Ehsaas Scholarship program (all you need to know)

Ehsaas Scholarship program

The Ehsaas Scholarship program for Undergraduate fully funded scholarship for all Pakistan eligible students!!!

Hello guys!!! Welcome to todays article on Ehsaas Scholarship program for Undergraduate fully funded scholarship for all Pakistan.

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ehsaas scholarship 2021 online apply

Have you been looking for how to school for free due to economic turn around, tight schedules, lack of money and will…?

Longing for Ehsaas scholarship 2021; have it taken your peace of mind…?

Worry not, this article on Ehsaas scholarship is for you!

Search no more because we have gone out of our way to research and put together all that you needed to know to get a scholarship as a Pakistan citizen.

Pakistan scholarship 2021/2022 all that you need to know

What to expect on Ehsaas program!!

In this article, we will unveil to you all that you need to know about Ehsaas undergraduate Scholarship program, such as the following;

  • Overview of Ehsaas program and scholarship scheme.
  • Ehsaas program.
  • The aims and objectives of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship.
  • Criteria needed to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship Program for Pakistan Undergraduate.
  • Step by step easy quick guide on how to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship and supporting documents by the Applicant and lots more.

Now let’s take each one of them bit by bits so that you can understand it fully well and benefits maximally from it.

Ehsaas program
Hec Ehsaas program

Introduction to Ehsaas program

The today Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program (EUSP) is an important, noble sponsored scholarship program of the (HEC) >> Higher Education Commission.

They started in the year 2019 and have been active to date.
Thus, Ehsaas Scholarship is the Country’s largest Underrate Educational scholarship program.

This is strictly to the well deserved students in every four years.

However, this is for individual under the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship program.
Hence, 50% of the scholarship is for Pakistan female students to build their career through scholarship programs.

How does Ehsaas scholarship works

This Ehsaas scholarship program is a fully-funded program with several of benefits, like yearly stipends attached to it.

Unlike the familiar ones we know of today which is the opposite.
This unique scholarship covers both the entire tuition fees and supports its scholars.

Thus, this is with an average of four thousand (4000) monthly stipend to keep fit, and we’ll to do…

The aims and objectives of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship:

Here are the aims and objectives of Ehsaas Scholarship program scheme.
1. To provide a notable financially challenged students/scholars from the low-income generating families.

And rural region with scholarships to take care of the financial requirement.
2. You will be put into consideration and the duration of their studies to facilitate student studies is fully funded by this program.
3. The program is fashioned towards creating the desire and urge for education globally.

Especially among those students who have discontinued their studies due to limited finance.
4. Ehsaas undergraduate Scholarship program covers all Undergraduate programs that are on their list.
5. Encouragement and support are heavily provided for any form, kind or type of disabled interested Students under Ehsaas scholarship Undergraduate Program.

Ehsaas scholarship percentage distribution:

About 2% of the Scholarship also is for disabled student as well.

However, this is in other to give them a sense of belonging in educational pursuit.

Ehsaas scholarship program for Undergraduate especially in the metropolis of Pakistan is a stirring program.

Which will rise employability among youth through a working government.
Which will in turn facilitating the creation of the competent workforce, be it as it may.
Bringing sincerely education even to the grassroots, rural and urban dweller’s.
Ehsaas Undergraduate Program have allocated a considerable number of slots to most Universities in the state.

Individuals willing to enter into partnership with the Program initiators for good works.

How much is the Ehsaas program scholarship?

Ehsaas program covers tuition 100 percent with other stipends that are not specific generally.

But, this depends on the course of your study available.

Thus, fifty thousand (50,000) students from low-income background that met the requirements will be selected awarded scholarships.
This Ehsaas program will span for 4 to 5-years on an undergraduate degree programs.
The Scholarship covers and takes care of about 100 percent of the tuition fee and as well as living stipend of about $4,000 on a monthly basis.

Universities partnering and supporting Ehsaas scholarship program fully funded by Pakistan citizens

Some of the notable University that are partnering with Ehsaas Scholarship body include the following;
1. The Institute of Business Administration,

2. IBA Karachi

3. National College of Arts. A Federal

4. Chartered Institute.

5. King Edward Medical University.

6. Ghazi University.

This noble Ehsaas scholarship is for undergraduate all over the country is now open.

However, this is open for application for fresh admissions from September 30, 2021.
Interested applicant should apply and submit their application for Ehsaas scholarship opened for undergraduate program this very year 2022 on the HEC portal one they are done.
The very last day of application for HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program 2022, due to favorable consideration on applicant, has been extended to 31st December 2022.
In other, to accommodate as many candidates as possible, giving them best educational skills without having anything to gain…
Isn’t this interesting and commendable?
Of course, it is! This calls for serious minded elite who will queue in to this opportunity and make the most out of it, without any excuse.

Criteria needed to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship Program for Undergraduate

Here are the requirements for you to be a beneficiary of Ehsaas scholarship program.
You must be a student from low-income generating families that are deserving of the scholarship.
They assert that’s announce formally or officially stating monthly income of parents or guidance (coming in from all sources).

Should be equal to or less than PKR, be it as it may.
Age limit will be carefully followed as per university regulations;

Either the maximum age under which an interested applicant is permitted to take admission for normal offered Undergraduate programs at the university.
Any undergraduate students who are currently attending any Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship program affiliated public sector universities are qualified and eligible to apply as well.
All student who gained a provisional admission on merit in any Ehsaas Undergraduate Program affiliated public universities are also eligible to apply.
Self-Sponsored students who gained provisional admission are not eligible and qualified to apply for the Scholarship at all.
Every Student that are to benefit or already benefiting from any other scholarship program or grant from any source are not eligible to apply for Ehsaas  program.
This noble and unique program is strictly for regular students.
Distant learning students of any kind are not eligible to apply at all, be it as it may!!!
Now that you have known and understood what it takes to apply for the life changing scholarship.
What are you waiting for?
Why not give them a trial!
Who knows whether it’s your time to be among the scholarship program beneficiary comprehensive list.

hec ehsaas scholarship

How to Apply for Ehsaas Scholarship program in Pakistan

Follow this simple procedure to apply, if you are qualified and interested in the scholarship program scheme.

hec ehsaas scholarship

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for Ehsaas scholarship program fully funded for all Pakistan university student.

1. Any regular Student who after careful observations have been able to meet the criteria listed above are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
2. Kindly take your mobile devices and apply online on their portal at
3. The program full application form can be submitted to the corresponding and relevant university’s financial aid office for quick assessment.
4. Don’t even think of submitting your application form directly to BISP or HEC, as the case may be.

Ehsaas scholarship Supporting Documents to be submitted by the Applicant

  •  A copy of CNIC (Mother, Father/ Guardian).
  •  The Salary Slip or Income Certificate (Mother, Father/Guardian).
  • Copies of Utility Bills payment for not more than last Six Month (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone) – (If available).
  • A copy of rent agreement for those living in a rented house or apartment.
  • The copies of last fee receipts of applicant and siblings (If any is available).
  •  Copies of Medical bills/ expenditure related documents justifying your state of fitness, either physically fit or disabled (if available).
  •  A 01 sizable passport photograph of the applicant with your whole face showing.
  • The picture of the applicant’s residential house.

ehsaas program and ehsaas tracking

Summary of the Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship:

The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program is a fully funded Scholarship Program for all Pakistan.

Individuals who are economically and financially incapable to sponsor their undergraduate studies any longer.
But looks forward of getting the will and brain to earn and sustain a carry in a university.
It also encourages and welcome disabled people to be among on the human development.

By investing heavily in educational for them to freely access it in due time.
The Ehsaas Undergraduate Program is not a gender biased program, but try to balance it to all and sundry with respect to human gender.
This is achieved by keeping 50% of its total target for women, 2% to the disabled one’s and the remaining 48% to the male fork…
It’s this sincere and interesting? Of course, it is…
This is fairness, equity and justice to everyone who met the requirements and wishes to go for it by applying.

ehsaas scholarship 2021/2022 all that you need to know

Conclusion on Ehsaas program for Undergraduate in Pakistan:

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking your time to read this post up to this point!!
I hope your intent concerning Ehsaas scholarship was fully addressed.

Please let us know how you feel through the comment section.
However, the Ehsaas program covers tuition 100 percent with other stipends that are not specific.

But depends on the course of your study under this noble educational program.

People who met the requirements will be selected awarded scholarships right away.
This Ehsaas program is meant to span for 4 to 5-years on an undergraduate degree programs.
The Scholarship covers and takes care of about 100 percent of the tuition fee and as well as living stipend of about $4,000 on a monthly basis.
It will be a nice thing for you to give it a trial without holding your grips, as far as you met their requirements; the program worth it.

Thanks for making your search through, we are glad to be your medium of research.
If you find this article on Ehsaas scholarship program educative and helpful, please share to love ones and family and friends and as well comment on our comment section for us to know our omissions and excess.
Which will enable us to serve you better!!!
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Ehsaas scholarship program fully funded by Pakistan undergraduate is a helping hand to the low-income family.

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