Who is an AE-FUNAI Eagle summary by Victor O.

Becoming an AE-FUNAI Eagle

This article is in line with the concluded Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi State (AE-FUNAI) 6th convocation speech written down by comrade Victor O. Ngwoke.

Who happens to be the president of AE-FUNAI Alumni president on December 14th 2021 convocation ceremony of the university.

And his speech is seen below.

Basic steps on how to check FUNAI direct entry results, AE-FUNAI Eagle

Who is an AE-FUNAI Eagle, and what is eagle’s attributes?

An AE-FUNAI Eagle (De Eagle) Is a person who has passed through the rigorous and stressful nurturing as a student in Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi State (AE-FUNAI) and have continuously endured to the end to be crowned with a degree both in character and in learning without any compromise as a learner under the watch of AEFUNAI.

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What’s are the attributes of an Eagle


Have you ever seen an eagle sitting high on the sky or cliff of a stiff mountain.

Closely take your time and watch carefully, and you will see how excellent the vision of the eagle really is?

Body still, head titled side to side, to vision what is happening below, above and around it.

The Eagle mind is especially groomed for clarity of purpose.

We can spot opportunities from far as 50 miles away from the center point.

As we were trained in AE-FUNAI to set excellent visions that is in line with organizational standard and to view careers and aspiration as an institution wherever we find ourselves.

2. An Eagle is FOCUS:

Focus is a special attribute of an AE-FUNAI EAGLE that tends to strive for a big positive turn around.

From our first year in school we are tailored to be focus to the purpose and aim that brought us to the nest of AE-FUNAI.

And with no other options except to go home, we are constructed to always stay focused until the set target is judiciously achieved without giving room for excuses be it as it may.

3. Eagles are TENACIOUS:

Just like the Eagle bird, AE-FUNAI Eagles are very dogged.

We do not give up in the face of challenges, rather, we see challenges as an opportunity to soar higher in our endeavors positively. In our nest (AE-FUNAI).

All of us are infused with the DNA potential of proffering solutions to inching problems.

And that is why in less than seven sets, we have started soaring in every part of the society where we have found ourselves.

4. Eagles have STRENGTH:

A golden Eagle has a grip’s strength of about 750 pounds per square inch and van as well lift a weight of about 5 to 6 pounds, which is more powerful than a lion’s in a bite.

Which has grip’s strength of about 650 pounds per square inch.

In the other hand, the Eagle has the ability to deliver excellent results even on a tough task in a minimal period of exposure granted to it.

What will happen to an Eagle that refuses to fly?

It’s obvious that an Eagle is not meant to crawl on the ground.

Perhaps out of laziness or stubbornness refuses to fly as it should.

It will automatically turn to a prey for other animals that crawl to and eventually will be feed upon.

However, it’s wise and advisable to play straight in AE-FUNAI or shamelessly go home.

This noble institution do not harbor social violators or like minds as well as will expel anybody found wanting on any other the laid down rules guiding the school autonomous.

Some alumni project and special contribution to her alma mater (AE-FUNAI)

1. The alumni of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo Ebonyi State have been seen to it that the entire school was green and greened every corner.

That is to say that, they are the pioneer’s of clean and green and as well as the tree garden innovation.

2. Operation keep AEFUNAI green: this is a unique program that mobilizes a lot of funds to procure refuse bins (waste baskets) in order to ensure that the entire institution is kept clean at all times.

3. Alumni palm/plantation: this is to rekindle and foster the spirit of agriculture in the heart of her student.

And also create a lot of job opportunity to those that will be looking after them.

How to make first class in AE-FUNAI (AE-FUNAI Eagle)

Conclusion on AE-FUNAI Eagle:

I want to conclude that AE-FUNAI has grown far beyond its expectations in producing top train respectable human resources everywhere.

Individuals that are into propelling the development of the country and globe at large.

Through knowledge they were equipped with in the noble institution that have brought them to many required marketplace.

To take that leading role in fostering economic development worldwide.

All hail AE-FUNAI!!!
As well, All hail Alumni!!?
All hail AE-FUNAI EAGLE!!!.
(From yours lovely Victor O. Ngwoke)

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