr Lawal?
Answer = Lawal is a friend to Salim.
Who is miss Natasha?
Answer = Natasha is a lady who Salim met online via chat’s.
What was the lesson Ummi wanted her children to learn from Salim’s story?
Answer = Ummi wanted her children especially Omar to be aware of the dangers in owning a smartphone and the risk involved in social media chatting applications.
Why was Salim shocked when he came back from his date?
Answer = Salim was shocked because he discovered his date wasn’t a pretty lady rather she was just the opposite of what he expected.
Why did Salim believe she was a beautiful lady?
Answer = The lady used someone else’s image as her profile picture and this made him think she was a pretty damsel.
Who did Salim referred to as “Princess”?
Answer = Salim addressed the lady he met while chatting on social media application as Princess.
What took place when Salim went to visit Natasha?
Answer = Salim’s car was stolen by armed robbers, luckily for him, he was still able to run away unhurt with his car.
What was the name and model of Salim’s android smartphone?
Answer = Salim bought a Samsung Note Series latest smartphone for himself. And this was his first smartphone in his life.

Chapter 9 questions and answers On Summary Of The Life Changer JAMB Novela (Part two evaluation)

While did Lawal refuse to accompany Salim on his date?
Answer = Lawal felt that it was not wise to accompany his friend Salim to see a complete stranger.
Why did Salim fail to the police?
Answer = Since he managed to run away unhurt, Salim felt that it was not necessary to involve the police again; so he didn’t want the police to bother him with unnecessary questions as well.
How did Salim manage to run away unhurt from the armed robbers?
Answer = Salim who was driving the vehicle with a gun pointed at him, decided to scare the robbers by driving very fast. When he looked back, he realized that they have jumped out of his vehicle.
What did Salim later discover about the pretty lady he met on social media called Natasha?
Answer = Salim later realized that Natasha was working with the robbers who often use her as bait to lure their victims to an ugly situation.

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