joo music solo Singer biography (all that you needed)

The superstar (joo music) in music industry ever, known as Jung Min-joo >> born Jung A-rin, 11th October 1990.

Is professionally addressed as Joo music stylized in all caps.

She is a South Korean top rising music singer, musical actress and songwriter.

In the year 2006, joo music became a contestant on JYP entertainment’s superstar survival seamlessly.

Although she didn’t emerge a trophy winner…

But she was welcomed and accepted at the same time as a trainee at the (JYP) Entertainment.

However, she agreed and stayed with them and after two (2) years of training, Joo music (joo as fondly called).

Debuted as a soloist with her single album tittled the young girl in the 1st month of the year, January 2008.

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However, Joo commenced training for two (2) years, as she didn’t feel ready for her debut again as did before.

She later returned in January in the year 2011 by releasing her EP Heartmade ever touching song.

Joo music biography, house, cars, boyfriend, husband, awards, music albums, networth and nomination (all you you need to know about Joo music
Joo music biography, boyfriend, husband, awards, music albums

Biography of Joo CEO Joo music styles

She was born and named Jung A-rin fondly called Joo by friends and well-wishers even on stage while performing.

On the month of October 11, in the year 1990 Joo was born exactly 32 years ago… in Seoul, South Korea as her country.

Birth giving name

Hangul >>> 정아린

Revised Romanization >>> Jeong A-rin

McCune–Reischauer >>> Chŏng A-rin.

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Joo’s music Korean names

The Korean name is Hangul >> 정민주

Hanja >> 鄭慜珠

The Revised Romanization >> Jeong Min-ju

McCune–Reischauer >> Chŏng Min-chu

Other names for Joo music founder

She is all so known as Jung Min-jooArin

Joo’s education was confirmed to be at Dongguk University and her occupation still remains singer, songwriter and an actress with a difference.

Close relatives of Joo music CEO

Mr Jung Il-hoon identifird to be her dearest brother!!! And other remains confidential to her, reason is best known by her…

joo music live career (the current one that works)
joo music live career (the current one that works)

Joo Musical career

Genres >> K-pop R and B Ballad

Instrument played >> Vocals

Years of being active in the music industry >> 2008 to 2011 and present.


Joo music Labels >> JYP Woollim

Her official Website >>

Setting outside from her music career, the superstar have fully participated in several musical concert.

Such as >> Youthful march from the year 2011 to 2012, >> Catch me if you can from the year 2012 to 2013.

As well as the >> Full house in the year 2014.

She also took part in notable TV drama Dream High in the year 2011 and the movie Marriage Blue in the year 2013.

The Early life of Joo music

Joo the songwriter, singer and actress was born on October 11, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea province as a child.

She spent her early childhood basically in Indonesia due to the fact that her father work there in other to earn a living for them.

Joo has a younger brother by the name Jung Il-hoon, who is a former member of the South Korean boy group BtoB.

Joo music Personal life and marriage

This superstar Joo married her lovely boyfriend who is not a celebrity on the 4th of May, in the year 2019 after dating for a year.

Her lovely and baby younger brother, Jung Il-hoon BTOB’s, was in attendance, as were his fellow members such as Peniel Shin Im Hyun-sik (singer) and Yook Sung-jae as well.

These members of her group reportedly performed >>> “Only One For Me” as the congratulatory song to her on the day of her wedding, making the event colorful.

Career life of Joo music styles founder

The Pre-debut

Joo music owner was one of the contestants in the 2006-year survival series Superstar Survival alongside with 2PM’s Chansung, Junho and Taecyeon.

Even though at the end of the competition Junho was ultimately crowned the winner among the other contestants.

Joo was accepted to train at JYP entertainment due to her profound performance.

The young girl and return to trainee of Joo in 2008

On the 10th of January, in the year 2008, the JYP Entertainment listed that they would debut a new solo singer.

Joo, and that alone became a prime lifting for her as she grew up in the music industry.

Thus, she made her debut stage on the 11th of January, in the year 2008.

With her single album termed >>> “Young Girl” on the ultimate KBS’ Music Bank.

In spite of the fact that she is already making her debut he young star “Joo” ultimately decided that she was not yet ready to finish her training anymore, a reason best known to her at that point.

But what could it be as this particular point in her life? Let’s find out!!!

Joo continued her life as a trainee until her comeback in the year 2011.

Heartmade and musical acting shades of Joo music in the year 2011–2014:

On the 3rd of January, in the year 2011, Joo released her much-awaited comeback outstanding video in the entire music industry, titled the bad guy”.

This particular Bad Guy video, which featured 2PM’s Chansung as seen on her official YouTube channel.

The noble and energetic single was part of her album titled the Heart made.

Her comeback stage featured the exact song on the 7th of January via the broadcast of Music Bank.

However, On the 12th of May 2011, she released another pokes of fun, a teaser video with a new song titled >>> “Ice Cream” featuring the Super Junior’s leader, in the person of Leeteuk.

The music video was officially released to the public on May 16th, in the year 2011.

On that same month of May exactly 23rd of may, in the year 2011, the JYP entertainment body officially announced that JYP artists would merge together for two “JYP nation in Japan in the year 2011” being the concerts in Japan in August 2011.

The super star-studded line up included the Wonder Girls, Lim Jeong-hee, Miss A, and San E, Joo, Park Jin-young, 2AM, and 2PM.

Notwithstanding, the two concerts took place on the 17th and 18th of August at the Saitama Super Arena.


On the 11th of October 2011, the JYP entertainment revealed that Joo music solo singer had been chosen as a leading actress in a musical brand called Youthful March, scheduled to perform from the 12th of November to the 29th of January 2012.

This particular selection marked her debut as a musical actress with a difference…

As it was her first time in a musical performance with such portfolio, Joo said: “I’m very excited this great day, to take my first ever step into the world of musicals industry.

It’s only the starting point, and as it is a leading and molding role, I’ll be rehearsing harder than anyone else in every way best to me, in other to create an amazing show to the entire universe.

I’ll do my best and all that is required to show a different image from singer Joo as musical actress Joo, so please all I ask is to give me your loyal support when humble demanded she said and submit.

  • The journey of Joo music 

On the 31ist of October 2012, the JYP entertainment official announced that Joo music style had been selected to take on and occupy the role of Brenda in the new musical of >>> Catch Me If You Can.

Which is scheduled to have its first ever performance on the 14th of December 2012 and final on the 9th of February 2013.

Other great prominent superstars such as CSJH The Grace’s Dana, Oh Sang-eun and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny have taken turns to take on the role previously.

And on the 5th of March 2014, it was officially announced that Joo music producer was selected to join Beast’s Yoseob in the musical remake of the full house, which ran from the 11th of April 2014 to the 8th of June 2014.

Joo joined the cast of the full House, which included the VIXX’s Leo, Kim San-ho, A Pink’s Jung Eun-ji, Kwak Sun-young and Seo Ha-joon.

Through an interview conducted on her, she personally reviewed her experiences and her thoughts on living as a musical actress as a lady, which is a unique career purely different from the one in her past life when growing up as a child.

Nevertheless, she said openly as she shares; I’ve been enjoying from time to time performing for the musical Full House without limit.

Ad if that was all, she continued saying, I have been carefully watching other musicals and taking some critical lessons on my off days and those lessons contributed in making me strong and who I am today.

She also share her hopes of wanting people who come to watch the full house to see her as Han Ji-eun as well.

However, not as singer Joo or even as actress Jung Min-joo on the other hand.

  • Joo music success come true;

The present: cry and blow, late in the morning, the unit in the year being 2015

In the month of January in the year 2015, Joo’s music contract with JYP entertainment ended.

In 2015 exactly in the month of October, Woollim entertainment confirmed Joo would be making a comeback after five (5) years, releasing a ballad track that became a top-notch.

Without any delay, Joo released her single, tittled the Cry and Blow, on the 2nd of November.

To make the music industry very interesting, Joo release her second digital single as well, tittled late in the morning on the 26th of May 2017.

The unique ballad track was composed by a super music star called Nell’s Lee Junghoon.

On the 2nd of October, in the year 2017 Joo confirmed that she would be appearing on the great reality television series tagged >> The Unit and also participated in a recording for the program on the first of October, which aired on the 28th of October.

Joo’s music Awards and Nominations

On the year 2008 Joo won Best New Female Artist presented by Mnet Asian Music Awards body, with her unique work tittled >>> “Because of a Man” and results got her nominated…

Joo Music video appearances

Year >> 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Titles are >> Confession of a friend, This Christmas and Bad Guy respectively.

Artist(s) >> 2AM, JYP Nation and the famous Chansung of 2PM

Role-played >> Herself all through 2009 to 2011 video appearance.

Joo’s music Filmography

Film the year, tittle, her role and Notes gotten…

Year >> 2013

Title >> Marriage Blue

Role that she played >> Ah-reum roles

Joo’s music Televisions series

The year of the event, title, role-played, the network and notes received

Year >> 2011

Tittle of the event >> Dream High

The role played >> Jung Ah-jung role

Network >> KBS2

Musical theater show of Joo music

The year of the event, title, and the role played as well.

Year >> 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively

The title of the four event >> Youthful March (2011 – 2012), Catch Me If You Can (2012 – 2013) and full house (2014).

Role-played >> Young-shim (2011 – 2012), Brenda (2012 – 2013), Han Ji-eun (2014) respectively.

Wrap up

This is just few not even up to half of Joo music producer, songwriter, singer and a music actrey achievement.

Bulk of her works still pills up in large volume both her collaborations, singles and many more.

Discography of Joo music producer:

Lots of single albums with lovely titles such as

  • Because of a Man, Like Yesterday as title, both in 2008, with young Girl as the selling album.
  • -Bad Guy as title (peak chart position of 5) and Ice Cream as title with peak chart position of 21 all in the year 2011.

Just with the Heartmade as the selling album.

  • Cry and Blow as a tittle in the year 2015, having the peak chart position of 19 and Non-album singles as the selling album.
  • Late in the Morning as the title in the year 2017.

Having the peak chart position of nil and Non-album singles as the selling album.

  • All with KOR: 73,569+ worth of sales… Isn’t that interesting? Of course, it is…

Joo’s music EPs

All in one title as Heartmade, released on the 3rd of January, in the year 2011

Label: >> The JYP Entertainment, LOEN entertainment.

Formats used: >> CD, and digital download.

Track listing: >> 1. Bad Guy >> 2. Can’t Even Take a Glass of Water >> 3. Not Even in the Movies where she features the greatest Chansung of 2PM >> 4. After Looking At You >> 5. Unbelievable >> 6. Bad Guy (Inst.) Finally.

Peak chart positions Sales KOR of 40 and above

Sales >> seen to made enormous sales worth more than KOR: 2,287+ and above.

Joo Soundtrack appearances in music industry

  •  Premiere as tittle in the year 2007 with chart position of nil and Conspiracy in the Court OST and Young Girl as the selling albums.
  • That’s Love as one of the title and Color as the other tittle, all in the year 2008, having nil on the peak chart sales position.

With One Mom and Three Dads OST as one of the album and Painter of the Wind OST respectively as the other selling albums.

  • Turn Around as a tittle in the year 2010.

Just having (9) on the peak chart sales position and Cinderella’s Sister OST as the selling album.

  • You Want It >> San E feat. Joo as a tittle in the year 2010.

Having (157) on the peak chart sales position and Everybody Ready? As the selling album.

  • Dream High >> (with Wooyoung, Eunjung, Taecyeon, Kim Soo-hyun and Suzy) as a tittle in the year 2011.

Having (42) on the peak chart sales position and Dream High OST as the selling album.

  •  Not What I Expected as a tittle in the year 2012.

Having (nil) on the peak chart sales position and History of a Salary man OST as the selling album.

The statistics of sales to be made in all of the above will be kept confidential.

Other charted songs by Joo music producer

  • Can’t Even Take a Glass of Water as a title in the year 2011.

With peak chart position of (66) and Heartmade as the selling album.

  • Not Even in the Movies >> (featuring great Chansung of 2PM) as a title in the year 2011.

With peak chart position of (95) and Heartmade as the selling album.

  • After Looking At You as a title in the year 2011.

Just with peak chart position of (117) and Heartmade as the selling album as well.

  • Unbelievable as a title in the year 2011.

With peak chart position of (123) and Heartmade as the selling album also.

Note: The statistics of sales in all of the above is confidential as well, a reason best for to the Korean superstar.


Kudus to you fo!!! Joo is a South Korean top rising female music singer, musical actress and songwriter.

In the year 2006, she became a contestant on JYP entertainment’s superstar survival seamlessly.

Even she didn’t win, but became a landmark of the personality she portrays today in the music industry.

She is ready and determine for greatness and her solo and barley music have remained in the hearts of men.

As well as her fans who look up to her.

Thanks for making your research on Joo music through, we are passionate in keeping you updated.

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Finally, if you find this article on Joo music entertainment helpful and educative please comment.

However, we will love you to share your thoughts, on our omission and excess be it as it may…









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